Symphoricarpos Proud Berry® Coralberry

Symphoricarpos (Coralberry)  sim-for-ee-KAR-pus

Proven Winners Proud Berry®:

Proud Berry® coralberry makes it unbelievably easy to fill your landscape with these unique pink berries that are guaranteed to turn heads. Cute, rounded bluish-green leaves look handsome all season then, in late summer, bell-shaped flowers appear. As the season changes to autumn the flowers develop into large dark pink berries with the color intensifying with cold weather. As pretty as it is, this North American native is also amazingly tough; fending off deer, cold weather and problem soils. The fruit is not edible but may be eaten by birds in mid-late winter. This plant makes an excellent cut flower for fall arrangements.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 3-4’/Spread: 3-4′



Symphoricarpos (Coralberry)  sim-for-ee-KAR-pus

Symphoricarpos, commonly called coralberry, is a bushy, rounded, deciduous shrub that is native to dry rocky wooded slopes, banks and forests from Nova Scotia to British Columbia south to Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois and Virginia. Oblong-elliptic to rounded, dull green leaves produce little fall color. Tiny, bell-shaped, pink flowers bloom in clusters in the leaf axils in summer. Flowers are followed by clusters of globose berries that initially are pale green, but ripen to pure white by late summer to early autumn. Fruits remain attractive on the naked winter stems in large part because most birds do not find them appetizing. Genus name comes from the Greek symphorein meaning bear together and karpos meaning fruit in reference to the fruits appearing in clusters.