Primula (Primrose) Danova Mix

Primula (Primrose) PRIM-yew-luh

Danova Mix:  Danova Grower’s Select Mix was chosen by growers to provide a collection of the most exceptional primrose colors, combined with maximum uniformity in plant habit and time of flowering. This mix includes 13 colors, ranging from pastel shades and white to the deepest blues, yellows and reds.

Part Sun

Height: 4-6”/Spread: 6-7”         

Early Spring-Early Summer

Size Available: 1201

Primula (Primrose) Danova Mix


Primula (Primrose)  PRIM-yew-luh

Primroses have been a vibrant addition to the spring, woodland garden and containers for over a century. The name Primula is derived from the Italian word for spring primavera. An explosion of color in every shade of the rainbow, primroses primarily prefer cooler temperatures and therefore bloom early spring through May. Primroses combine fabulously with spring bulbs, evergreen grasses and dusty miller.