Petunia (Wave Type)



Mounding/spreading habit, an exciting choice for baskets, containers and garden beds where brilliant groundcovers are desired. Flowers form along the length of each branch and bloom freely. Love fertilizer.

Easy Wave ® Series:
Height: 8-12”   Spread: 36”
Berry Velour: Rosy-red with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Blue: Dark blue with some light blue shading. Earliest blue spreading petunia.
Beachcomber Mix: Blue, Coral Reef & Shell Pink.
Burgundy Star: Rich burgundy with a white star pattern.
Burgundy Velour: Deep cabernet with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Coral Reef: Pastel coral.
Great Lakes Mix: Violet, Blue and White.
Lavender Sky Blue: Shades of lavender to sky blue.
Opposites Attract: A mix of Violet and Coral Reef.
Plum Pudding: Plum Vein and Violet.
Plum Vein: First vein pattern in Easy Wave. Lavender background with plum-violet veins.
Pink: Soft pink.
Pink Passion: Blooms of vibrant mid-pink w/rose eye.
Red Velour: Dark blood-red w/velvety undertones and darker throat.
Silver: Soft white w/ blue-purple veins.
South Beach Mix: Red, violet and coral reef.
The Flag Mix: Red, White and Blue.
White: Pure white.
Yellow: Creamy-edged flowers have veined yellow centers.

Shock Wave ® Denim:
Height: 5-7”   Spread: 36”
1½” flowers. Dark blue-purple morphing to blue-lavender-silver.

Wave ® Purple:
Height: 5-7”/Spread: 48”
‘The Original!’ 2 ½” magenta purple blooms that reach a height of 4” and a spread of 4’. Makes an outstanding flowering groundcover. An exciting choice for landscapes, garden beds, baskets and containers. Flowers form the entire length of the branch and continue to bloom freely all season without being trimmed. Waves stand up well to heat, as well as windy and cooler conditions. All-America Selections Winner.