Petunias are among the most popular flowering annuals for good reason, they are bright and lively, bloom from spring until frost, and fill the air with lovely fragrance. Best of all, petunias are amazingly easy to grow, both in the garden and in containers.

Daddy Series:
Bloom: 4”   Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12
Daddy types are brightly veined. Great visual appeal. Early blooming.
Blue: Silver blue with violet veins.
Mix: An eye catching mix of blue, pink, sugar and strawberry.
Sugar: Light orchid with deep purple veins.

Death by Purple:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12” S
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Purple is the color equivalent of chocolate so; what a way to go! A deadly concoction of royal purple, plum and lilac.

Double Petunias:
Bloom: 3-5”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Double flower petunias are a very popular garden plant because of their heavily ruffled carnation-like blooms. Some have a very sweet fragrance. Double petunias usually prefer semi-shade during hot summer days.
Cascade Burgundy: Bright burgundy 4-5” heavily petaled flowers. Early blooming and excellent habit.
Cascade Pink: Early blooming with 3-4” medium pink, heavily ruffled flowers.
Glorious Mix: Fully double blooms in a mix of bi-colors and solid colors include red, purple, pink, burgundy, salmon and white, bearing 3½”-4”blooms.
Purple Pirouette: Double 4” violet-blue flowers with a wide band of white edging offer superb garden performance.
Valentine: Large 3-4” bright red flowers.

Dreams Series:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Free-flowering, tightly branched petunias deliver matched performance across all colors. Weather tolerant.
Appleblossom: Light blush salmon or chiffon blooms.
Burgundy: A true burgundy.
Midnight: Violet-toned blue flowers.
Mix: Formula mix
Neon Rose: Large magenta purple blooms with a white throat.
Patriot Mix: Red, white and midnight blue.
Pink: Bright clear pink.
Red: Bright true red.
Rose Morn: Hot rose blooms with morn center and yellow throat.
Salmon: Large salmon pink.
Sky Blue: Medium blue.
White: Pure white.

Frost Mix:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 12-14”   Spread:14-16”
Blue, cherry, red & violet with a ruffled white picotee edge.

Heather’s Lipstick Shades:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Sometimes great things happen from mistakes. We had a rack turn over with two varieties of newly transplanted petunias on it. The crew did a great job of getting most of them back in the flats but we did have a few flats that were mixed with red and burgundy. They were gorgeous!

Hurrah Series:
Bloom: 2-3”   Height: 8-10”   Spread: 7-10”
Another exciting petunia series….we like these mixes.
Berry Tart Mix: Plum, rose and blue.
Blueberry Mix: Blue vein, dark blue and lavender tie dye. Delicious!

Limbo Series:
Bloom: 4-5”   Height: 5-8”   Spread:10-12” Spring-Fall
Naturally compact, stretch resistant plants have extra-large bright blooms.
Blue: Deep blue.
Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.
Red: Brilliant red.
Rose: Deep pink.
Salmon: Dark Salmon
Sweet Pink: Bright pink.
White: Snow white.

Limbo Series:
Blue: Deep blue.
Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.
Heather’s Mix: Rose and violet.
Mid Blue: Medium blue.
Red: Brilliant red.
Rose Morn: Hot pink with a white morn center.
Sweet Pink: Bright pink.
White: Snow white.

New Moonlight Madness Mix:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Lavender Glow, Yellow and Lilac.

Prism Sunshine:
Bloom: 4”   Height: 12-15”  Spread:16-18”
Yellow free-flowering grandiflora. Holds its color throughout the season.

Private Idaho:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Appleblossom, Neon Rose, and Sky Blue.

Supercascade Mix:

Bloom: 4-5”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A formula mix of all colors. Named after the Cascade Mountains these plants are early to flower and offer a multitude of large blooms. More vigorous spreading habit than other grandifloras. Well suited to garden beds.

Tritunia Series:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-12”   Spread:12-14”
Cream of the crop, uniting the top performers from Bravo, Storm and Ultra series.
Blue Star: Midnight blue with a large white star.
Crimson Star: Burgundy with a white star pattern.
New Lavender: Unique lavender pink.
Red Star: Dark red with a white s

Petunia Specialty

Amore Series:
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12” Spring-Fall
Strong and uniform semi-trailing habit. Fabulous choice for pots, baskets or mixed containers. Unique heart shaped patterns.
New Fluttering Hearts: Burgundy with a white star.
New King of Hearts: Red with a white star.
New Pink Heart: Hot pink with a white star.
New Purple: Purple with a white star.
Queen Of Hearts: Bright red hearts with golden stripes.

Black Magic:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 10-12”
Black with hints of purple. The “little black dress of the garden.”

Cascadias Indian Summer:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 12-18”
Striking blooms open orange and mature to salmon pink. Ideal for hanging baskets and
patio pots.

ColorBlitz Bluerific:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 16-22”
Stunning royal blue flowers with powder blue centers. Wonderful for mass plantings, containers and hanging baskets.

Evening Scentsation:
Height: 5-8”   Spread: 30-35”
One of the best blue petunias. The fine fragrance with hints of hyacinth, sweet honey and rose, coupled with the soothing indigo-blue color sets this petunia apart. As the name implies, the scent is stronger in the evening hours.

Headliner™ Series:

Height: 10-16”   Spread: 30”
Sky series petunias will leave you starry-eyed! This series produces vibrant colored flowers with specks and spatters.
New Dark Saturn: Dark purple with a creamy yellow halo.
Night Sky: Showy white on purple speckled pattern. Very unique resembling the
constellations of the night sky. Perfect for hanging baskets.
Pink Sky: Primarily pink/rose but features eye-catching splashes of white/cream.
Starry Burgundy Sky: A new pattern in the sky type, featuring large flowers with a star AND spots. Attractive burgundy and yellow colors. Star pattern is more pronounced in cool weather.

New Midnight Gold:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 20-26”
A novelty color of deep crimson to black with a lemon border double blooms.

Ray Sunshine:
Height: 6-10”   Spread: 12-14”
Butter yellow centers with a softer yellow edge.

Sanguna® Series:
Height: 10-14”/Spread: 20-24”
This series offers vigorous cascading petunias with early superb bloom power. Bred for exceptional branching, flowers fill the center of the plant, not just the outside.
Blue: Bold dark blue.
Lipstick: Electric pink.

Suncatcher™ Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 20-24”
Suncatcher series flowers early, and its compact, mounding habit creates a full, showy plant that won’t overwhelm its companions in container plantings.
Pink Lemonade: Unique two toned petunia of yellow and rose. Holds its color under all conditions. Plants stay compact without pinching and bloom tirelessly all summer long.
Plum Burst: Deep purple flowers have even darker veins with a star center.

Surfinia Series®:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 24-40”
Surfinias are very heat and drought tolerant once established. Self-cleaning.
Red: Fiery red.
Sky Blue: This vigorous, sky blue cascading petunia produces bountiful blossoms that flow from window boxes, containers and baskets.

Sweetunia® Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 18-24”
Black Satin: Stunning rich dark black trumpet-shaped flowers.
Fiona Flash: Scarlet-hot pink bicolor that seems to glow.
Hot Rod Red: Vibrant bright red.
Johnny Flame: Unique combo of vibrant deep rose with a vivid purple star.
Miss Marvel: Velvety purple blossoms finely edged in sparkling white.
Suzie Storm: Magenta blooms with rosy margins. A lot like Johnny Flame just a bit lighter.

SuperCal™ Series:
Height: 12”   Spread: 18-24”
Petchoa SuperCal™ Petunia delivers the best characteristics of the favorite petunia and calibrachoa classes. Lots of vigor, loads of flower power, lush foliage and dependable
Blue: Dark blue.
Bordeaux: Ruby red with a darker center.
Caramel Yellow: Butter yellow with orange throat.
Cinnamon: Ginger colored.
Light Yellow: Soft, golden-yellow.
Neon Rose: Magenta.
Purple: Orchid-rose.
New Sunray Pink: Pink blossoms are highlighted by sunny yellow centers with dark veins.