Strawberries Berried Treasure® Red


Proven Winners Berried Treasure® Red:

With this one you get beautiful blooms and tasty fruit! The red blooms and fruit are paired with green foliage and definitely makes a statement. This continuous bloomer produces fruit from late spring to early fall. Berries can be harvested as soon as they are red in color. Remove spent blooms and trim overgrown runners as necessary. You can expect a good yield in the first season. These snack sized berries are perfect for jam making.

Full Sun

Height: 12-16”/Spread: 18-24”         


Size Available: 4.25

Strawberries Berried Treasure® Red


Proven Winners Strawberries

Double the Delight! Why choose between growing flowers or fruit? This wonderful plant is both highly ornamental and it produces tasty fruit on ever-bearing plants. The semi-double flowers are gorgeous in their own right and lip-smacking sweet strawberry together all summer. It’s a little like having your cake and eating it too. Planting in a container will show off the fruit to best effect, but it can also be grown in gardens. Short runners can develop over time, which may add a trailing element to the plant. These runners can be trimmed back, if you prefer to do so or can be left as is. The 12-16″ tall, mounding plants are just the right size for your patio pots or hanging baskets. They will flower and produce fruit the season they are planted if you buy plants or start seeds indoors, which means the plant can be grown as an annual.