Upright stems hold vibrant, pom-pom like flowers. Zinnias make spectacular garden performers. They love sunny locations and make great cut flowers. They bloom profusely all summer.

Magellan Series:
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Excellent vigor and uniform habit while producing great visual appeal with exceptional large, double vibrant blooms.
Cherry: Cherry-pink.
Mix: Formula mix.
Orange: Pumpkin orange.
Pink : Light pink.
Scarlet: Scarlet-red.
Yellow: Medium yellow.

Magellan Series:
Coral: Dark coral.
Ivory: Soft ivory.
Mix: Formula mix.
Scarlet: Scarlet-red.

Profusion Series:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 12-15”
Profusion zinnias produce 2-3 inch single flowers. Free flowering all season. Best in full sun.
Deep Apricot: Apricot – fade resistant.
Hot Cherry: Deep cherry pink.
Fire: Hot scarlet-orange.
Orange: Dusty orange.
Red: True vibrant red.
Yellow: Buttercup yellow.
White: Ivory white. All-America Selections Winner.

State Fair:
Height 36”   Spread 14”
Large husky plants with tremendous six-inch blooms. Excellent color range of lavender, orange, pink, purple, rose and scarlet.