(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Autumn Acorn Blend (Winter):
70-105 days; A beautiful blend of four differently hued squashes will be a welcome sight! White Ace, Table Princess, Table Gold and Mardi Gras varieties, each with superior eating quality, have been combined to create one delicious mix. Perfect for baking, steaming and making into soups.

Acorn-Table Ace (Winter):
70 days; Early, compact plants have light yellow flesh, 2-3 lb. fruit. Winter variety that keeps well and has excellent flavor.

Blue Hubbard (Winter):
100 days; Big, bumpy, blue-gray, hard-shelled fruit with tapered ends. Averages 12-15 pounds with medium-sweet yellow flesh.

Butternut (Winter):
85 days; Compact variety produces several 2-5 lb. fruits. Earlier than other butternut. Semi-bush with a vine length of
50-60”. Appearance, texture, interior color and flavor are absolutely first rate.

Crookneck (Summer):
50 days; Summer crookneck squash is 6-7” with bright yellow skin. This summer favorite is great for grilling and served fresh in salads. Harvest at baby size.

Patty Pan Scallop Blend (Summer):
48 days; A colorful blend of 5 different improved patty-pan semi-bush summer squash. Each variety a different color; creamy white, yellow, pale green, green stripe, and dark green. Pick fruit when young and under 4 inches for best flavor. Can be allowed to mature on the vine for decorative fall displays.

Peter Pan (Summer):
49 days; Light green scallop. Harvest at 3”. Delicious raw or cooked.

Pink Banana (Winter):
105 days; This winter squash is an excellent keeper. Thin, salmon-pink shell and yellow-orange flesh that is tasty for baking, canning or used for pies. Harvest when skin turns a dark peach color. Stores well in cool, dry place.

Spaghetti (Winter):
85 days; Yellow fruit reaches 6-8”. Bright orange flesh separates into thin strands when cooked.

Zucchini (Summer):
44 days; Heirloom. Large fruits with greenish-black, slightly ridged skin. White, firm flesh.

Zucchini Gold Rush (Summer):
52 days; This zucchini has glossy golden skin with creamy white flesh. Grows 7-8” with a straight habit .