Utah Wholesale Houseplants 

Moss Greenhouse is a premier progressive bedding plant producer and wholesale distributor for the intermountain west region, including Utah. Our facility is located in Idaho and is one of the largest bedding plant growers in the Intermountain West. We are committed to only producing the highest quality plants, and to ensure their quality, our greenhouses use the most advanced automated technology. Over the years, we have gained the trust of many Utah garden centers through the use of our quality wholesale service and selection. We make sure that our product is grown regionally to withstand our harsh climate. 

Moss Greenhouse expands to almost thirteen acres of land with over 300,000 square feet of greenhouses. This allows us to produce 140,000 flats, 48,000 hanging baskets, and a variety of different containers every season. We are proud to serve over 300 customers in 7 different states including Utah with premier wholesale services. 

Our large facility and ability to produce mass amounts of plants, allows us to carry a wide selection of plants. We have become a premium bedding plant grower for Utah garden centers to fulfill whatever order they may need. Our processes are accurate and up to date ensuring that products are updated daily with their current availability.  As seasons change, you can depend on Moss Greenhouse for your Utah wholesale and garden center needs. 

Contact us for more information on our wholesale processes and procedures.