Sorbaria Mr. Mustard® False Spirea

Sorbaria (False Spirea)    sor-BAY-ree-uh

Proven Winners Mr. Mustard®:

Fabulously funky! Mr. Mustard boasts extraordinarily colorful foliage – yellow, orange, red, pink and lime green meld together in springtime to make a truly memorable show. By summertime, the foliage mellows to a vibrant Kelly green and complements the fabulous creamy white flowers. These large, astilbe-like blooms attract butterflies and pollinators and its suckering habit lends a naturalized look to any garden. With some annual pruning it easily keeps its mounded habit, suiting it perfectly for mixed beds.

Full Sun

Height: 2-3’/Spread: 3-4′



Sorbaria (False Spirea)    sor-BAY-ree-uh

Sorbaria, or False Spirea, are large deciduous suckering shrubs, native to China and Tibet with attractive color changing foliage that bursts from a vibrant shade of pink to orange to yellow, topped with white frothy panicles of flowers throughout the summer months. These unique plants are ideal amongst low maintenance flower beds and borders within a cottage or informal garden setting. If you plant Sorbaria false spirea, don’t expect a prim and proper shrub that knows its place. The charm of false spirea is entirely different. Those who choose to grow Sorbaria shrubs must be ready for the plants’ unruly nature.