June bearers generally produce a large single crop in spring to early summer and are prolific producers for 3 to 4 weeks. Everbears are not as prolific as June bearers but are especially suitable for growers who wish to harvest a constant supply of berries throughout the summer. Plant some of both to have a large harvest to preserve, and plenty to eat all summer!

Fort Laramie:
Extremely hardy, heavy bearing with excellent vigor and abundant runner production. Berries are large and bright scarlet red in color, have firm flesh, plenty of juice and a delightful sweet flavor.

Ozark Beauty:
Popular everbearer – day-neutral variety. Plants bear large, sweet berries from June through September.

Everbearing. One of the largest berries, excellent for fresh eating. Does not freeze well, but great right out of the garden. Quinalt produces a lot of runners, which fruit prolifically, making it one of the heaviest producers available.

June bearer. Produces lots of huge, dark red, sweet fruit. One of the best tasting strawberries ever. Sequoia produces strawberries for a longer time than other June bearers, extending your harvest.