Spikes of showy flowers, each having upper and lower lips, which look like a snapping dragon. Mainstay in gardens. Snapdragons prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Remove spent blooms and they will flower all season.

Madame Butterfly:
Height: 27”  Spread: 30”
Tall, strong multi branched stalks. Completely double butterfly type florets. A mix of many colors.

Rocket Series:
Height: 30-36”   Spread: 30-40”
Long flower spikes with well-spaced florets on vigorous, heat resistant plants. Fantastic for garden backgrounds and as cut flowers. All-America Selections Winner.
Lemon: Bright yellow.
Mix: Mixture of all colors.
Red: Dark red/dark foliage.

Liberty Series:
Height: 18-22”  Spread: 12-14”
Crimson: Vibrant, fragrant and velvety red blooms.
Yellow: Lightly scented soft yellow.

Snapshot™ Series:
Height: 18-22”   Spread: 12-14”
A cool season lover, these bushy plants have closely spaced full flower spikes for bundles of color.
Orange: Dark orange.
Pink: Medium pink.
Plumblossom: Two toned blossoms of pink and white.
Red: Deep dark red.
Yellow: Sunshine yellow.

Sonnet Series:
Height: 18-22”/Spread: 12-14”
Early bloomer with sturdy well branched flower spikes.
Bronze: Bright orange.
Crimson: Bright red.
Mix: A mix of all colors.
Rose: Clear rosy-pink.