Most everyone loves these old-fashion garden favorites. Flowers and foliage resemble baby pansies. Violas can over winter or reseed easily, creating a perennial habit in warmer climates.
New Frizzle Sizzle Mini Mix:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 6-8”
One of our favorite pansies now available as a viola! Unique frilly flower.
1204 pak

Penny Series:
Height: 4-6”   Spread: 4-6”
Jump-Up Mix: A cute faced viola mix all with wings.
Orange: Free-flowering compact mounded plants offer 1” orange blooms.
Yellow: Deep yellow.
1204 pak

Sorbet® Series:
Height: 4-6”   Spread: 4-6”
Sorbet offers the widest color range of any viola with an abundant display of flowers.
Beacon Berry Mix: A beautiful formulated mix of Sorbet Beaconsfield, Violet Beacon, and Orchid Rose Beacon.
Black Delight: A very velvety dark purple-black.
Denim Jump Up: Petite 1″ flowers with dark purple upper petals and lavender lower petals with a small deep purple blotch forming compact mounds of colorful, cheerful flowers.
1204 pak