Wyoming Wholesale Houseplants 

Are you looking for greenhouse wholesale grower in the Wyoming area for your garden center or small business? Here at Moss Greenhouses, we have the pleasure of growing for the intermountain west region of the states with high-quality plants on wholesale terms. Though located in Idaho, we efficiently serve many surrounding states including Western Wyoming. We are committed to staying on top of the most current and advanced technology so that we can assure the highest quality of plants are produced within our facilities. Equally as important to the quality of products we produce, is our commitment to customer service and that is why many Wyoming garden centers continue to choose us for their wholesale needs.

Through our proprietary greenhouse technology, we have distinguished ourselves from the competition by becoming the largest wholesale distributor within Idaho. Our greenhouse facilities have grown to cover over 380,000 square feet on over 13 acres of land. With such mass amounts of space, we are able to yearly produce a variety of containers, over 50,000 hanging baskets, and over 150,000 flats. This allows us to easily fulfill large orders as well as the ability to offer our customers a wide range of plants to choose from. This convenience is why many Western Wyoming garden centers partner with us on a wholesale basis because they are able to get everything they need from one place instead of using multiple vendors.

Here at Moss Greenhouses, we want to make the wholesale process as easy as possible. As seasons come and go, your needs may change, as well as our current stock. As a result, we are committed to maintaining the website with current stock information, as well as shipping times.

For quality plants and a partner, you can depend on for your Western Wyoming wholesale needs, come to Moss Greenhouses. We look forward to serving you