Utah Wholesale Houseplants 

Moss greenhouse is proud to be the largest progressive plant producer and wholesale distributor in the industry. Located in Idaho, we serve the intermountain west region including Oregon, with quality plants and wholesale services. As part of our dedication to continually provide customers with the best plants, our greenhouses are operated using the most advanced technology. Season after season, our wholesale customers remain highly satisfied with both our products and our services. 

Moss Greenhouse expands to almost thirteen acres of land with over 300,000 square feet of greenhouses. This allows us to produce 140,000 flats, 48,000 hanging baskets, and a variety of different containers every season. We are proud to serve over 300 customers in 7 different states including Eastern Oregon with premier wholesale services. 

We know you have a business to run as well, and that is why we have strategically and carefully implemented processes into our wholesale systems to make sure that we can effectively communicate expectations regarding availability and shipping days. Our sales representatives are ready to serve garden centers of Oregon and surrounding states with quality wholesale services.  Call us today for more information.