Phlox White Delight

Phlox  FLOKS

White Delight:  White Delight has large, pure white flowers that blanket the foliage in late spring. White has a cool and calming effect in the garden. Use it to tone down more intense, saturated colors. This popular little perennial is best utilized in rocky areas, slopes and in flower borders.

Zone 3

Full Sun

Height: 4-6″/Spread: 16-18″


Size Available: 1201

Phlox White Delight


Phlox   FLOKS

Phlox subulata is sometimes also referred to as creeping phlox but is more specifically known as moss phlox or moss pink. This densely flowering perennial ground cover thrives in full-sun spaces like xeriscapes, south-facing slopes or rock gardens. It tolerates less fertile and sandier soils than creeping phlox, while also insisting on exceptional drainage. Moss phlox has prickly, needle-like leaves that produce a prolific blanket of spring blooms reaching about 6 inches tall. The flowers tend to have dark markings toward the center and notched petals, unlike the smooth edges of creeping phlox. Compared to Phlox stolonifera, the visual carpeting effect of moss phlox is lower, tighter and more uniform — similar to a cushion of moss. Are you trying to fill unsightly spaces between pavers or searching for a dramatic display of color to drape a slope or retaining wall? Moss phlox is a simple solution for these tricky-to-fill gaps in the garden. Phlox subulata is commonly found in shades of violet, pink and white.