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Acalypha (Chenille Plant)4 Inch Height: 7”/Spread: 15-18” Chenille Plant gets its name from 5-7″ long, trailing, fuzzy red cattails that trail above a thick mound of serrated leaves all summer long. One of our most popular hanging baskets. Also adaptable as a house plant.
African Daisy

1204 pak

Height: 10-12”/Spread: 14-18”

Open, daisy-like blooms with dark, central eye. Aromatic, gray-green foliage. Trailing habit good for filling beds or containers. Drought tolerant once established. Long summer bloomers.

Spring Flash Orange: Brilliant orange.
Spring Flash Yellow: Bright yellow.


4 inch

Height: 18-24”/Spread: 18-24”

Bushy, grasslike foliage looks like green hair; keep well-watered during hot spells. Use in baskets and containers.


4 inch

Height: 18-24″/Spread: 12-14″

Red Threads: Extremely fine and delicate texture, forming a carpet in shades of red and burgundy. A very nice contrast and fill in between other plants in a container or in the garden.


1204 pak

Height: 4”/Spread: 10”

Hundreds of tiny blossoms cover low mounding plants. Light green narrow leaves. Great in gardens and containers. Fragrant.

Easter Bonnet Mix: White, deep pink, light pink, lavender, violet, citron & rose.
Snow Crystal: Pure white.
Easter Bonnet Violet: Deep violet.


4 inch & 1 gallon

Compact plants bloom throughout the season. Dark green deeply cut foliage. Daisy-like blooms make an excellent choice for the garden. Great for containers.

Butterfly: 4 inch
Height: 20-36″/Spread 12-15″
Proven Winners Product. Spectacular bright lemon-yellow daisies all season; heat tolerant; excellent garden performance. Even under hot, dry conditions, these plants produce such a mass of buttery daisies that you can hardly see the deep green foliage.

Grandaisy Series: 1 Gallon
Height: 20’/Spread: 20″ 
Really easy and popular plant to grow producing masses and masses of extra-large flowers with a central halo measuring 2 1/2″ across provide outstanding color impact.
Pink Halo: Super large pink flowers with a striking rose-pink ring around the eye.
Yellow: Bright yellow with a brown center.

Madeira Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 12-16”
Exceptionally vigorous and strong, forming a flowering ball-shaped bush with an abundance of large flowers. Excellent for use in the border, specimen or in containers.
Primrose: Soft pastel yellow.
Red: Magenta.
Deep Pink: Rosy pink.
White: Pure white.

Asparagus Fern

4 inch

Height: 12”/Spread: 16-18”

sprengeri: Soft needle-like foliage cover long arching stems. Dark green color. Great container accent. Can be used both inside and outdoors. Frost hardy.

Bacopa (Also Sutera)

4 inch

Height: 8-12”/Spread: Trailing

Big Falls Series: Superb branching habit with noticeably larger blooms. Fragrant and self-cleaning.
Dark Blue: Lilac blue.
Dark Pink: Cherry blossom pink.
White: Snow white.

White: 2.5 inch
Large, white flowers; semi-trailing habit.


1 gallon

Height: 8-12″/Spread: 6-14″

Large and fast-growing. Gardeners grow these plants for their ornamental foliage which lends to exotic and tropical aura to the landscape. Plants produce huge paddle-shaped leaves that grow to 2′ wide and to 6′ long. Cream to yellow flowers may appear in summer on mature plants followed by inedible green fruit. Simple to grow, give it plenty of water, fertilizer and sunlight. Great container accents!

Basjoo: Enjoy a beautiful accent of huge banana leaves into your garden design, no matter your garden location, thanks to this incredibly hardy ornamental.
Zerbina Rojo: Red-splashed leaves up to 10 feet long. The undersides of these large leaves are purple to red.

Begonia, Fibrous

4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-10”
Small clusters of flowers with bright yellow centers are held above large glossy leaves. Great for beds and in containers. Unique foliage accent.

Eureka Series
Dark Leaf Pink: Light pink.
Green Leaf Scarlet: Bright red.
Green Leaf Mix: Red, pink, white.
Green Leaf Rose: Light Pink.
Green Leaf White: White.

Spring Plus Orange:
Height: 10-12″/Spread: 8-10″

Big colorful bright orange flowers over green foliage. Great for containers and bedding.

Begonia, Tuberous

4 inch
Height: 10-12″/Spread: 8-10″

I’conia Portofino Series: 4 inch
Extra-large flowers sit above dark green foliage. Superior branching.
Champagne: Pink edges fading to yellow/cream. Dark pink under-side.
Citrix: Yellow with apricot tones.
Hot Orange: Orange peel orange.
Hot Coral: Dark apricot.
Salmon: Deep salmon.
Sunrise: Orange with yellow centers.
Yellow: Canary yellow.

Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12” 
The Nonstop® Begonia offers large double flowers that provide a visual showcase in low light areas. Large bright green leaves. Great in beds, containers, and baskets. One of the showiest shade flowers. Proven Winners Product.
Deep Red: Deep dark red.
Pink: Soft pink.
Yellow: Bright yellow.

Baby Wing:
Height: 18″/Spread: 15″
Luscious, shiny green leaves on upright stems. Perfect as a bedding plant, in containers and hanging baskets.
Pink: soft pink.

Dragon Wing™: 1 gallon
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 18-24”
Lovely green, angel wing leaves Ideal habit for the landscape, containers and awesome hanging baskets. Extremely heat tolerant. Very vigorous. Proven Winners Product.
Pink: Abundant bright pink flowers all summer.
Red: Covered in rosy-red blooms.


2.5 inch (just Golden) & 4 inch

Height: Varies/Spread: Varies with Variety

Blazin’ Glory: Single or semi- double orange and yellow bicolored flowers. Compact variety grows 12″ tall and wide.
Golden Empire:Bright golden yellow flowers. 13″ tall with a 20″ spread.
White Delight: White daisy-shaped flowers with a yellow center. Grows 14″ tall and wide.
Yellow Sunshine: Semi-double lemon yellow flowers on 16” long branches, brings a bouquet of sunshine in containers and in the landscape.
Golden: Masses of brilliant yellow flowers all season. Grows 12″ tall and 18″ wide. 2.5 inch only.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

4 inch
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 12-16”
Calibrachoa is commonly known as “million bells” due to the hundreds of blooms it produces in a wide range of colors. The blooms are similar to the petunia, except they are not sticky and attract hummingbirds. Use in front of gardens, rock gardens, or in containers and baskets. Keep well fertilized for best performance.

Aloha Series:
Super easy care! These are prolific bloomers all summer long. Self-cleaning, no dead heading. Mounding trailing habit but with a tidy look. Early flower power and good heat tolerance.
Kona Hot Orange: Deep orange with a yellow eye.
Kona Hot Pink: Neon rosy-pink with a yellow eye.
Kona Mandarin: Medium orange with a darker star pattern and a yellow eye.
Kona True Blue: Deep midnight blue with a yellow eye.
Kona White: Royal white with a greenish yellow eye.
Midnight Purple: Vivid midnight blue with a yellow eye.

Callie Pink Morn:
Bright pink with a large yellow throat.

Can Can Series:
Orange: Pure orange.

Mini Famous Neo Series:
If you like Calibrachoa, then you’re going to love these calibrachoa plants! With all the beauty of normal Calibrachoa, these will excel in your hanging baskets and pots and containers. Two inch blooms coming up in the center all season long. (No flat-tops here!) It simply covers itself in flowers, and drops them neatly when they pass — no deadheading needed, ever! Expect it to trail 2 feet long (easily) and to bloom from late spring into fall. Once it gets going, heat won’t bother it, drought won’t stress it, and hummingbirds won’t leave it alone!
Double Blue: Amethyst.
Double Light Pink: Soft pink.
Double Lemon: Butter Yellow.
Double Deep Yellow: Bright lemon yellow.
Light Pink With Eye: Shell pink flowers with rose centers.
Double Vampire: Deep dark red.

Carex buchanaii ‘Red Rooster’

4 inch

Height: 18-24″/Spread: 18″

More intensely colored than other sedge grasses. This finely textured ornamental grass has densely tufted, bright reddish-bronze foliage slightly curled at the tips. Effective in borders, containers, rock gardens or around water gardens. Contrasts with virtually any other perennial.

Castor Bean

2 gallon

Height: 5-8’/Spread: 5′

Giant palm shaped red leaves up to 2 feet across! Provides a quick tropical-like shade. Dark seed pods covered with red soft spines.

Celosia (Cockscomb)

Dracula: 4 inch
Height: 24″/Spread 15-18″
One of the weirdest looking unusual shaped flowers. Eye catching crested cockscomb wine red flowers.

Dragon’s Breath: 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 15-18”
This variegated Cockscomb offers long lasting, feathery red-hot plumes above olive-green leaves edged in and shot with red accents.

Chrysanthemum (Buttons)

1204 pak

Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-12”

Miniature daisy-like blooms with bright yellow centers. Compact plants are excellent in flowerbeds or as accents in containers.

Snowland: White petals.
Yellow Buttons: Yellow petals.


1204 pak

Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-14”

Plants grown for foliage textures and colors. Dramatic color contrasts accent shady locations. Excellent in both beds and baskets.

Black Dragon: Large red/black foliage with curled and serrated edges.
Wizard Mix: Heat shaped leaves. A mix of 12 varieties! Compact plants that never need pinching.

Coleus (Specialty Types)

4 inch
Height: Varies/Spread: Varies
A wide range of colors and textures. Great in a variety of situations from bedding to containers. Light shade may be beneficial in hot locations.

Chocolate Covered Cherry: Rose center surrounded by mahogany and a thin green margin.
Inferno: 28″ tall. Bright lime yellow with an irregular green line in the center. Very uniform and well branching.
Electric Slide: 24″ tall. Strong, canary yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edge.
Wasabi: Neat sharp edges and a pungent chartreuse color. 36″ tall.
Macaw: 4″ compact, tight habit, leaves that are maroon and lobed with cream centers.
Main Street Fifth Avenue: 16″ tall. A combo of pink and burgundy with a green edge.
Strained Glass Royalty: 20″ tall. Hot pink center with a wide, jagged edge of deep purple.

Kong Series: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 18-22”/Spread: 22-28”
Kong coleus is the king this season. Grows tall with a well-mounded, compact habit. Boasts huge leaves in bold coloration’s. Performs best in full shade. Exceptional mass planted in beds or use as a superb accent in containers.
Red: Rich red center, strong veining, and bright green edge.
Lime Sprite: Lime green with a rose interior.
Scarlet: Huge leaves that are dark red with veins trailing out to the chartreuse edges.

Cordyline (Spikes)

Red Sensation: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
Dramatic show of long, dark red-purple sword-like leaves are the hallmark of this vigorous grower. Fabulous specimen for container centers or in the garden. Proven Winners Product.

Paso Doble: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3″
Stunning variegated foliage colors of burgundy red with brilliant pink leaf margin. Very upright growth habit with wide, stiff upward facing leaves.

Renegade: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 2’/Spread: 3’
Arching dark purple to nearly black foliage that has a glossy lacquered finish.

Torbay Dazzler: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
Bright, multi-colored, narrow, sword-like leaves. Vibrant ribbons of green and creamy gold, reddish highlights near the center.

Spikes: 2.5 inch, 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 6-8”
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Cortaderia selloana ‘Pampas Grass’

2 gallon

Height: 8’/Spread: 36″

AKA White Feather. Large, impressive grassy clumps, 8 to 10 feet high and wide, with beautiful silver to white feathery plumes in the fall.


Always a favorite because they are easy to grow as well as being a very colorful plant. Large, flat open flowers continue throughout the summer.

Apollo Series: 4 inch
Height: 26″/ Spread: 24″
Old fashioned daisy-like flowers and tall stems that waft in the breeze. A cottage garden favorite.
Love Song: A delightful blend of pink picotee, white and pink.
Apollo Mix: A lovely mix of white, blush pink, and deep rose shades, on top of feathery foliage.

Purity in White: 4 inch
Height: 42”/Spread: 18”
Luscious silky pure white 6” flowers.

Sensation Mix: 1 gallon
Height: 42”/Spread: 18”
Large single flowers, shades of crimson, pink, white float above feathery foliage.

Sonata Series: 1204 pak
Height: 24”/Spread: 15”
Large 4” open flowers attract butterflies all summer long on tall, upright stems with ferny foliage. Great as vertical accent.
Carmine: Magenta.
Pink Blush: Pink with a deep red blush at the end of each petal.
Mix: Carmine, pink, white.
White: White.

Xanthos: 4 inch
Height: 29”/Spread: 16”
Early flowering, unique soft stunning yellow color with lighter edges. Ideally suited for containers, and also a true eye-catcher in the boarder.

Dahlia (Seed Varieties)

Large, small, single or double, dahlias can’t be beat for flower power! Continually blooming until the first hard frost.

Diablo: 4 inch
Height: 14”/Spread: 10-15”
Dark foliage and stunning double flowers is the attraction of this annual flower.

Fresco Mix: 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 10-12”
Full double blooms in brilliant hues of red, violet, yellow, rose & white.

Figaro Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Uniform height, habit and bloom time. Semi double to fully double blooms.
Mix: A bright mix of all colors.
Yellow Shades: Yellow to gold shades.
Red Shades: Red to rose shades.
Violet Shades: Medium to light violet shades.

Harlequin Mix: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Unusual semi double bicolor mix includes shades of rose, violet, yellow, orange, scarlet, and white with a contrasting collarette of inner petals.

Dahlia (Tuberous)

Hypnotica Series ®: 1 gallon

Height: 24”/Spread: 10-15”

Real eye catchers in the landscape or containers. Large 4” flowers on short stems that seldom need support. Heat tolerant and perfect for cutting.

Lavender: Purple
Rose Bicolor: Yellow center with pink and dark pink tips.
Orange: Deep orange.
White: Crisp white.
Red Velvet: Dark red.
Yellow: Lemon yellow.
Icarus: Bright gold, double flowers rimmed with flaming red-orange.
Red: Bright Red.
Pink: Bubblegum pink.
Dark Night: Deep burgundy.

Lobularia Stream Series

4 inch

Height: 8-12”/Spread: 8-12”

Plants are vigorous and sterile. Because it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Great heat tolerance. Sweet honey fragrance.

Lavender Stream: Pretty lavender.
Deep Lavender Stream: Dark Purple.
Silver Stream: Pure white.