Petunia Wave® Purple

Petunia peh-TEWN-yah

Wave ® Purple: 

Height: 4”/Spread: 48”                 Spring-Fall

“The Original” ~ 2 ½” magenta purple blooms that reach a height of 4 inches and a spread of 4 feet.  Makes an outstanding flowering groundcover. An classic choice for landscapes, garden beds, baskets and containers.  Flowers form the entire length of the branch and continue to bloom freely all season without being trimmed.  Waves stand up well to heat, as well as windy and cooler conditions.  All-America Selections Winner.

 Size Available: 1801


Petunia peh-TEWN-yah

Petunia, Wave ® Type

If you want to fill a flower bed or large planter with an eye-catching pop of color, wave petunias are the plant to get. This petunia variety has taken the gardening world by storm, and rightly so!  Choose Wave when you need ground-hugging carpets of color that spread up to 4 feet wide. Wave is perfect for growing low and filling in fast over retaining walls and landscapes. It’s care-free and low maintenance for cascading out of window boxes or balcony planters. Enjoy masses of flowers along its entire length!