Verbena (Trailing)



Hardy annual with showy flower clusters all summer. Great for baskets, planters and sunny borders. Best in full sun.

Firehouse Series:
Height: 8-10”    Spread: 18-22”
This series fits all landscaping needs. Great vigor for the landscape and controlled enough for baskets and containers. Vibrant color choices. Full sun and heat tolerant.
Dark Red: Deep red.
Pink: True pink with a small white eye.
Purple Fizz: Light pink with a dark purple center.
White: Pure white.

Obsession Cascade Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 18-22”
Obsession Cascade will quickly fill pots and baskets with vibrant, one-of-a-kind flower patterns.
Pink Shades: Dark pink center fading to soft pink edges.
Purple Shades w/Eye: Violet-purple with white center.
Red w/Eye: Ruby red with a white eye.
Scarlet: Dark solid red.

Superbena ® Series:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 30”
Superbena verbenas are very vigorous with strongly trailing habits. Very large flowers are self-cleaning, no deadheading necessary. Use in hanging baskets, containers and in the landscape.
Large Lilac Blue: Large luminous lavender-blue flowers.
Royale Peachy Keen: Hues of pink, salmon and coral.

Wicked Hot Pink:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 30-36”
Bicolored flower clusters. Pink with a neon pink center and a white eye.