Watermelon Sugar Baby


Sugar Baby:  Sugar Baby is an heirloom watermelon that was introduced in 1956 and has been earning fans ever since. Sugar Baby ripens 8- to 12-pound fruits in 75 days (compared to 120 days for a full-size watermelon). Even though fruits are small, they’re packed with full-size flavor and sweetness.* Watermelon are vine ripe and ready for harvest when the “pig tail” and the “spoon petal” leaf have withered.

60-70 Days


Size Available: 1201

Watermelon Sugar Baby



Everyone seems to love juicy watermelon in the summertime. Native to Africa, melons require warm temperatures and a long growing season. By late summer, they should be just about ready to harvest! Growing watermelons is not the enormous undertaking you might think it’s bound to be, though a little garden planning will help.

In the US, it’s primarily the flesh of watermelons that is consumed, but the seeds are a popular snack in other parts of the world, and the rind is also edible. Pickled watermelon rind, anyone?

Watermelons grow on sprawling vines – just like their relatives, honeydew and cantaloupe, squash, gourds and cucumbers. While for most of us these fruits may conjure up visions of something hefty and oblong with light and dark green stripes, watermelons come in a wide range of skin patterns and sizes.

When you grow your own at home, you open up your options to a stunning array of varieties!