Petunia Easy Wave® Series Burgundy Velour

Easy Wave ® Series:     

Easy Wave® Petunias are fast-growing and are the most versatile for your garden. Grow them in the ground or in any basket or container. These flower-filled plants grow a little more mounded than Original Wave® Petunias.

Height: 8-12″/Spread: 36″          Spring-Fall

Easy Wave ® Burgundy Velour:  Deep cabernet color with velvety undertones and darker throat.

Size Available: 1801 


Petunia peh-TEWN-yah

Petunia, Wave ® Type

If you want to fill a flower bed or large planter with an eye-catching pop of color, wave petunias are the plant to get. This petunia variety has taken the gardening world by storm, and rightly so!  Choose Wave when you need ground-hugging carpets of color that spread up to 4 feet wide. Wave is perfect for growing low and filling in fast over retaining walls and landscapes. It’s care-free and low maintenance for cascading out of window boxes or balcony planters. Enjoy masses of flowers along its entire length!