Perovskia (Russian Sage)



Not really a sage at all, perovskia forms an upright bush of fine-textured gray-green leaves that are pleasantly fragrant when rubbed. The plant becomes a haze of lavender-blue by mid-summer when spikes of tiny flowers appear. Drought tolerant.

atriplicifolia ‘Blue Jean Baby’:
Zone 4
Height:  24-36”/Spread: 32-36”         

This variety is one of the earliest Perovskia to bloom. This compact Russian Sage is a great choice for anyone whose garden is too small for the original. Stems of silver-green foliage with small purple flowers erupt in a lilac haze in midsummer and the color lasts until fall.


atriplicifolia ‘Blue Steel’:  
Zone 4
Height:  24-36”/Spread: 27”             

Aromatic, silvery foliage carries clouds of airy, lavender-blue flowers on strong silver stems. Great backdrop plant for borders and mixed containers, adding cool color to garden through late summer. Performs even in heat and drought. Adored by butterflies and hummingbirds.


atriplicifolia ‘Russian Sage’: 
Zone 5
Height:  36-48”/Spread: 24-36”         

Upward spikes of light lavender-blue flowers appear in mid to late summer. Award winning plant provides vertical accent and screening with aromatic, silver-gray foliage. A must for the cottage garden.