Verbena Beats™ Purple and White

Verbena (Trailing) ver-BEE-nuh

Beats™ Purple and White:

The Beats™ series is a naturally compact-spreading verbena that has major flower power long into the Summer season. It is tolerant to heat, cycling and water stress, which keeps it looking lush and vibrant all season long – you never miss a beat of color! The unique purple and white bicolor blooms maintain a nice, attention-getting pattern and thrives even during severe heat stress.

Height:  6-8”/Spread:  10-12”        Summer-Frost

Size Available: 1801   


Verbena (Trailing) ver-BEE-nuh

Verbena canadensis is an annual flowering plant that commonly goes by the name “trailing verbena”. Trailing verbena produces blue, red, pink, white or purple flowers with green foliage.  Verbena flowers show up quickly and have an exceptionally long bloom season, making them popular as a decorative ground cover or as an addition in rock gardens or flower beds. Growers use them due to their low spreading behavior to provide the terrain with abundant blooms, but are also commonly grown in hanging baskets. Trailing verbena plants will require a location that is well draining and receives ample sunlight. These plants will benefit from afternoon shade, as high temperatures can cause them to wilt during the day.