Spirea Double Play® Blue Kazoo®

Spirea  spy-REE-uh

Proven Winners Double Play® Blue Kazoo®:

Your search for a colorful, versatile, easy to grow shrub for your landscape ends at Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea. It’s cool blue foliage emerges in a range of shifting hues through the season: red, pink, purple and green. In early summer, very large white flower clusters appear. Like other spirea, you can count on Double Play® Blue Kazoo® to look great while needing minimal care. It grows well in lightly shaded conditions (four-six hours of sun or filtered light all day) and is generally unbothered by deer.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 2-3’/Spread: 2-3′



Spirea  spy-REE-uh

Novice and experienced gardeners alike love spirea bushes for their eye-catching beauty, fast growth rate, hardiness and ease of care. Like hydrangea, rhododendron and lilac, spirea has joined the ranks as one of the most popular flowering shrubs for the home garden. Their long-lasting blooms and ability to serve a variety of landscape functions — from mass plantings and perennial borders to groundcovers and informal hedges — have made them a staple in gardens of all sizes. If you’re only familiar with the traditional bridal wreath spirea, a large shrub that can become ungainly if not pruned, you’ll love the versatility and carefree nature of the newer spirea cultivars showcased at Moss Greenhouses. They not only have tidier growth habits but also more vibrant foliage, so they provide seasonal interest even when not in bloom.