Canna Lily Toucan® Coral

Calla Lily  KAN-uh  LIL-ee

Proven Winners Toucan® Coral:  Toucan® Coral Canna Lily Plants offer a gorgeous burst of salmon/coral color atop healthy, thick green foliage. The Toucan® Series are fast growing, heat resistant, disease resistant cannas that bring a bold look to containers and landscapes. Their summer flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Partial to Full Sun

Height: 30-48″/Spread: 18-24″

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 1 Gallon

Canna Lily Toucan® Coral


Canna Lily   KAN-uh  LIL-ee

Canna gained popularity during the Victorian era between 1860-1910, when European gardeners created more formal gardens. At the beginning of the 20th century, gardens transformed into more informal and relaxed perennial borders and the Cannas decreased in their popularity. However, modern breeders are releasing hundreds of cultivars, hence why the comeback is so strong! Canna lilies are low maintenance and easy to grow; both their flowers and foliage offer long lasting color in the garden. The flower color may be red, orange, yellow, coral or a combination of those colors. Depending on the variety, foliage color varies from green to maroon, bronze and variegated types. They grow well in the garden or in containers.