Sedum (Stonecrop)



These hardy succulents will grow in almost any soil. They offer the gardener a choice of foliage types with clusters of starry flowers in many shades.

New  ‘Atlantis’: 
Zone 4
Height:  16”/Spread: 13”                    

Beautifully variegated groundcover. Small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins. From a distance, the margins are what catch your eye. You may notice that the creamy margins become tinged with pink blush tones with cold temperatures late in fall. A great choice for tucking into rock gardens or dry landscapes, or in combination container.


 ‘Autumn Joy’: 
Zone 3
Height:  18-24”/Spread: 18-24”         

Bold clusters of closely packed, rosy pink flowers appear in late summer, age to a salmon bronze and finish with a deep coppery red in fall. The sturdy stems of Autumn Fire keep it beautifully intact throughout its bloom period for an outstanding show!


New  Boogie Woogie’: hS
Zone 3
Height:  6-10”/Spread: 16-18”           

Perfect for rock gardens! beautiful green and cream variegation. It looks beautifully bright all season, and yellow flowers are an added bonus.


‘Frosted Fire’: S
Zone 3
Height:  12-15”/Spread: 18”              

Bright rose colored flower heads on top of light green leaves with creamy yellow margins.


Moss Custom Rock Garden Blend: hS
Zone: 3
Height: 3-10”/Spread: Varies                           

A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Premium blend of many unique varieties and textures of sedums. You will enjoy the wide range of variation in our custom blend.


‘Mr. Goodbud’ : 
Zone 3
Height:  12-15”/Spread 14”               

Large clusters of soft-pink buds open into starry flowers of deep mauve pink.


spectabile ‘Neon’:
Zone 3
Height:  18-24”/Spread: 15”              

Gray-green leaves become covered with a deep pinkish-rose flower. Flower clusters are thicker and more rounded than ‘Brilliant’, and have color that is more consistent.


SunSparkler® Series:
Zone 4
Height:  6-8”/Spread: 18”                 

Cherry Tart:  A low, compact mound of fleshy, dark cherry-red rounded leaves, bearing clusters of deep pink flowers in fall. Eye-catching as a groundcover or accent in a rock garden or container.

Dazzleberry: Compact clump of smoky blue-grey foliage topped with giant 6-8”, vibrant raspberry colored flowers.

New Lime Twister:  Forms a low, dense carpet of creamy yellow and lime green variegated foliage which persists throughout the growing season, and rose flower clusters bloom in late summer. Cream-colored edges turn to red during cool spring and fall weather. perfect for brightening mixed containers or massing in a border or rock garden.

Lime Zinger:  In late summer, soft pink flower clusters dance just above a dense colorful mat of fantastic lime green leaves edged in bright cherry red.