Thymus (Thyme)



Low-growing aromatic perennials and herbs with shrubby, sprawling, and upright stems. Useful in rock gardens, herb gardens, as edging, and as a ground cover.

citriodorus ‘Variegata Gold Lemon’:                                                          Zone 3                                

Height:  6-12”   Spread: 8-12”

Bright golden-edged green foliage. Leaves release a wonderful citrus odor when crushed. Upright habit. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. Best used fresh.


coccubeus ‘Red Creeping’: 

Zone 3                                   

Height:  3-4”   Spread: 12-18”

Low growing variety creates dense mat of foliage. Aromatic properties when crushed. Tiny rosy-red flowers in the summer.


pseudolanuginosus ‘Woolly’:                                                  

Zone 3                                 

Height:  3-4”   Spread: 8-12”

Unique silver gray leaves have a fuzzy surface creating a tufted mat of ground cover. Light lavender blossoms in summer.


serphyllum ‘Elfin’:                                                                                           

 Zone 3                                  

Height:  2”/Spread: 4-8”                   

Tiny glossy green leaves cover the stems of this very low growing plant. Plant in walkways where the leaves release aromatic scent when crushed. Rarely blooms.


vulgaris English (Common):   

Zone 4                                

Height:  12-15”   Spread: 12-15”

Traditional culinary favorite. It is slightly spicier than oregano and sweeter than sage. Tiny leaves cover 6-12” plants. Great in potpourri.


vulgaris Summer (French):                                                                            Zone 5                                

Height:  6-8”   Spread: 12-18”

Distinctively smaller leaved and sweeter flavored than ‘English’ Thyme. A low-growing, creeping variety that works  well as a ground cover, border edger, or filler for a container combination.