Salvia (Sage)



All sage have square stems and whorls of two-lipped flowers, either distinctly spaced along flower stalks or so densely crowded they look like one dense spike. Reliable border plants with gray-green foliage

nemorosa ‘Caradonna’     
Zone 3
Height:  28-24”/Spread: 12-24”         

Tall glowing purple stems hold their blooms for a long time. Striking when mass planted.


Newnemorosa ‘Bumbleblue’:  
Zone 3
Height:  14-16”/Spread: 18-20”        

Beautiful violet blue flowers bloom profusely on a low, rounded habit of healthy, deep green foliage. A feast for your eyes, and for the pollinators!


nemorosa ‘Blue Marvel’:
Zone 4                                  
Height:  10-18”/Spread: 12-18”         

Flaunts bright and showy ultra large indigo blooms the largest of all the Salvia nemorosa species.


nemorosa ‘Dimension:  
Zone 3
Height:  25”/Spread: 12-15”               

‘Blue’: Intense deep violet-blue blooms on deep purple stems. Ideal for the border edge or in containers.

‘Rose’:  This Dutch strain is compact, with chubby spikes of bright rose-pink flowers. Remove faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering. Excellent for cutting. Drought tolerant once established.


sylvestris ‘Blue Hill’: 
Zone 3
Height:  16-20”/Spread: 18-24”         

Boasts striking, lilac-blue blooms and wonderfully fragrant foliage.


New sylvestris Sallyrosa™ ‘April Night’:
Zone 5
Height:  12-14”/Spread: 12-14”        

Compact, flowering up to a month earlier than other varieties with long-lasting, upright, flower spikes in vivid, violet-blue.