Rosa Oso Easy® Double Pink

Rosa:  RO-zuh

Proven Winners Oso Easy® Double Pink:  Oso Easy® Double Pink rose is simply an unstoppable bloomer. In our many years evaluating it, it was rarely without its fully petaled, true pink blooms – it just wants to flower and flower and flower. All roses that we consider must prove to be resistant to common rose maladies like powdery mildew and black spot; Oso Easy® Double Pink passed that test with flying colors! If you want to enjoy months of flowers with minimal effort, this rose deserves a spot in your landscape.

Zone 4

Full Sun

Height: 18-24″/Spread: 18-24″


Size Available: 3 Gallon

Rosa Oso Easy® Double Pink


Rosa  RO-zuh

Unsurpassed in beauty and fragrance, roses are a key element of the summer garden. There are virtually thousands of rose varieties to choose from, whether modern or ancient, climbing or trailing, there is a rose for every occasion. Quite hardy and versatile, they look lovely when grown among perennials, bulbs or other flowering shrubs. Many are strongly fragrant and suitable for container planting. Others produce decorative hips and provide glowing fall and winter color, offering birds a valuable source of food.