Syringa Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink

Syringa (Lilac)  sir-ING-guh

Proven Winners Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink:

Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink lilac naturally grows as a small rounded shrub, at just about a third the size of conventional lilacs. It outperforms other lilacs with it’s pure pink blooms that cover the plant in late spring, then reappear throughout summer and fall. Plus, it’s vigorous and resistant to disease. Just plant it in full sun, soil that’s not too wet and enjoy the show for years to come.

Full Sun

Height: 30-36″/Spread: 30-36″



Syringa (Lilac)  sir-ING-guh

Syringa or Reblooming Lilacs are classic garden shrubs and small trees that bear deliciously fragrant, tubular flowers which capture the essence of spring. Out of bloom, they often fade into the background. Some species are grown as specimens or in groups in the lawn or shrub border; they also form a good privacy hedge. The flowers are beloved for bouquets, and when in bloom, hummingbirds and butterflies adorn them. Lilacs are generally a forgiving bunch, tolerant of roadside sites and neglect. Most lilacs require a period of chilling dormancy. Because they are fire-retardant, they can be considered for planting near homes that are susceptible to wildfires.