Schizachyrium Grass Prairie Winds® Blue Paradise

Schizachyrium skizz-uh-KEER-ee-um

Proven Winners Prairie Winds® Blue Paradise:

The thin, upright blades of Prairie Winds® Blue Paradise Little Bluestem don’t reveal just how tough this ornamental grass can be in the landscape. The cultivar of Schizachyrium scoparium is native to North American prairies and roadsides and survives most any condition it faces. This is a pretty ornamental grass to use in containers, borders or as part of a mass planting largely because the silver-blue stems give rise to deep wine-colored flowers by fall. The effect of a mass or row of the plants is ordered and natural at the same time. In containers, your bluestem grass is perfect for height in the middle or back of the design.

Full Sun

Height: 36-42″/Spread: 24″

Foliage Accent

Size Available: 1 Gallon PW


Schizachyrium skizz-uh-KEER-ee-um

Schizachyrium scoparium, commonly called little bluestem, is native to prairies, fields, clearings, hills, limestone glades, roadsides, waste areas and open woods from Alberta to Quebec south to Arizona and Florida. It was one of the dominant grasses of the vast tallgrass prairie region which once covered rich and fertile soils in many parts of central North America. Purplish-bronze flowers appear in 3” long racemes on branched stems rising above the foliage in August. Flowers are followed by clusters of fluffy, silvery-white seed heads which are attractive and often persist into winter. Many consider the most outstanding ornamental feature of this grass to be its bronze-orange fall foliage color.