Thunbergia Coconut A-Peel®

Thunbergia  thun-BUR-jee-uh

Proven Winners Coconut A-Peel®: 

Add a little whimsy to your planters and baskets with Coconut A-Peel® Thunbergia. The crisp white blooms with a deep purple eye are looking to mingle through your planters. Standing/trailing to 5-7 foot, this fast growing vine can be grown up trellis’s or hanging basket wires as well as being allowed to spill over the container. Planted in full sun to part shade locations, Coconut A-Peel® Black Eyed Susan Vine likes to be grown in moist, well drained soil.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 60-96”/Spread: 18-24”         


Size Available: 1 Gallon


Thunbergia  thun-BUR-jee-uh

Thunbergia, or Black Eyed Susan, is a genus of 100 plants native to tropical Africa and Australia that produces vast, funnel-shaped flowers with dark centers (or “black eyes”) and heart-shaped leaves in hues of yellow, white, orange and blue. This flowering vine is as easy to care for as it is charming. The flowers look daisy-like at a distance, with five overlapping, solid-colored petals surrounding a brownish-purple center tube. The medium green leaves are a little coarse and grow opposite one another—they can be either heart-shaped or have a lance-like arrowhead shape. This fast-growing vine is best planted as a potted nursery plant in the spring once the soil has warmed. It can extend to 8 feet in one growing season.