Viola Penny™ Jump-Up Mix

Viola   vy-OH-la

Penny™ Series:  The Penny™ series boasts the vigor growers have come to expect from hybrid violas. Larger-than-normal-sized blooms proliferate over lush green, compact foliage. The Penny series is versatile: excellent for both spring and fall with multiple uses for bedding, landscape and container plantings.

Jump-Up Mix:  Penny™ Jump Up Mix is a beautiful collection flowers that have purple upper petals atop orange, peach, white and yellow lower petals.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 4-6”/Spread: 4-6”       

Early Spring-Spring

Size Available: 1204

Viola Penny™ Jump-Up Mix


Viola  vy-OH-la   

While violas look a lot like their cousins, pansies, pansy flowers can be distinguished from violas by examining the petals. Pansies have four petals facing up and one facing down while Violas have two petals facing upwards and three facing downwards. Violas bloom in a wide range of colors, and have a soft, old-fashioned feel that makes them ideal for use in cottage gardens. Because these spring flowers are low growing, they’re excellent choices for the front of the border or lining walkways and sidewalks. Blooming in the early spring makes Viola a great companion plant for tulips. Extended period of hot weather can bring on a decline in flowering. Cut the plants back to create the possibility of another bloom when temperatures decline in the fall.