Petunia trailing Crazytunia Blackberry Jam (NEW)



Petunia peh-TEWN-ya

Petunias are among the most popular flowering annuals for a good reason, they are bright and lively, bloom from spring until frost, and fill the air with lovely fragrance. Best of all, petunias are amazingly easy to grow, both in the garden and in containers.

New Crazytunia Series:

Size Available: 1801                          Height: 6-10”/Spread: 18-24”          Spring-Fall

Neat and tidy growth habit. Crazytunias grow strong and fast and they don’t go straggly or bald in the center. They are being hailed for their bold, chunky growth habit. They’re naturally multi-branching and you don’t have to trim them to maintain that tidy shape.

Blackberry Jam: A velvety purple-black center bursts from the mottled pink and white bloom.

Cosmic Pink: Large pink, plum and purple blooms

Cosmic Purple: Multi-colored pink and red flowers.

Mandeville: Star-shaped, wavy-edged blossoms of intense reddish-orange streaked with hues of black, brown and fiery yellow are sizzling.

Tiki Torch: Amazing flowers that are peach colored, with wine red lines on the petals.