Lonicera Yezberry® Solo™ Japanese Haskap

Lonicera (Japanese Haskap)  laa-nuh-SEH-ruh

Proven Winners Yezberry® Solo™ :

Yezberry® Japanese haskaps are an easy-to-grow, super delicious fruits! Yellow flowers appear very early in spring and give way to plump blue fruits in early summer. Berries are sweet enough to eat straight from the stems or can be made into sauce, jam or desserts. This tough shrub grows well in sun or part shade and isn’t fussy about soil; any pH level will do. Yezberry haskaps are extremely cold tolerant. Yezberry® Solo™ will bear fruit without a pollinator but gets larger and more numerous berries when planted alongside another Yezberry® Japanese haskap.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 5-6’/Spread: 5-6′



Lonicera (Japanese Haskap)  laa-nuh-SEH-ruh

The Japanese Haskap is an extremely tough fruit bearing shrub in the honeysuckle family. Also known as honeyberries, the early summer berries are plump blue elongated fruits which taste like blueberries, but sweeter! Tolerant of most any soil conditions and pH levels. No pollinator required, but berries grow larger and more plentiful when another Haskap is planted nearby.  Produces on old wood, so prune after harvest if desired. Great for processing into jam, jelly, or sauce, if you haven’t eaten all of them fresh from the plant! Excellent mass planting, screen. Deer resistant.