Tomato Ace 55


** Note: VFNT: Resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium, Nematodes or Tobacco Mosaic Virus, respectively.

Indeterminate (Climbing)

Tomatoes should be staked, trellised or caged.  Fruit ripens over an extended period.

Determinate (Bush)

Varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support.  Fruit ripens within a concentrated time period.



New Ace 55:

80 days; Determinate. A 1950s heirloom. Excellent fresh tomato flavor and is a lower-acid tomato. An old favorite for canning, 8-12 ounce fruits. Yields are exceptional. Resists cracking, bruising and bursting.

                              1801-B    7-28329-29000-0