Petchoa SuperCal®Series Cinnamon

Petchoa SuperCal® Series:   

SuperCal® Cinnamon:

SuperCal® Cinnamon plants produce copious amounts of bright orangey-red blossoms atop green foliage that tolerates wind, rain, and the heat, all without missing a beat. Blooms leave no sticky residue for easier handling. Part petunia, part calibrachoa, they combine the very best of both to deliver superior performance and higher satisfaction.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 12”/Spread: 18-24”           


Size Available: 1801



Petchoa:  pet-CHO-ah (Petunia/Calibrachoa Hybrid)

Petchoa is a revolutionary hybrid and fairly new genus; a result of the genetic cross between a petunia and calibrachoa. The Petchoa plant features the best characteristics of two top selling species. They inherit strong roots, providing good pH tolerance and foliage health under stressful conditions as well as excellent plant vigor, large flowers and ease of growing from their Petunia parent. The Calibrachoa side contributes the genes for an intense and vibrant flower that holds up under severe weather, and lush but non-sticky foliage that maintains a fresh clean look not requiring additional maintenance. The ability to thrive in full or part sun, tolerate both cooler and warmer temperatures, complement many other plants or flowers or simply stand alone make it a great choice for your containers, hanging baskets and garden.