Native North American wildflowers. Many types show wide variation in form, but all have showy flower clusters producing a heavy, sweet perfume. Tall kinds are excellent border plants; dwarfs are the mainstay of rock gardens


This version of phlox is a garden variety that is upright and taller than most others.

‘Bright Eyes’
Zone 4
Height:  24”/Spread: 18                     

Pale-pink flowers with crimson eyes on strong stems make this phlox ideal for cutting.


‘Fashionably Early Seriess:
Zone 4
Height:  30-32”/Spread: 28-30”        

’Crystal’:  White flowers with a faint light purple eye appear from early summer well into midsummer with some rebloom in fall. Broad, dark green, thick foliage stays beautiful all season. Each member of the Fashionably Early series has exceptional mildew resistance.

‘Flaming’:  Large clusters of lavender-pink flowers adds a bold punch to the middle or back of the garden.


‘Flame Purple’:
Zone 4
Height:  18”/Spread:  14”                  

Large, abundant clusters laden with sweetly fragrant dark, reddish-purple flowers on upright stems above dense green foliage.



This version is a creeping phlox that will offer a completely different look to the same old garden. Compact mounds form a carpet of color in spring.

New Early Spring Series:  
Zone 2
Height:  18”/Spread:  14”                  

A collection offering earlier bloom times with an excellent growing habit. An abundance of 3/4-inch star-shaped blooms, which completely cover the entire plant and produce impressive displays of color a full two weeks earlier.

Blue:  Deep blue flowers.

Dark Pink:  Rose pink with deep pink eyes.

Lavender:  Light lavender.

Light Pink:  Soft pink with a darker center.

Purple: Pink-purple.

White: Clean, bold white with a yellow eye.


‘Emerald Blue’:   
Zone 2
Height:  6-8”/Spread: 18”                

Lavender-blue flowers bloom profusely throughout the spring. Excellent low-growing filler for the border.


Scarlet Flame’:   
Zone 3
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 18”                 

Masses of large, bright scarlet flowers with darker eye cover the top of this mat-forming creeper for a long period.