New Customers take 5 Business days to process. Companies must complete BOTH the New Customer Application and the Tax Form. Your company must also produce a copy of your Idaho Nursery License from the Idaho Department of Agriculture. Our Policies are as follows:

Payment Policy/Terms

Accounts are due and payable in full upon receipt of product. Accounts established less than 2 years will require payment in full upon delivery (C.O.D.) and will receive the 4% prompt pay discount.

We offer 4% prompt pay discount if invoices are paid upon delivery or if payment is received within 10 days from date of invoice on all established accounts (over 2 years in good financial standing with Moss). All previous invoices must be paid in full to qualify for this discount.

All unpaid accounts become past due 30 days from Invoice. Unpaid balances are charged interest at the rate of 2% per month. Payment received on account will be credited to finance charges first, then to invoice in date order. If an account is delinquent (30+ days) further deliveries may be unavailable or subject to C.O.D. basis until the account is current.

Accounts that have not paid or kept current are subject to collection & Attorney fees. Moss Greenhouses, Inc. reserves the right to charge customers a $30.00 fee on all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Credit history is established after 2 years of good financial standing with Moss Greenhouses and an approved credit application.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted. We request these for all our COD accounts. Invoices paid with a credit card will be charged 2% for credit card costs. Also, on COD accounts if you pay with the credit card, we still honor a 4% prompt pay discount minus the 2% for processing fees.

All customers must complete a current resale certificate and provide us with a current Idaho State Nursery License number or your respective State Nursery License number before we can sell any product to you.

C.O.D.: All invoices need signed to acknowledge delivery. If unable to accept delivery, prior arrangements for payment must be made or the driver will not unload product. No COD deliveries will be left with a customer without payment to the delivery driver or prior arrangements made with the office.

Plant Availability:

Due to market demands and growing conditions, all varieties listed in our catalog are subject to availability. All product listed in our catalog is not available at all times during the season.

Availability of product varies during the season so we update a list daily and then do a complete update weekly. Our availability is faxed, emailed and displayed on our website on Friday evening of each week. We will either fax or email availability to all customers unless otherwise notified. A ‘living’ availability will be faxed on each order day as it changes.

Faxing or emailing your order is the suggested method of ordering.

FAX: (208) 324-7391 or (208) 324-4812

Email:,, or

Please total each page and total the entire order so there is less room for misinterpretation. A sales person may call you concerning your faxed order unless otherwise noted not to call. Please indicate on fax.

If you do not wish us to substitute colors of the same variety, in order to fill your order, let us know on your fax. If you do not inform us otherwise, we reserve the right to make substitutions.

Please make sure your business name and date is on your faxed order.

Weather and the number of orders shipped can create changes daily. It is best to view availability as a living document – always changing!

Important Ordering Notice

We always welcome our customer’s calls for questions and requests. However, we ask that you not call in the mornings unless it is your load day. Please regulate your call to later in the day or email you sales person at anytime and they will get back to you as soon as they can. Our sales representatives are very busy in the mornings entering orders from deadline customers, and processing them before cut-off time. Since we want to give you our undivided attention when talking to you, we appreciate your cooperation concerning our ‘deadline drama!’

Deliveries & Orders

We encourage our customers to email, fax or call us with their orders before deadlines. The following guidelines are set up to help us expedite your order processing. Please let u know if you have special requirements.

In order to insure prompt service and quality, we have established a 48-hour schedule with a 7:00 pm cutoff for placing your order on your scheduled order day. This deadline helps us to schedule our trucks more efficiently.

Please check the delivery schedule for your area so you can place your order by the deadline.

Everyone will be contacted on their scheduled order day. Orders are handled on first come, first serve basis. We will pull orders in sequence received by sales staff (i.e. fax, phone, email).

Orders not placed by phone will be given a chance to fax or email their orders by 7:00 pm. All orders received after the deadline 7:00 pm will be processed for the next delivery day. If there is a problem getting us the order, please contact us directly ASAP. No call-in orders on load day.

Minimum required to bring an order to your area is equal to a flat per mile of distance traveled for delivery (one way). There may be a delivery fee for orders outside our regular delivery route/schedule.

Upon request, invoices can be faxed to your business when your order is pulled.

If you run into an emergency, please call Dana Moss or your sales representative, and we will try to work with you. Full truckload orders (approximately 500 flats) for one customer can be scheduled as needed for your area. Please contact us as soon as possible with your needs.

Pick Up Orders:

Pick-up orders are available. In order for us to have your order ready for you, orders must be placed 24 hours in advance of pick-up. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday (during season) 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. For safety issues and liability, customers cannot pull their own orders. No orders will be pulled on Saturday.

Re-Stocking Fee

Items returned due to over-ordering, or misunderstanding of availability will be put back into stock at a 20% charge to the customer to cover labor and damage to product due to excessive handling. Product must be returned in a timely manner of 48 hours. (Depending on your delivery schedule)

Customer Visitations

Customers are always welcome to visit our greenhouses and walk our crops, and they are welcome to fill out order sheets for their next load. The following days are available to customers: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please give your sale’s representative 24-48 hour notice to arrange a time to meet with you. We request a phone number to reach you at in case your appointment needs rescheduled. Drop-in visits are discouraged from May 1 – May 31.

Phytosanitary Certification

The Department of Agriculture has restrictions on certain plant product that ships to Montana and Nevada. In order to ship these products , we must be inspected and then purchase a phytosanitary certificate for each delivery shipping to the above-mentioned areas. Customers’ invoices will reflect a minimal charge for certification fees. Products restricted are: Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, and Mint. Customers ordering these products must place their order 48 hours in advance. Please inquire with us, or your Department of Agriculture, if you have any questions.