10" Hanging BasketsAcalypha Chenille Plant,Red Hot Cattail’ ak-uh-ly-fuh 10” Square Arching branches of large green heart shaped leaves produce deep red blooms that resemble tassels of chenille. Bacopa ‘Big Falls Series’ bah-koe-pah 10” Square A cascading flow of large flowers throughout the season. Superb branching trailing habit. Keep well-watered during hot spells. Offered in solid colors of blue, pink or white or a combination of all three. Begonia Baby Wing be-go-nee-a  10” Square Upright, maintenance free, mounded plants have small glossy dragon-wing shaped leaves. Heat tolerant. Bicolor, pink, red & white. Calibrachoa ‘Aloha Series’ kal-ih-bruh-KOE-uh 10” Square Aloha varieties bloom in great profusion of exquisite flowers, with strongly branched compact trailing growth habit. Bloom from early spring until late autumn. Coleus KOE lee us  10” Square The Whole Enchilada: A balanced combination of dark ‘Flame Thrower Chili Pepper’ and green ‘Flame Thrower Salsa Verde’. New Great Falls: Multi-colored trailing variety. Dorotheanthus Mezoo dor-uh-thee-AN-thus 10” Square Variegated foliage with dime size rosy red flowers. Very vigorous and easy to care for. Geraniums jer-ay-nee-um Geranium baskets have long been the standard for hanging baskets in the industry. We offer a wide range of varieties and beautiful color for long lasting summer color. Fertilize regularly. Remove faded blooms. Assorted Mixed Varieties: 10” Square We have created many new and exciting geranium combination baskets. Lavender and Pink, Lilac and Neon, Lilac and Pink, Pink and Salmon, Red and Lavender, Red and Orange, Red and White. Burgundy and Lavenders: New Calliope Light Lavender: Large double true lavender. New Calliope Pink Flame: Bright pink double blooms with darker pink centers. Cumbinata Lilac: Large lilac, double flowers. Sarita Lilac Splash: Intense lilac pink with a dark red center. Semi double. Corals/Oranges: Caliente Coral: Large single, hot coral. Caliente Orange: Large single, bright orange. New Calliope Orange Splash: Double orange-red New Calliope Scarlet: Double red-orange. Sarita Fire: Semi-double, salmon coral. Sarita Wild Salmon: Semi-double, salmon with scarlet overtones. Pinks: Caliente Pink: Large single, pink. Calliope Crimson Flame: Double, deep red base with hot pink edges. Calliope Hot Pink: Double, rose-pink. New Calliope Rose Mega Splash: Super showy pink petals with a rose starburst. Sarita Neon Sizzle: Semi-double, deep rose blooms with a thin pink margin. Sarita Pink: Semi-double, shell pink. Sarita Punch: Semi-double, hot pink. Reds: Caliente Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red. Calliope Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red. Sarita Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red with dark foliage. Sarita Sunstar Red: Semi-double, intense pink and red combo. White: Caliente White: Pure white. Lobelia lo-beel-ee-a 10” Square Assorted colors and varieties of flowing plants that hold thousands of blue or white fan-shaped flowers. Great for light shade. Keep moist for best performance, especially in the hot days of summer. Mixed Foliage 10” Square Frosted Greens: Dainty white flowers of euphorbia diamond frost, dark muehlenbeckia wire vine and variegated yellow /green gold child ivy. Sweet Potato Salad: A beautiful mix of ipomoea Sidekick Heart Lime (nice lime green foliage) and Sidekick Heart Black (dark chocolate foliage). Wired: Dorotheanthus Mezoo, dark muehlenbeckia, and bridal veil. Pansy Cool Wave: 10” Square You won’t believe the flower power! Vigorous, unstoppable plants! Just 6 to 8 inches high, but trails an incredible 24 to 30 inches. Mixed colors. Pansy Cool Wave Combination: 10” Square Cool Wave pansies are well suited for growing in combination containers, we have combined them with nemesia and lobularia for a striking combination. Petunia pe-too-nee-a 10” Square Assortment of color and varieties. Cascading branches are covered with fragrant petunia blossoms. Great color and show for sunny areas over the entire summer. Loves lots of fertilizer. Colors include: Dark blue, purple, white, red, rose, lavender, pink, and more. Scaevola skay-vol-a 10” Square Cascading branches hold pointed, dark green leaves with blue, white, pink, or a combination of fan shaped flowers for color all season. Strawberry 10” Square ‘Fragoo’ strawberries make an attractive, unique, and delicious hanging patio basket. Large pink flowers followed by sweet berries from spring until frost. Sunny Annual 10” Square Handpicked combinations to brighten your patios and outdoor spaces. Tomato Tumbler 10” Square Small 1” sweet Tumbler tomatoes cherry-type tomatoes weighing in at 1 ounce make for the ideal basket full of sweet fruit. Great for salads.
12" Hanging Baskets

Begonia Illumination:
12” Square
Illumination is the trailing form of the popular NonStop® series of tuberous Begonias, and reaches 15 inches high and 3½ feet long. You’ll love its free-branching habit and pendulous blooms! … They grow quickly and beautifully every time, with a compact, many-layered dense habit topped with beautiful blooms. Outstanding color and beauty for the entire season. Apricot Shades, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Salmon Pink and scarlet.

Geranium Assorted Varieties:
12” Square
Our most popular geranium baskets with Scaevola or Vinca for additional interest.

Sunny Annual (Victorian Sunny)
12” Square
A bright assortment of our best specialty annuals come together to create full baskets of color and beauty for sun. Features geraniums, vinca, scaevola, petunias and much more.

14" Begonia Hanging Basket

14” Round
Huge masses of vibrant color for the shade with beautiful flowing foliage. Featuring Dragon Wing begonias.

16" Sun Basket and a Half Sun

16” Round
Huge masses of bright color cascades over the edges of this huge basket. Continual summer color for sun.

Acalypha (Chenille Plant)

4 Inch

Height: 7”   Spread: 15-18”

Chenille Plant gets its name from 5-7″ long, trailing, fuzzy red cattails that trail above a thick mound of serrated leaves all summer long.
One of our most popular hanging baskets. Also adaptable as a house plant.

African Daisy

1204 pak

Height: 10-12”/Spread: 14-18”

Open, daisy-like blooms with dark, central eye. Aromatic, gray-green foliage. Trailing habit good for filling beds or containers. Drought tolerant once established. Long summer bloomers.

Spring Flash Orange: Brilliant orange.
Spring Flash Yellow: Bright yellow.


4 inch

Height: 18-24”   Spread: 18-24”

Bushy, grass like foliage looks like green hair; keep well-watered during hot spells. Use in baskets and containers.


4 inch

Height: 18-24″   Spread: 12-14″

Red Threads: Extremely fine and delicate texture, forming a carpet in shades of red and burgundy. A very nice contrast and fill in between other plants in a container or in the garden.


1204 pak

Height: 4”   Spread: 10”

Hundreds of tiny blossoms cover low mounding plants. Light green narrow leaves. Great in gardens and containers. Fragrant.

Easter Bonnet Mix: White, deep pink, light pink, lavender, violet, citron & rose.
Snow Crystal: Pure white.
Easter Bonnet Violet: Deep violet.


Compact plants bloom throughout the season. Dark green deeply cut foliage. Daisy-like blooms make an excellent choice for the garden. Great for containers.

4 inch
Height: 20-36″   Spread 12-15″
Proven Winners Product. Spectacular bright lemon-yellow daisies all season; heat tolerant; excellent garden performance. Even under hot, dry conditions, these plants produce such a mass of buttery daisies that you can hardly see the deep green foliage.

Grandaisy Series:
1 Gallon
Height: 20’   Spread: 20″ 
Really easy and popular plant to grow producing masses and masses of extra-large flowers with a central halo measuring 2 1/2″ across provide outstanding color impact.
Pink Halo: Super large pink flowers with a striking rose-pink ring around the eye.
Yellow: Bright yellow with a brown center.

Madeira Series:
4 inch
Height: 12-18”   Spread: 12-16”
Exceptionally vigorous and strong, forming a flowering ball-shaped bush with an abundance of large flowers. Excellent for use in the border, specimen or in containers.
Primrose: Soft pastel yellow.
Red: Magenta.
Deep Pink: Rosy pink.
White: Pure white.


Imperial Star:
90-100 days; Three to four inch edible flower buds form on tall stiff stems. Specifically bred to produce artichokes the first season. Delicious!


21 days baby; 40 days full size; Long, dark, lobed leaves. The small, white flowers with dark centers look pretty in a salad they have a light pleasantly biting flavor.

Asparagus Fern

4 inch

Height: 12”   Spread: 16-18”

sprengeri: Soft needle-like foliage cover long arching stems. Dark green color. Great container accent. Can be used both inside and outdoors. Frost hardy.

Bacopa (Also Sutera)

Big Falls Series:
4 inch
Height: 8-12”   Spread: Trailing
Superb branching habit with noticeably larger blooms. Fragrant and self-cleaning.
Dark Blue: Lilac blue.
Dark Pink: Cherry blossom pink.
White: Snow white.

2.5 inch
Large, white flowers; semi-trailing habit.


1 gallon

Height: 8-12″   Spread: 6-14″

Large and fast-growing. Gardeners grow these plants for their ornamental foliage which lends to exotic and tropical aura to the landscape. Plants produce huge paddle-shaped leaves that grow to 2′ wide and to 6′ long. Cream to yellow flowers may appear in summer on mature plants followed by inedible green fruit. Simple to grow, give it plenty of water, fertilizer and sunlight. Great container accents!

Basjoo: Enjoy a beautiful accent of huge banana leaves into your garden design, no matter your garden location, thanks to this incredibly hardy ornamental.
Zerbina Rojo: Red-splashed leaves up to 10 feet long. The undersides of these large leaves are purple to red.


Assortment of Amethyst, Dolce Fresco, Lime and Spicy Globe.

Amethyst Improved:
Height: 16-20’
Almost black. Thick turned down leaves. The only purple Genovese type basil.

Dolce Fresco:
Height: 8-10”
Traditional sweet Italian-type basil grows 8-10” tall. Great for cooking, also has medicinal properties.

New Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil:
Height: 24-36”
Fast growing, tidy, well-branching columnar plant with delicious, robust flavor. Great for containers.

Height: 20-24”
Large ‘Genovese’ variety sweetly flavored. Great resistance to fusarium wilt.


Bull’s Blood:
58 days; Heirloom. Dual-purpose beet produces beautiful dark red purple foliage ready for harvest in 35 days. Very sweet red candy-striped roots.

Rainbow Mix:
55 days; A fun new mix of red, gold, white and pink. Stems and leaves are tasty in salads or steamed.

Touchstone Gold:
57 days; Sweet mellow flavor. Globe shaped with gold flesh.

Begonia, Fibrous

4 inch

Small clusters of flowers with bright yellow centers are held above large glossy leaves. Great for beds and in containers. Unique foliage accent.

Eureka Series:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 8-10”
Dark Leaf Pink: Light pink.
Green Leaf Scarlet: Bright red.
Green Leaf Mix: Red, pink, white.
Green Leaf Rose: Light Pink.
Green Leaf White: White.

Spring Plus Orange:
Height: 10-12″   Spread: 8-10″
Big colorful bright orange flowers over green foliage. Great for containers and bedding.

Begonia, Tuberous

Nonstop® Begonia:
4 inch
Height: 8-10”    Spread: 10-12” 
The  offers large double flowers that provide a visual showcase in low light areas. Large bright green leaves. Great in beds, containers, and baskets. One of the showiest shade flowers. Proven Winners Product.
Deep Red: Deep dark red.
Pink Soft pink.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Deep Salmon: Orangy-pink.
Mocca Cherry: Rosy-red with chocolate foliage.
Mocca Deep Orange: Orange with dark foliage.
Mocca Mix: A mix of colors with chocolate foliage.
Orange: Bright Orange.
Rose: Cherry red.
White: Clear white.

Baby Wing:
4 inch
Height: 18″   Spread: 15″
Luscious, shiny green leaves on upright stems. Perfect as a bedding plant, in containers and hanging baskets.
Pink: soft pink.

Dragon Wing™:
1 gallon
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 18-24”
Lovely green, angel wing leaves Ideal habit for the landscape, containers and awesome hanging baskets. Extremely heat tolerant. Very vigorous. Proven Winners Product.
Pink: Abundant bright pink flowers all summer.
Red: Covered in rosy-red blooms.


2.5 inch (just Golden) & 4 inch

Height: Varies   Spread: Varies with Variety

Blazin’ Glory: Single or semi- double orange and yellow bi colored flowers. Compact variety grows 12″ tall and wide.
Golden Empire:Bright golden yellow flowers. 13″ tall with a 20″ spread.
White Delight: White daisy-shaped flowers with a yellow center. Grows 14″ tall and wide.
Yellow Sunshine: Semi-double lemon yellow flowers on 16” long branches, brings a bouquet of sunshine in containers and in the landscape.
Golden: Masses of brilliant yellow flowers all season. Grows 12″ tall and 18″ wide. 2.5 inch only.


Broccoli should not be grown on the same piece of ground two years running.

48 days; This early, compact, heat-tolerant broccoli features medium-small green beads, a smooth dome and a round

Brussel Sprouts

Jade Cross E:
90 days; Dark green 1-2” sprouts cluster along sturdy spikes. Easy to remove from stalks. Great buttery flavor.


Copenhagen Market:
68 days; Heirloom. Good variety for home and garden. Solid heads are well-rounded and can reach 6 inches across and weigh 4-4 ½ pounds. The blue-green heads are tasty fresh or cooked. Good for making sauerkraut.

Late Flat Dutch:
100 days; Heirloom. Firm, flat solid 2-3 lb. heads. Excellent for sauerkraut.

Ruby Perfection:
85 days; Dark red-purple leaves for 3-4 lb. heads. Beautiful in the garden. Great color addition for salads.

50 days; Very early cabbage forms 2-3 lb. heads. Complement for early salad crops.

Cagey Tomatoes

Varieties include: Celebrity, Champion,Early Girl, La Roma, Sun Sugar, Super Fantastic and Sweet 100s.
Patio Ready tomatoes, custom-made tomato cage, fits snuggly in the pot.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

4 inch

Height: 6-10”   Spread: 12-16”

Calibrachoa is commonly known as “million bells” due to the hundreds of blooms it produces in a wide range of colors. The blooms are similar to the petunia, except they are not sticky and attract hummingbirds. Use in front of gardens, rock gardens, or in containers and baskets. Keep well fertilized for best performance.

Aloha Series:
Super easy care! These are prolific bloomers all summer long. Self-cleaning, no dead heading. Mounding trailing habit but with a tidy look. Early flower power and good heat tolerance.
Kona Cherry Cartwheel: Cherry pink with a yellow star.
Kona Mango: Bright orange.
Kona Neon: Dark burgundy.
Kona Pineapple: Golden yellow with a red center.
Kona True Blue Sky: Light lavender with a dark blue center and a yellow eye.
Kona White: Royal white with a greenish yellow eye.
Midnight Purple: Vivid midnight blue with a yellow eye.
Callie Pink Morn: Bright pink with a large yellow throat.
Can Can Series Orange: Pure orange.

Mini Famous Neo Series:
If you like Calibrachoa, then you’re going to love these calibrachoa plants! With all the beauty of normal Calibrachoa, these will excel in your hanging baskets and pots and containers. Two inch blooms coming up in the center all season long. (No flat-tops here!) It simply covers itself in flowers, and drops them neatly when they pass — no deadheading needed, ever! Expect it to trail 2 feet long (easily) and to bloom from late spring into fall. Once it gets going, heat won’t bother it, drought won’t stress it, and hummingbirds won’t leave it alone!
Double Blue: Amethyst.
Double Light Pink: Soft pink.
Double Lemon: Butter Yellow.
Double Deep Yellow: Bright lemon yellow.
Light Pink With Eye: Shell pink flowers with rose centers.
Double Vampire: Deep dark red.


Height: 20”/Spread: 18”
Compact, self-cleaning flowers, and re-blooming with large flowers makes this series a wonderful collection for the patio or garden.

Carmen: Dark red.
Cleo: Orange.
Emily: Yellow.
Isabel:  Pink.

Carex buchanaii ‘Red Rooster’

4 inch

Height: 18-24″   Spread: 18″

More intensely colored than other sedge grasses. This finely textured ornamental grass has densely tufted, bright reddish-bronze foliage slightly curled at the tips. Effective in borders, containers, rock gardens or around water gardens. Contrasts with virtually any other perennial.

Castor Bean

2 gallon

Height: 5-8’   Spread: 5′

Giant palm shaped red leaves up to 2 feet across! Provides a quick tropical-like shade. Dark seed pods covered with red soft spines.


**To keep cauliflower heads white on non-self-blanching, tie the leaves around the
heads when they first appear. Leaves of self-blanching varieties curl over developing heads without assistance.

Color Assortment:
60-75 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. A fun new pak, Cheddar; orange, Graffiti; bright purple, Veronica; spiraled, lime green head, Vitaverde; great tasting green head.

68-70 days; Large florets form 3-4 lb. Pure white heads. Easy to grow variety.

Snow Crown:
45 days; Tight florets form 2-3 lb. creamy white heads. Great with other vegetables. All-America Selection Winner. Produces dependably even under adverse conditions.


80 days; Early, very heavy yield. Extremely smooth, tender, sweet stalks.

Celosia (Cockscomb)

4 inch
Height: 24″   Spread 15-18″
One of the weirdest looking unusual shaped flowers. Eye catching crested cockscomb wine red flowers.

Dragon’s Breath:
1 gallon
Height: 24”   Spread: 15-18”
This variegated Cockscomb offers long lasting, feathery red-hot plumes above olive-green leaves edged in and shot with red accents.

4 inch
Height:  16”   Spread: 8”
Large brain type flowers in pink, purple, red and yellow. Great for that sunny spot on your patio or as an indoor potted plant.

Armor Mix:
1202 pak
Height:  16”   Spread: 8”
Large vivid unique crested blooms in orange, purple, yellow and red. A real heat lover.

Ice Cream Mix:
1202 pak
Height:  12”   Spread: 12”
Ice Cream won’t melt in the sun! large, tight flower heads in strong colors. Heat-tolerant, early, compact and well-branched plants are stunning in patio planters and gardens.

Kosmo Mixture:
4 inch
Height:  8”   Spread: 10”
Nice compact, bushy plants with fascinating, spiky flowers in bright colors. Easy to grow and excellent garden performance. Great addition to mixed planters for that WOW factor.


Zone 5  Height: 12”
Onion flavored grass-like leaves have bug repellent properties; believed to keep aphids away. Edible purple flowers.

Garlic Chives:
Zone 5  Height: 12”
Flat leaves with a garlic scent and flavor. Lightly fragrant white flowers.

Chrysanthemum (Buttons)

1204 pak

Height: 6-8”   Spread: 8-12”

Miniature daisy-like blooms with bright yellow centers. Compact plants are excellent in flowerbeds or as accents in containers.

Snowland: White petals.
Yellow Buttons: Yellow petals.

Cilantro/ Coriander

Height: 18”
Two herbs in one! The primary use for cilantro is the leaves. plants have broad medium green highly aromatic leaves used for salsa and oriental cooking. The edible seed is known as coriander. Coriander roots are often used fresh as a base flavor for Asian soups.

Cole Crop Assortment

50-100 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Includes Destiny Broccoli, Late Flat Dutch Cabbage, Stonehead Cabbage, and Self Blanche Cauliflower.


1204 pak

Height: 10-12”   Spread: 12-14”

Plants grown for foliage textures and colors. Dramatic color contrasts accent shady locations. Excellent in both beds and baskets.

Wizard Sunset: New. Muted tones of bronze and apricot. The leaves are serrated and trimmed delicately with a contrasting color.
Wizard Mix Heat shaped leaves. A mix of 12 varieties! Compact plants that never need pinching.

Coleus (Specialty Types)

4 inch

Height: Varies   Spread: Varies

A wide range of colors and textures. Great in a variety of situations from bedding to containers. Light shade may be beneficial in hot locations.

Chocolate Covered Cherry: Rose center surrounded by mahogany and a thin green margin.
Inferno: 28″ tall. Bright lime yellow with an irregular green line in the center. Very uniform and well branching.
Main Street Ruby Road: Deep red maroon centered with bright pink edged with green.
Wasabi: Neat sharp edges and a pungent chartreuse color. 36″ tall.
Mighty Mosaic:Bold colors in unique, mosaic patterns of reds, greens and yellows.
Pineapple Surprise:Iridescent tricolor leaves with chartreuse and burgundy hearts marbled with chocolate brown.
Wildfire Blaze: Lacy, fire-engine red leaves that are surrounded by a yellow edge.

Kong Series:
1 gallon
Height: 18-22”   Spread: 22-28”
Kong coleus is the king this season. Grows tall with a well-mounded, compact habit. Boasts huge leaves in bold coloration’s. Performs best in full shade. Exceptional mass planted in beds or use as a superb accent in containers.
Red: Rich red center, strong veining, and bright green edge.
Lime Sprite: Lime green with a rose interior.
Scarlet: Huge leaves that are dark red with veins trailing out to the chartreuse edges.


10” Round Color Bowls:
A container for all occasions, filled with a great mix of bright sunny/shade color.

Color Now Collections Confetti, Kwik, Mixmaster & Trixi Combos:
This unique collection is sure to create some excitement in your garden centers.
There is no need for your customers to remove the 3 gallon fiber biodegradable pot. Just drop them into a decorative patio container and they will have an instant splash of color for their decks or patios.

12” Geranium Terra Cotta

Calliope Dark Red: Semi-double, dark red.
Calliope Hot Pink: Double, rose-pink.
Calliope Lavender Rose: Double, lavender-pink.
Rocky Mountain Salmon: Orange-pink.
Rocky Mountain White: Pure white.

12” Signature Series
These planters make the perfect patio topper for any level of gardener. They are offered in a wide range of colors and textures that are guaranteed to be the envy of the neighborhood.

14” Magic Series
A premium version of the 12” Signatures Series, the Magic Series offers a more grandeur presence.

Custom Patio Containers
Custom plantings are any items that are planted to match specific customer requests; i.e. certain colors, certain plants or non-catalog items. Custom plantings are considered sold upon planting and will be shipped the week of the given ship date and billed out upon shipping.
A 25% deposit is required before product is planted.

Container Accents

Our Container Accent line has some of the best plants available for adding to baskets and containers. These plants have proven to be great sellers and are sure to create quick impulse sales. From sun to shade, bowls to baskets, this collection makes it easy for your customers.

Tiny white flowers and deep green leaves cover trailing vines. Prefers partial shade. Great for baskets and trailing over containers. Do not let Bacopa become dry or they will abort all their blooms

Bidens: Yellow Charm
Masses of brilliant yellow flowers all season.

Summer long bloomers that will fill a basket or container with simple delight. Compact narrow foliage along trailing stems that are covered with tiny flowers.
Pink: Large Pink flowers with a branched, compact growth habit and elegant trailing foliage.
Orange: Coral to orange flowers with a semi trailing habit.

Dichondra: Silver Falls
Rounded fan shaped silver-stemmed foliage with a cascading habit. Drought and heat tolerant. Perfect for baskets and containers. Airy, delicate look.

Dracaena: Spikes
Foliage that provides height and interest.

New Eucalyptus: Baby Blue
Grown primarily for its spectacular silver-gray foliage in cut or dry arrangements. Round leaves are very aromatic.

Evergreen, waxy, leathery ivy plants provide season long foliage accents for containers and baskets. May also be grown indoors

Needlepoint: Green pointed lobes with an elongated central lobe.

Ralf: Green, rounded leaf ivy that is a great foliage accent in containers and baskets.

Blue: Cascading stems with tons of blue fan flowers. Thrives in hot, full sun and will bloom from spring to late fall.

Verbena, Obsession Cascade Series:
Flower clusters appear along trailing stems. Lacey, glossy green foliage adds to the beauty of the container they are placed in.
Pink Shades: Dark pink center fading to soft pink edges.
Purple Shades w/Eye: Violet-purple with white center.
Red w/Eye: Ruby red with a white eye.
Scarlet: Dark solid red.

Vinca: Major Variegata and Maculata
The longest trailing plant we carry for containers. Cascading vines provide beautiful variegated foliage the entire season.

Cordyline (Spikes)

Red Sensation:
1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’   Spread: 3’
Dramatic show of long, dark red-purple sword-like leaves are the hallmark of this vigorous grower. Fabulous specimen for container centers or in the garden. Proven Winners Product.

Torbay Dazzler:
2 gallon
Height: 4’   Spread: 3’
Bright, multi-colored, narrow, sword-like leaves. Vibrant ribbons of green and creamy gold, reddish highlights near the center.

2.5 inch, 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 18-24”   Spread: 6-8”
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Dancing Can Can:
1 gallon
Height: 4′   Spread: 4′
Colorful weeping striped foliage emerges pink and red, maturing to cream and green. Mixed beds, borders, containers and as a houseplant.

Design-A-Line Burgundy:
1 gallon
Height: 3′   Spread: 3′
Cascading, rich burgundy, grass-like foliage. Ideal for containers.

Electric Star:
1 gallon
Height: 4′   Spread: 3′
Green and chocolate colored foliage forms an upright, arching clump.

Cortaderia selloana ‘Pampas Grass’

2 gallon

Height: 8’   Spread: 36″

AKA White Feather. Large, impressive grassy clumps, 8 to 10 feet high and wide, with beautiful silver to white feathery plumes in the fall.


Always a favorite because they are easy to grow as well as being a very colorful plant. Large, flat open flowers continue throughout the summer.

Apollo Series:
4 inch
Height: 26″    Spread: 24″
Old fashioned daisy-like flowers and tall stems that waft in the breeze. A cottage garden favorite.
Love Song: A delightful blend of pink picotee, white and pink.
Mix: A lovely mix of white, blush pink, and deep rose shades, on top of feathery foliage.

Purity in White:
4 inch
Height: 42”   Spread: 18”
Luscious silky pure white 6” flowers.

Comic Mix:
1204 pak
Height: 10″   Spread: 12″
These out-of-the-world cosmos will light up your beds, borders and containers. They produce loads of 2 inch double and semi-double bright, non-fading blooms in shades of orange, red and yellow.

Sensation Mix:

1 gallon
Height: 42”   Spread: 18”
Large single flowers, shades of crimson, pink, white float above feathery foliage.

Sonata Series:
1204 pak
Height: 24”   Spread: 15”
Large 4” open flowers attract butterflies all summer long on tall, upright stems with ferny foliage. Great as vertical accent.
Carmine: Magenta.
Pink Blush: Pink with a deep red blush at the end of each petal.
Mix: Carmine, pink, white.
White: White.

4 inch
Height: 29”   Spread: 16”
Early flowering, unique soft stunning yellow color with lighter edges. Ideally suited for containers, and also a true eye-catcher in the boarder.


(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Cucumbers are native to India and records indicate it may be one of the oldest cultivated vegetables.

New Armenian:
60 days; Heirloom. Heavily ribbed, light green with a mild, sweet taste. The fruit grows very long, and is best eaten when 12″ long and less than 2 1/2″ across. The fruit will grow straighter if grown on a trellis; on the ground, the fruit is often crooked.

Burpless 26 (Japanese):
60 days; Smooth dark green fruit are very thin skinned and tasty with no bitterness. Best if picked at 8” to 10”. Superior eating quality!

60 days; Firm dark green 8” fruit with a bush–type habit for small gardens or containers.

65 days; Heirloom. This is a tiny treasure. Small 1-1½” grape size cucumbers are shaped like baby watermelons. Great added to salads or can be pickled. They have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lemon.

Homemade Pickles:
55 days; Heirloom. Plants produce 5-6” fruit. Crisp texture and good flavor make this cucumber ideal for pickling. Burpless. Prolific producer.

65 days; Heirloom plants produce 3-4” lemon-sized yellow fruit. Great for adding color to salads. Wonderfully sweet flavor. White flesh is burpless and mild.

Tendergreen Burpless:
55 days; 7” long. High yield, sweet, tender, non-bitter and acid free! English variety, no peeling needed Resists mildew. Can be also be used for pickling if picked early.

Cypress Grass

Baby Tut: 4 inch
Height: 42″/Spread: 18″
Proven Winner Product. Add an exotic and tropical feel to your landscape. A smaller version of ‘King Tut’.

King Tut: 1 Gallon
Height: 72″/Spread: 36″
Proven Winners Product.  Umbrella shaped leaf bracts makes an exotic tropical centerpiece. Very Vigorous. This ornamental grass combines drama, grace, and humor and makes a spectacular container garden plant. It tolerates heart, wet feet and you never have to deadhead it.

Dahlia (Seed Varieties)

Large, small, single or double, dahlias can’t be beat for flower power! Continually blooming until the first hard frost.

Diablo: 4 inch
Height: 14”/Spread: 10-15”
Dark foliage and stunning double flowers is the attraction of this annual flower.

Fresco Mix: 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 10-12”
Full double blooms in brilliant hues of red, violet, yellow, rose & white.

Figaro Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Uniform height, habit and bloom time. Semi double to fully double blooms.
Mix: A bright mix of all colors.
Yellow Shades: Yellow to gold shades.
Red Shades: Red to rose shades.
Violet Shades: Medium to light violet shades.

Harlequin Mix: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Unusual semi double bicolor mix includes shades of rose, violet, yellow, orange, scarlet, and white with a contrasting collarette of inner petals.

Dahlia (Tuberous)

Hypnotica Series ®: 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 10-15”
Real eye catchers in the landscape or containers. Large 4” flowers on short stems that seldom need support. Heat tolerant and perfect for cutting.

Lavender: Purple
Rose Bicolor: Yellow center with pink and dark pink tips.
Orange: Deep orange.
White: Crisp white.
Red Velvet: Dark red.
Yellow: Lemon yellow.
Icarus: Bright gold, double flowers rimmed with flaming red-orange.
Red: Bright Red.
Pink: Bubblegum pink.
Dark Night: Deep burgundy.


Outstanding colors with great garden performance. They have a wonderful fragrance and are excellent to plant early in the spring with pansies.

Floral Lace Merlot Mix: 1202 pak
Height: 8-10″/Spread: 8″
Flowers are lacy with serrated petals. large, fragrant raspberry-pink and white flowers.

Telstar Series: 1202 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread 10-12”
Naturally compact with a great branching habit. Free flowering with vibrant fragrant blooms.
Crimson:  Dark red.
Purple: Mulberry.
Salmon: Pastel soft salmon.
Scarlet:  Bright vivid red.
White:  Pure white.

Dash Series: 1 gallon
Height: 15-20”/Spread 12-14”
Long, strong, straight stems hold bright, fragrant blooms.
Crimson:  Dark red with a lighter red center.
Magician: ‘Magical’ flowers that open white and mature to shades of pink and rose.
Violet: Hot pink edge with a red pink center.
White:  Pure white.


Morning Mist Series: 2.5 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread:  14-16”
Summer long bloomers that will fill a basket or container with simple delight. Compact narrow foliage along trailing stems that are covered with tiny flowers.
Dark Orange:  Vivid dark orange.
Rose:  Pretty pink with a rose eye.

Sundiascia Rose Pink: 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread:  14-16”
Masses of long flower spikes of rose-pink pea like flowers. A stunning display in borders or containers.


Emerald Falls: 4 inch
Height:  4-6”/Spread:  36”
Excellent texture in mixed combinations. Super soft deep green leaves are always neat and trim. Very vigorous and easy to grow. Heat and drought tolerant.

Silver Falls: 2.5 inch
Height:  1-2”/Spread:  3-4’
Rounded fan-shaped silver-stemmed foliage with a cascading habit. Drought and heat tolerant. Perfect for baskets, containers, or as a groundcover. Airy, delicate look.


Illumination Series: 2 gallon
Height:  36”/Spread:  24” 
Exotic looking, bushy, with magnificent 3’ tall bloom spikes of tubular, hooded flowers.
Apricot:  Bi-color orange to apricot.
Berry Canary:  Hot pink flowers with creamy yellow, burgundy speckled throats.


Height: 18”
Upright plants with airy flower heads. Freshly cut, chopped leaves enhance the flavor of dips, herb butter, soups, fish dishes, and salads. The seeds are used in pickling and can also improve the taste of roasts, stews and vegetables. Try grinding the seeds to use as a salt substitute. Both the flowering heads and seeds are used in flavored vinegars and oils.


Mezoo: 4 inch
Height:  6-8”/Spread:  18-20”
Succulent green leaves edged with white. Bright red button size flowers remain open during cloudy weather unlike other Livingstone daisies. Heat lover.

Dracaena (Spikes)

Spikes: 2.5 inch, 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height:  18-24”/Spread:  6-8” 
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Dusty Miller

Bedding plant that is sought after for its silver-gray foliage. Variety of leaf textures allow for a multitude of uses around the home and garden.  Good container accent.
Height:  6-8”/Spread:  8-12” 

Cirrus: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Silver/rounded lobed leaf.

New Look: 4 inch
This particular dusty miller has solid leaves instead of lacy ones.

Silverdust: 1204 pak
Silver/deeply lobed leaf.


Black Beauty:
80 days; Compact plants produce large dark purple 5×6” fruit. Excellent for baking and stuffing.

New Oriental Express:
58 days; Early bearing plants produce long slender purple 10” fruit.

60 days; Mild, non-bitter flavor white 30” fruit. Early and very vigorous.


2.5 inch
Height:  36”/Spread:  16” 
Lovely, round, silver leaf. These stems work well in any arrangement and can be used both fresh and dried. Add this great filler to your flower garden and containers.

Euphorbia (Milkweed)

‘Gloria’: 4 inch
Height:  14-20”/Spread:  20” 
Great filler plant with profusion of dainty, white bracts against bright green foliage. Mounding habit.


Height: 36”
Tall, upright airy leaves reach 60”. Fennel leaves are used in French and Italian cuisine in sauces for fish, and in mayonnaise. In Italy, fennel is also used to season pork roasts and spicy sausages. It is traditionally considered one of the best herbs for fish dishes. The English use fennel seeds in almost all fish dishes.

Flat of Pony Packs

Most Fuchsias bloom from spring to first frost bearing hanging lantern like tubular flowers loved by hummingbirds. Arching woody stems with dark green leaves.

Trailing: 4 inch
Height:  10”/Spread:  20”
Dark Eyes:  Deep crimson sepals and tube with deep violet petals.
Miss California:  Big single flowers with light pink sepals and a white corolla with pink veins.
Swingtime:  Large double white frilled skirts that contrast beautifully with bold red sepals.

Firecracker: 1 gallon
Height: 24-30″/Spread: 20-30″
Clusters of long, tubular flowers, bright salmon-orange with pink-orange interiors. Foliage is green and white variegated with rosy veins and undersides.

Gartenmeister: 1 gallon
Height:  36”/Spread:  36”
Sometimes called honeysuckle fuchsia because its long, tubular orange-red flowers resemble honeysuckle flowers. Attractive green-bronze foliage with purple red undersides.


Chesnok Red:
A gourmet delight. A purple stripe hard neck variety. One of the best cooking garlics. Highly flavorful, it has won best-baking-garlic taste tests conducted by Rodale, Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart, and others. It holds its shape and retains flavor well when cooked. Large, easy-to-peel cloves.
Harvest when several of the lower leaves go brown, but five or six up top are still green.
1 QT Veg.


Baby Butterfly Dark Pink : 4 inch
Height:  10”/Spread:  16”
A real eye catcher! Very compact with dark pink butterfly shaped flowers. Excellent for containers and garden beds.


Large daisy-like flowers open in bright sunlight and close in the evening. Bright blossoms cover dark green, glossy foliage. Excellent in warm, dry locations.

Kiss Series: 1202 pak
Height:  8-10”/Spread:  12-14” 
Excellent uniformity in plant habit. Flower stems are short, 3-4”, and hold blooms immediately above the leaves.
Frosty Flame Mix: Frosted silver foliage with a bold mix of striped flowers.
Golden Flame: Warm golden-yellow with mahogany center stripe.
Golden Yellow: Deep gold.
Orange: True orange.

New Day®: 1202 pak
Height:  8-10”/Spread:  6-8” 
Red Shades:  Powerful shades of red.
Strawberry Shortcake Mix: A merry blend of bicolors, stripes and picoteed.

Geranium (Interspecific)

Well know for its flowers, this is one of America’s best-selling garden plants. Sought after for its vivid color all summer long. Complements any garden or container.

Geranium (Interspecific) 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 18-20” 
A cross between a zonal geranium and an ivy geranium, representing the best of both.
Caliente Coral: Hot coral.
Calliope Dark Red: Deep dark red.
Calliope Dark Pink: Hot pink.
Calliope Lavender Rose: Dark violet.
Calliope Mega Rose Splash: Pink with a rose starburst.
Calliope Pink Flame: Light pink with a dark pink center.


Geranium (Scented)

New Citronella:
Height: 10-12”  Spread: 18-24”
Deeply lobed, lacy leaves, and the eye-catching pink and magenta flowers. The leaves exude a delicious, sharp citrus scent when bruised.

Geranium (Scented)

Geranium (Scented)
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 18-24”
New Citronella: Deeply lobed, lacy leaves, and the eye-catching pink and magenta flowers. The leaves exude a delicious, sharp citrus scent when bruised.

Geranium (Zonal)

Height: 12-14”/Spread: 12-14”
Americana Coral: The best, true coral.
Americana Dark Red: True dark red.
Americana Dark Salmon: Orangy-pink.
Americana Pink: Medium pink with a white eye.
Americana Red:
Bright red.
Americana Rose Ice:
Rosy pink fading to a light pink center.
Americana Salmon:
Salmon with shades of pink.
Americana Violet Ice:
Bright violet with a touch of white at the center.
Americana White: Pure white.
Dynamo Orange:
Vibrant orange.
Fantasia Cranberry Sizzle:
Hot pink with cherry red at the base of each petal.
Fantasia Dark Red: Dark red.
Fantasia Pink Flare:
Soft pink with a darker pink center.
Fantasia Purple Sizzle:
Violet-purple with red blotches at the base of each petal.
Fantasia Shocking Pink:
Medium dark pink.
Fantasia Strawberry Sizzle:
Hot cherry bi color.
New Galaxy Watermelon: Unique watermelon pink color.

Rocky Mountain Series:
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 12-14”
It’s the brute of geraniums. Outstanding for landscaping. Large colorful blooms in a wide range of colors are very showy in beds or containers
Dark Red: Deep dark red.
Deep Rose: Hot pink.
Light Pink: Dark pink center w/ white eye.
Magenta: Cherry red.
Orange: Deep dark orange.
Pink: Medium pink w/ white eye.
Red: Deep velvety red.
Salmon: Orange-pink.
Violet: Deep pink-purple.
White: Pure white.


Height: 10-12”/Spread: 15” Spring-Summer
Bold, beautiful daisy that cannot help but make everyone smile. Dazzling in pots and stunning as a cut flower.
Majorette Mix: This series contains a spectacular array of colors. They are great for cutting and enjoying indoors. The carnival of color just keeps coming all summer long.

Gomphocarpus (Hairy Balls)

Height: 6’/Spread: 36”
Delicate clusters of white and pink waxy slightly scented flowers are followed by pale green, 3 inch spheres covered with soft spines. When mature the pods become yellow, often turning red or brown. Cut long stems to use in fresh or dried
arrangements. This plant is highly utilized by Monarch butterflies for egg laying.


Gnome Mix:
Height 8”/ Spread 14”
Ideal for hot and dry conditions. Extra dwarf compact plants. Globe shaped flowers in shades of purple, pink and white are a nice compliment to mixed containers, borders or edging.

Gomphrena Ping Pong Mix:
Height 18-20”/ Spread 18-20”
Cotton ball blossoms in shades of deep amethyst purple, pastel lavender and pure white. Add pops of color to mixed borders and containers. Fantastic cut flower and great for cutting

Gourd (Ornamental)

Luffa Sponge:
A very vigorous vine. Excellent to exfoliate your skin, wash dishes, or clean your car windows! The vine is very
ornamental, producing clusters of yellow blossoms. The fruit grow to about 2’, and ripen to dark green in late summer. For sponge harvest they should be left on the vine until the skin begins to shrivel. Scrub the skin away, revealing the porous tan colored matter inside. They will be full of seeds; cut the gourd to desired size and shake out the seeds. They’re ready to use!

Hanging Basket
Hedera (Ivy)

Evergreen, waxy, leathery Ivy plants provide season long foliage accents for containers and baskets. May also be grown indoors.

Height 8”/ Spread 14”
Green pointed lobes with an elongated central lobe.
Height 12”/ Spread 24”
Green, rounded leaf ivy that is a great foliage accent in containers and baskets.

Helianthus (Sun Flower)

Height: 20”/Spread: 12”
Sun Buzz: Bright yellow 4” flowers with a brown center, with a fast flush of secondary flowers. These pollen-free plants do not aggravate allergies and there is no messy pollen to drop. Ideal for pots, containers, and the front of the border.

Helichrysum (Licorice Plant)

These unique plants add unusual textures and colors to baskets and containers. Great spreading habit. Love full sun.

Height 16”/ Spread 18”
Clump forming and covered with long, elegant, narrow powdery silver foliage.
Licorice Splash:
Height 12”/ Spread 8”
Delightful gray green leaves with creamy variegation.
Silver Large Leaf:
Height 12”/ Spread 24”
A trailing mass of round silver gray foliage.
Silver Mini Leaf:
Height 12”/ Spread 14”
A mini version of large leaf.


Height 16”/Spread 12-14”
Marine: Large, lavender blue flower clusters are held above dark green foliage. The wonderfully fragrant blossoms attract butterflies. Great when mass planted. They can take full sun in cooler climates, but need shade in hot areas.

Herb Assorted Varieties

Perennial Assortment: For the chef who loves cooking with herbs. This pak includes Oregano, Peppermint, Curly Parsley and Garden Sage.


Height: 18-24”/Spread: 18-24”
Little Zin: Features foliage similar to Japanese maples. Upright habit with eye-catching deep burgundy foliage. Perfect for containers and mass plantings.


New Nugget:
Zone 3  Height: Indefinite
Floral, resiny aroma and flavor. Primarily a bittering hop.

New Willamette:
Zone 3
Fruity and has some floral notes. Used in British and American ales.


The standard for shady locations. Bright and cheerful flowers that brighten up dark and shady parts of your yard. Also makes an excellent houseplant.
Super Elfin Series:
Height 10”/ Spread 14”
Bright Orange: Hot orange.
New Cha Cha Mix: Ruby, Salmon Blush, Scarlet and White.
New Coral: Coral-pink.
Hot Mix: Punch, Scarlet, Violet and Red. Ouch!
Lipstick: Hot Fuchsia.
White: White.
Outpatient: A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Blue Pearl, Bright Orange, and Punch.

Xtreme Series:
Height 10”/ Spread 10”
Bright Rose: Hot pink.
Pink: Medium pink.
Red: Bright red.
Salmon: Orange-salmon.
Tango Mix: Deep salmon, red, rose, scarlet and violet.
Utopia Mix: Lavender, rose, salmon, violet.
Violet: Purple.
: Pure white.

Impatiens Dbl. Rosebud

Showy double rosebud-like flowers cluster over bright green foliage. It is the only compact double impatiens on the market, vigorous and free-flowering bloomer.  Great specimen for gardens and containers.
Fiesta Bonita Series:
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12”
Cherry: Cherry red.
Pink: Cherry blossom pink.

Impatiens New Guinea

Super Sonic Series:
Height:  10-12”/Spread:  10-12”
Deep Salmon:  Salmon with red foliage.
Flame:  Dark orange with green foliage.
Lilac: Bright lavender on dark green foliage
Pastel Pink: Light pink with dark green foliage.

Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine)

Plants consist of heart-shaped to lobed leaves on vigorous growing, trailing vines.  Great for baskets and containers. A standout for texture accents. True heat lovers.
Blackie: Stunning dark purple, almost black cascading foliage.
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 24”
New Bright Ideas Rusty Red: Red-purple to red-bronze heart shaped leaves
Height: 12”/Spread: 24”
Margarita: Bright chartreuse, velvety, fan shaped leaves. Very vigorous.
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 24”
Sidekick Heart Lime: Bright chartreuse heart shaped leaves. Heat and drought tolerant. Perfect for containers or as a groundcover.
Height: 14”/Spread: 16”
New Solar Tower: The first ever self-climbing ipomoea! Ideal for use with a trellis, as a topiary or on a vertical wall planting.
Height: 48”/Spread: 84”
Black: Heart shaped dark leaves.
Lime: Lime green heart shaped leaves.


Grown for their colorful lance-shaped to lobed leaves.  Use as foliage accent for light shade containers.

Ideally suited to sun/partial shade conditions.
Blazin’ Series:
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 12-16”
Blazin’ Lime: Lime and cream variegation with vibrant rose stems. More chartreuse in higher light conditions.
Blazin’ Rose: Unbelievable shades of bright rose, pink, and green.

Isolepis Fiber Optic Grass

Height: 8-10”    Spread: 10”
Decorative grass that grows well near water. Produces silvery flower heads on the ends of its stems, making it appear like a tuft of fiber optic threads that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves.


‘Big Twister’: 

                              Zone 5                                   Height: 18-24”/Spread: 24”               Bloom Time:  Foliage Accent

Large, spiraling foliage, resembling giant corkscrews twisting and turning creating a dramatic effect. Prefers very moist to wet soil in full sun to part shade.

1-Gal-C    7-28329-44000-9

‘Blue Arrows’:

                             Zone 4                                    Height: 24-36”/Spread: 36”               Bloom Time:  Foliage Accent

Attractive grassy leaves emerge lime green in spring, turning bluish-green in color throughout the season. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. Soft color and beautiful, upright form make it irresistible in container combos and annual beds.

1-Gal-C    7-28329-44000-9


Decorative grass that grows well near water. Produces silvery flower heads on the ends of its stems, making it appear like a tuft of fiber optic threads that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves.

Flowering Kale:
Height: 10”   Spread: 12”
Foliage Accent Chidori Red: Dark pink with fringed leaf.
Color Up Mix: A mix of all colors.
Color Up Pink: Pink center surrounded by green.
Color Up Purple: Purple surrounded by green.
Color Up White: White center surrounded by green.

New Glamour Red:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12”
Frilly, rosy-red inner leaves are surrounded by dark green leaves.

Height: 24”   Spread: 24”
Edible, but beautiful in the garden. Very deep red-purple, frilly leaves. Color and curling are enhanced by cold weather.

Peacock Series:
Height: 6”   Spread: 12”
Peacock Red: Feathery foliage, red center surrounded by purple.
PeacockWhite: White center surrounded by green feather leaf.

New Pigeon Victoria:
Height: 12”   Spread: 12”
Variegated green and white outer leaves with a pale pink center. Colorful, easy plants last well into winter.

Kale (Ornamental)

Kale Assortment:
60-75 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Darkibor; Finley curled green leaves, Dinosaur; dark blue strap leaf, Scarletbor; purple, curly leaves, Snowbor; very curled blue-green leaves.

Baby, 28 days. 55 days; Very deep red-purple, frilly leaves. Color and curling are enhanced by cold weather. Beautiful as an ornamental.

Red Russian:
40 days; Heirloom Unusual and beautiful variety that grows 2 feet tall. Leaves are bitter-free, very tender, intersected by purple-pink veins, lightly tinged with purple on the margins.

White Russian:
50 days; Here it is, the cold-hardiest, most moisture-tolerant kale ever grown! Tender-sweet flavored gourmet baby greens (ready in just 3 weeks from transplanting!) or full-sized leaves. Super-garden worthy variety!

Kale Flowering (4")

55 days; Coloration of the purple types is superficial: the edible parts are all pale yellow. The leafy greens can also be eaten. Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. The bulb-like stem is similar to a turnip in flavor and is naturally sweet and can be eaten raw, steamed or shredded into soups and salads.

60 days; Kohlrabi is crisp and sweet tasting and excellent used in salads or stir-fry.


Hare Tails or Bunny Tails’:
Height: 8”   Spread: 10-12”
Add a little whimsy to your garden or containers! In early summer it is topped with puffballs that look like furry cotton tails of rabbits. They are soft, fluffy and irresistible to touch. In the fall the bunny tails turn to a rich tan and dry on the plant. Awesome for dried arrangements. Extremely drought tolerant.


2020 Annual of the Year!

If you have a hot, baked spot, Lantana is your answer! Free flowering with vibrant blooms. Great for containers, landscapes, great as an indoor plant if you have a nice sunny window.

Bandana Series:
Height: 24-26”   Spread: 24”
Cherry: Large flower clusters open to a sunny yellow and fade to a cherry pink.
Lemon Zest: Lemon-yellow to creamy yellow to white.
Orange: Soft pumpkin orange fading to apricot to light pink with an orange eye.

New Hot Blooded:
Height: 15-18”   Spread: 18-20”
Masses of 2” clusters with a glowing color spectrum of deep-red through orange to bright-yellow.

Landmark Series:
Height: 20”  Spread: 24”
New Citrus: Large mounds covered in bi colored peachy apricot and lemon blooms.
New Rose Sunshine: Brightly colored dark rose-pink and yellow blossoms
New White: Pure white flowers with a glow of yellow in the middle.


Spanish lavenders bloom from spring to summer. Blocky heads produce showy top bracts that look like rabbit ears or wings. Flowers have a piney lavender scent.

LaVela Series:
Height: 13-15”   Spread: 10-12”
Dark Pink: Pink flower spikes hold waving mauve petals on the top.
Dark Violet: Dark violet with lavender wings.

Lavandula (English)

2020 Perennial of the Year
Lavender is part of the mint family; the needles, leaves, and flowers of which contain scented oil glands. To keep plants compact, prune soon after flowering. Little to no fertilization required. Very drought tolerant.

‘Big Time Blue’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 30”
Not only does this new variety bloom much earlier than it’s relatives, but these blooms are also some of the largest. Aromatic, silvery green foliage contrasts beautifully with its purple-blue fragrant flowers.

Elagance Deep Purple’:
Zone 5  Height: 12”  Spread: 10”
A violet-blue variety. Gray-green scented foliage is a welcome addition to the perennial border.

New ‘Hidcote Blue’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 24-36”
Compact heads of deep violet-blue flowers. Perfect for the herb garden, borders or tucked into a rock garden.

Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 18-20”
Rich lavender flower spikes fill the air with their sweet, intoxicating fragrance all summer long. Though this cultivar was introduced to the trade in 1916, it remains one of the most popular today. Its compact habit and relatively short stature makes it a good choice for edging. This is often said to be the hardiest variety of all Lavender.

Zone 5  Height: 26-30”  Spread:32-36”
This cold hardy lavender does not die back in the winter, it is one of the toughest there is. Sweet fragrant mounds of silver foliage and intoxicating purple-blue flower spikes. Perfect for fresh or dried arrangements. Noted for its disease resistance and heat tolerance.

Lavandula (Spanish)

On top of each flowering stem are large, showy upright bracts that resemble rabbit ears. Pleasing fragrance and eye-catching blooms. English lavenders are preferred in the kitchen.

LaVela Series:
Height: 13-15”  Spread: 10-12”
Dark Pink: Pink flower spikes hold waving mauve petals on the top.
Dark Violet: Dark violet with lavender wings.

Lemon Balm

Zone 4  Height: 30-36”  Spread: 20-24”
Citrus scented, crinkled, dull-green leaves with white blossoms. It is a vigorous plant and the foliage is often used as a flavoring in ice cream, both hot and iced herbal teas, fruit dishes and candies, wonderful in salads, or as a garnish.


Assorted Varieties:
40-60 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Mixed varieties of the best gourmet leaf lettuce. Great for any garden. Assortment includes Green Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl, Romaine and Galactic.

Simply Assorted Blends:

Alfresco Mix
Red and green leaf lettuces with arugula, endive, and radicchio give a true Mediterranean flavor and look.

City Garden Mix
Traditional Mix of red and green leaf lettuces.

Global Gourmet Mix
Red and green leaf lettuces and Asian greens make a mix of Asian flavors great in salads or stir-fry.
10” Bowl


This traditional bedding plant looks good whether it is grown by itself or planted in combination with other annuals.
Does well in full sun, but does not like it too hot, part shade is recommended. Lobelia will not recover if allowed to dry out.


Regatta Series
Height: 4-8”   Spread: 10-18”
Regatta Mixed: Violet, blue, white.
Regatta Sapphire: Deep blue/white eye.
Regatta Sky Blue: Light blue.
Regatta White: Pure white.


Crystal Palace:
Height: 6”   Spread: 8”
Deep blue with bronze foliage.

Riviera Series:
Height: 6”   Spread: 8”
Riviera Midnight Blue: Dark blue with bronze foliage.
Riviera Sky Blue: Light blue.

Lobelia (Specialty)

This lobelia has an immense flush of color throughout the growing season. Long trailing plants are superior for containers and hanging baskets. Excellent alone or mixed with other annuals. Lobelia will not recover if allowed to dry out.

Specialty Lobelia:
Height: 4-8”   Spread: 10-18”
Blue Star: Dark blue.
Purple Star: Lilac.
Techno Heat Light Blue: Soft blue with a white throat.
White Star: White.


Plants are vigorous and sterile. Because it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Great heat
tolerance. Sweet honey fragrance.

Stream Series:
Height: 8”   Spread: 8-12”
Deep Lavender Stream: Lavender purple.
Lavender Stream: Pretty lavender.
Purple Stream: Dark purple.
Silver Stream: Pure white.

Lobularia Stream Series

4 inch

Height: 8-12”   Spread: 8-12”

Plants are vigorous and sterile. Because it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Great heat tolerance. Sweet honey fragrance.

Lavender Stream: Pretty lavender.
Deep Lavender Stream: Dark Purple.
Silver Stream: Pure white.


japonica ‘Hall’s’:
Zone 2  Height: 20’
Vines have deep green leaves and open to spider-like white flowers that age to yellow. Very fragrant and hardy. Makes a wonderful screening plant.

Zone 4  Height: 10-15’
Large, non-fragrant, narrow, trumpet-shaped flowers are scarlet to orangish red on the outside and yellowish inside. Flowers appear in late spring at stem ends in whorled clusters. They are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies Inedible red berries form in late summer to early fall and can be ornamentally attractive. The small red berries are attractive to birds.

sempervirens ‘Major Wheeler’:
Zone 4  Height: 10’
A blanket of tubular, reddish orange flowers all summer and into fall. The hummingbirds will find it from miles around.


Height: 4-6”   Spread: 36-40”
New Sunburst: Glossy dark green foliage with bold red veining and stems. Saturated sunshine yellow buds with flame red markings. Forms a dense mat in the garden. Ideal for baskets and containers.

Marigold (African Type)

African Marigolds produce large, pom-pom type flowers that provide an unusual and vibrant addition to any landscape.

New Big Duck Series:
Height: 16”   Spread: 12”
Full double, large 4” flowers are well-supported on sturdy, compact, uniformly even plants that consistently produce more flowers for a longer period. Great heat and disease tolerance.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Orange: Deep orange.

Diamond Jubilee:
Height: 30”   Spread: 15”
Tall with large yellow flowers. Sturdy and weather resistant.

Inca Series:
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 10”
This marigold produces enormous double flowers that bloom early and continue all summer until frost.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Orange: Deep orange.

Lady Series:
Height: 20”   Spread: 10”
Big 3-4 inch full double blooms on sturdy stems.
First Lady: Clear yellow.
Mix: Includes shades of yellow, gold, orange and primrose.
Orange Lady: Bright orange.

Marvel Series:
Height: 18”   Spread: 10”
Mid height with tight 4” heads.
Orange: Bright orange.
Yellow: Large yellow.

Height: 16”   Spread: 10”
Unique fully double creamy white 3” flowers. The flower heads centers stay tight so they shed water and will not turn brown in the center.

Marigold (French Type)

French Marigolds typically produce bright colored, 1” single to semi-double flowers throughout the growing season.

Alumia Vanilla Cream:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 10-14”
Beautiful large, soft butter-yellow blooms with strong stems.

Bonanza Series:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 6-8”
Compact with early double crested blooms.
Deep Orange: Deep orange.
Mix: All colors of series.
Yellow: Yellow.

Disco Yellow:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 6-8”
Compact with large golden yellow single flowers. Good weather tolerance, free flowering.

Durango Series:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 6-8”
Extra-large, 2 to 2.5 inch anemone-type flowers. Bushy vigorous plants with strong stems.
Bee: Mahogany red edged with yellow.
Bolero: Golden yellow flowers tipped with red.
Flame: Deep red edged with orange.
Outback Mix: Semi double flowers in a mix of bolero, red, orange and yellow.
Red: Solid russet red.
Yellow: Sunny bright yellow.

Lemon Gem:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 10-12”
Small bright yellow plentiful flowers cover delicate lacy foliage. These fragrant marigolds add intense color interest.

Height: 10-12”   Spread: 6-8”
2½” multi color blooms on the same plant! Flowers open red, then turn to a fiery bronze, and dark gold as they age.

Safari Series:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 6-8”
Early flowering with large single blooms.
Mix: A formula mix of many colors.
Red: Crimson.
Tangerine: Bright orange.
Yellow: Pure yellow.

Strawberry Blond:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 6-8”
Flowers open deep pink with a yellow crest, then turn rustic yellow as they age. Plants produce large 2 1/2” blooms.


Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 12”
One of the ‘must have’ herbs in any culinary garden. Adds zest to soups, stews and salads sauces and meat dishes. Often confused with oregano, marjoram is sweeter and milder. Medicinal properties.


(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
** Melons are ready to harvest when you lift the fruit and twist; it will ‘slip’ from the vine if ripe.

Ball 2076 Cantaloupe:
84 days; Ball seed said good-bye to Ball 1776 cantaloupe and welcomed this new variety. Ball 2076 continues to boast a very sweet flavor and is more disease resistant.

Hales Best Cantaloupe:
82 days; Heirloom. Produces solid 4+ lb. fruits. Deep salmon flesh. Wonderful flavor.

Snowmass Honeydew:
80 days; Very sweet light green flesh. Vigorous vines set an abundance of smooth skinned mid-sized fruit.


There are several varieties of mint. They can spread very quickly and some people prefer to keep them confined in
containers. The leaves are used for flavoring, mint sauce and drinks.

New Assorted (P):
Zones 3-5
Fun new assortments. Apple, Chocolate, Orange, and Strawberry.

Apple (P):
Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Light green, fuzzy leaves. Sweet apple scent and flavor. Excellent addition to fruit salads or beverages. Apple mint grows well in containers.

Chocolate (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
MMmm – Junior Mints! Bronzy peppermint-like foliage combines the fragrance of peppermint and chocolate. Pink flowers in summer. Reaches 16” and spreads 24”.

Mojito Mint (A):
Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Genuinely Cuban, used to flavor the cocktails for which is named. The leaves may be used fresh or dried in all kinds of drinks or dishes. Very aggressive.

Peppermint (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 24”
Traditional mint plant reaches 12-36”. Great for flavoring foods and beverages. Medicinal properties.

Spearmint (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Leaves have strong spearmint fragrance. Great for all-around flavoring, one of the best mints for cooking, especially with lamb, vegetables, sauces or in a tall Mint Julep.

Strawberry (P):
Zone 4 Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Refreshing! Not the least bit minty. Deeply textured dark green leaves have a robust strawberry smell, fragrance and flavor. Refreshing in teas or chopped into fruit salads. Small lilac flowers are also edible.


New Jade Princess:
Height: 27”/Spread: 18-24”
Striking, intense chartreuse foliage with 8-10” brown flower plumes.

Purple Baron:
Height: 36”/Spread: 14”
Compact yet very robust. Large, thick flower spikes. Bronze purple foliage is an ideal choice for mixed containers.

Mint (4")
Mint-Exotics (4")
Mirabilis (Four O'Clocks)

Height: 24”   Spread: 24”
Tea Time Mix: A wonderful mix of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers that open in the afternoon in colors of red, rose, yellow, and white.

Morning Glory

Planted with a 3’ hoop trellis

Flying Saucers:
Height: 10-15”   Spread: 8-10’
Huge 5” blooms are sky blue and white in pinwheel stripes or flecks. Every flower is

Grandpa Ott’s:
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10’
A profusion of deep purple flowers with a red star and a glowing pearly red throat.

Heavenly Blue:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 6-8’
This series stays more compact and plants stay more controlled with less vining than standard varieties. Each sky-blue flower reaches 3 to 4” across, with a small white rim and white throat. Creamy white and green leaves add even more interest when not in bloom. Perfect for summer baskets and mixed containers.

Scarlet O’Hare:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 8-10’
Velvety scarlet red blooms are a full 4 inches across. Opening in the morning and tightly closed again by late afternoon. Very vigorous and fast growing.

Moss Easter Starter Pack
Moss Starter Pack


Broccoli 4 pak Destiny
Brussel Sprouts 4 pak Jade Cross
Cabbage 4 pak Ruby, Stonehead, Copenhagen, Late Flat Dutch
Cauliflower 4 pak Snow Crown, Self Blanche
Garlic 1 qt Chenock Red
Kohlrabi 4 pak White, Purple
Lettuce Lg 4 pak Mix
Onion 2 pak red, white sweet, candy, walla walla
Strawberry 2 pak Sequioa, fort laramie, ozark beauty, quinault
Swiss Chard 4 pak Bright lights
Beets 4 pak Rainbow, Bull’s Blood, Touchstone gold
Kale 4 inch red russian, white russian, redbore
Arugula 4 pak Arugula

Height: 6”   Spread: 18-24”
Wire vine has tiny round leaves that create a halo effect alone, or in a mixed basket or container with other plants. Can be wintered indoors.


Height: 6”   Spread: 18-24”
Wire vine has tiny round leaves that create a halo effect alone, or in a mixed basket or container with other plants. Can be wintered indoors.

Alaska Mix:
Height: 12”   Spread: 16”
Bright colors/ marbled leaf.

Empress of India:
Height: 12”   Spread: 10”
Red/purplish-green leaf.

Gleam Mix:
Height: 12”   Spread: 72”
Red, yellow/trailing.

Kaleidoscope Mix:
Height: 14”   Spread: 14”
Bright swirled and solid colors.

Whirlybird Cherry Rose:
Height: 18”   Spread: 12”
Large spur less single upward facing flowers.


Babycakes Series:
Height: 8-12”   Spread: 8-10”
Heavy blooming, compact and well-branched plants in vibrant colors. The tidy well-rounded habit makes Babycakes an ideal choice for use in mixed containers or in garden beds
Banana: Yellow with an orange throat and a purple eye.
Coconut: White with a yellow throat and a purple eye.

Nepeta (Catmint)

New ‘Cat’s Pajamas’:
Zone 3  Height: 14-18”  Spread: 18-20”
Indigo blue flowers are produced all the way from the soil to the tips, providing an intense splash of color when it’s in bloom. Rosy purple calyxes extend the color when the blooms are past peak. Beautiful.

faassenni ‘Purrsian Blue’:
Zone 3  Height: 14-18”  Spread: 18-30”
The Purrfect size! The tidy, naturally rounded habit usually doubles its width in the second year. Dark purple calyxes surround the periwinkle blue flowers rising from the foliage.

faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’:
Zone 3  Height: 36”  Spread: 18”
Crinkly, aromatic gray-green foliage gives way to an abundance of lavender-blue flowers. Hummingbirds and butterflies love the sweet nectar. This plant can really take the heat.


Zone 3
Height: 10”/Spread: 24”                    


3 inch lemon yellow, crepe paper blossoms that shimmer cheerfully in the sun, and at night emit a lovely fragrance. The foliage is lacy, with very narrow, silvery green leaves.



Clemson Spineless:
55 days; Dark green, straight, pointed, spineless pods reaching 6-9” (harvest at 3”), vitamin rich.


Candy F1:
85 days; Adaptable everywhere. Huge, sweet and mild with white flesh. Stores well.

95 days; 2-3” bulbs form under tall green blades. Grows vigorously. Zesty pleasant crunch and flavor as well as great color for salads and sandwich toppings.

95 days; Quick to mature and easy to divide. The bulbs are large and round with brown skin and pure white flesh. Flavor is very, very pungent. Bulbs divide dramatically. If cured, the bulbs can be stored.

Walla Walla Sweet:
110 days; Legendary onion noted for its mildness. Large 3-4” bulbs have exceptionally sweet flavor. Great for eating and cooking.

White Sweet Spanish:
110 days for bulbs or 6-8” tall for green onions. Large globe shaped bulbs. White skin and flesh, mild flavor and easy to peel!


Oregano is often known as “the pizza herb” because it seems to be the main flavoring ingredient in many commercial pizza sauces. It has many other culinary uses, especially in Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine. It is often paired with basil in pasta and tomato dishes. Give oregano lots of room to grow, full sun, good drainage, moderately fertile soil and be rewarded with an abundance of wonderful foliage and flavor.

Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 12-18”
Plants have small, round aromatic leaves with tiny white flowers appearing late July. Use for medicinal purposes in the herbal bath for aching muscles and joints.

Hot and Spicy:
Zone 5  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
Rich green rounded foliage boasts an intense strong flavor, as the name indicates, this one is hot and spicy. Use sparingly at first.

Oregano (4")

Zone 5
Height: 12”/Spread: 18”

Kent  Beauty:

Cascading ornamental oregano truly a spectacular flowering plant that will generate lots of admiring comments from visitors to your garden. By midsummer, the wiry stems hold hundreds of pendulous paper lantern-like bracts, each adorned with small rose-pink flowers. Use on the edges in raised beds or berms where it will show to best advantage. Not for culinary purposes.


Ornamental Grasses (Annual)

Grasses can be used in many ways for landscape design and are very popular landscape specimens. Ornamental grasses combine well with almost any kind of plant. Several types provide dramatic and lasting interest throughout the winter months, whether they are valued for their flowery plumes, spikes or seed heads. They also catch the wind, adding movement and sound to the landscape.

Carex Kair-ex 
buchanaii ‘Red Rooster’ (Leatherleaf Sedge):
Height: 24”/Spread: 24”
More intensely colored than other sedge grasses. This finely textured ornamental grass has densely tufted, bright reddish-bronze foliage slightly curled at the tips. Effective in borders, containers, rock gardens or around water gardens.

Cortaderia kor-tah-DAIR-ee-ah
selloana ‘Pampas Grass’:
Height: 8′  Spread 36” Fall
Large grassy clumps with beautiful white plumes in the fall.

New Cypress SYE-purr-us

Baby Tut:
Height: 72”  Spread: 36”
Add an exotic and tropical feel to your landscape. A smaller version of ‘King Tut’.

King Tut:
Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Umbrella shaped leaf bracts makes an exotic tropical centerpiece. Very vigorous. This ornamental grass combines drama, grace, and humor and makes a spectacular container garden plant. It tolerates heat well and you never have to deadhead it.

Isolepis eye-so-LEP-iss
‘Live Wire’ (Fiber Optic Grass):
Height: 8-10”  Spread: 10”
Decorative grass that grows well by water. Produces spiklets atop slender stems that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves. Impossible to pass without touching!

Lagurus lag-ur-us
‘Hare Tails or Bunny Tails’:
Height: 8″  Spread: 10-12”
Add a little whimsy to your garden or containers! In early summer it is topped with puffballs that look like furry cotton tails of rabbits. They are soft, fluffy and irresistible to touch. In the fall the bunny tails turn to a rich tan and dry on the plant. Awesome for dried arrangements. Extremely drought tolerant.

Pennisetum pen-iss-SEE-tum tum
setaceum ‘Purple Fountain’:
Height: 36-48”  Spread: 16-24”
Waves of gracefully nodding soft burgundy plumes arching over burgundy purple foliage in true fountain grass form. This variety is especially dramatic in containers, clusters, and mass plantings.

Stipa STY-pah
tenuissima ‘Pony Tail Grass’:
Height: 20-24”  Spread: 24”
Graceful, fine, needle-like green foliage forms mounding clumps of textural interest.
Golden blonde seed heads in mid-summer resemble a horsetail. Useful in containers and the landscape.

Ornamental Grasses (Perennial)


‘Avalanche’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4  Height: 4’  Spread: 24”
Variegated Feather Reed Grass. Beautiful creamy-white vertical stripes along the center of the leaf blades. Pinkish green plumes in the fall.

‘Brachytricha’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4  Height: 4’  Spread: 36”
One of the few flowering grasses that is happy in the shade. Foliage and flower plumes are always ready to catch the slightest breeze. Fluffy bottlebrush plumes mature to a light tan and are wonderful for cut flowers or as an everlasting.

‘Karl Forester’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4   Height: 4-5’  Spread: 24”
Strong and vertical, makes an exclamation point in the garden. Tall masses of deep green blades. Showy wheat colored heads in late summer.

Chasmanthium kaz-MAN-thee-um
Zone 4  Height: 36”  Spread: 24’
‘Northern Sea Oat’
Attractive, bamboo-like green foliage that turns coppery in the fall. This grass is most notable for its flat drooping seed heads that hang in clusters on arching stems. The seed heads will flutter even in the softest of breezes.

Deschampsia dess-SHAMP-see-ah
‘Tufted Hair Grass’
Zone 4  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 24”
‘Northern Lights’ is a clump-forming graceful mound of dark green blades. Numerous flowers stems rise in summer to 3’ high. Airy panicles of variably-colored flowers in gold, silver, purple and green which forms a cloud over the foliage.

ravenne Hardy Pampas Grass: air-AN-thiss
Zone 4  Height: 8-10’  Spread: 6’
Truly one of the giants of the grass world. The foliage is gray-green. Tall showy silvery-white plumes extend high above the foliage.

Festuca fess-TOO-kah
ovina ‘Buddy Blue’:
Zone 4  Height: 10-12”  Spread: 6”
Silvery blue with open panicles of tiny beige spikelets.

ovina ‘Elijah Blue’:
Zone 4  Height: 12”  Spread: 12”
Powder-blue blades form tight, mounding clumps. Great for rock gardens and containers.

ovina ‘Glauca’:
Zone 3 Height: 12-14”  Spread: 12”
Blue-green tufted grass creates a very showy mound for edging beds and borders. Interesting accent in containers.

Juncus JUNK-us
‘Big Twister’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Large, spiraling foliage, resembling giant corkscrews twisting and turning creating a dramatic effect. Prefers very moist to wet soil in full sun to part shade.

‘Blue Arrows’:
Zone 4  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 36”
Attractive grassy leaves emerge lime green in spring, turning bluish-green in color throughout the season. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. soft color and
beautiful, upright form make it irresistible in container combos and annual beds.

Miscanthus miss-KAN-thuss
Zone 5  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
Gold bands cut across green narrow foliage. The upright habit and color add pizzazz to
containers and landscapes. Showy foliage clumps are topped by airy golden brown plumes in the fall, which persist into winter.

(Zebra Grass):
Zone 4  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
New deep green leaves in spring begin to show more and more horizontal golden striping as the leaf matures. Fluffy copper colored blooms in the fall.

Pennisetum pen-iss-SEE-tum
Zone 5  Height: 15”  Spread: 15”
Features lovely soft taupe big bottlebrush plumes rise to 30”, well above compact mounds of narrow arching green blades.

Schizachyrium skizz-uh-KEER-ee-um 
Zone 3  Height: 24-30”  Spread: 18”
Beautiful blue and purple hues, and added touches of wine red. Silver plumes turn tawny in fall.

Osteospermum (African Daisy)

Well branched and form handsome tall plants with beautiful daisy flowers. Newer varieties are more compact, creating beautiful accents to garden beds and containers with better flowering performance in warmer temperatures.

Blue Eyed Beauty:
Height: 14”   Spread: 20”
A stunning contrast of a purple center and yellow petals. Blooms with early spring color and unlike most osteospermum, the blossoms stay open.

FlowerPower™ Spider:
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 18”
Unique shaped petals. The petals look like regular daisy petals that have been pinched in the middle to create an hourglass effect. Their bright flowers are produced in profusion atop compact, mid-green foliage.
Pink: Unusual spoon-like pink flowers look like fancy pinwheels, with a deep purple center.
Purple: Magenta flowers with fluted, spoon-shaped petals, with a deep purple center.

Serenity Series:
Height: 18”   Spread: 24”
These early flowering plants have excellent basal branching and a naturally compact habit. They are fantastic garden performers with a prolific flower show over dark green foliage throughout the season. Perfect for containers.
New Bronze: Bronze orange softening to pink with blue-gray centers.
New Pink Magic: Purple eye surrounded by creamy white petals, with blush pink tips.
White: Pure white with bluish-purple center.

Symphony Series:
Height: 12-18”   Spread: 24”
Produces a ridiculous number of cheerful, daisy like flowers with purple blue eyes. Drought tolerant once established.
Lemon : Bright yellow with a dark eye.
Orange: Bright orange with a dark eye.

Tradewinds Trailing Deep Purple:
Height: 14-18”   Spread: 16-20”
Great growth habit, heat tolerance and beautiful colors. Dark violet purple.

Voltage Series:
Height: 10-16”   Spread: 24-28”
Yellow: This unique clear yellow osteo is the first to bloom in the spring. The low spreading habit and excellent branching makes it ideal for containers, baskets and landscapes.
White: A profusion of brilliant white daisy flowers adorned with a yellow petal reverse and bright yellow centers. When the blossoms partially close, both colors are visible, creating a beautiful display.


Garden favorite for generations, pansies are widely available just about everywhere and are often the first annuals to bloom. Ready to bring color, aroma and flavor to fresh cuisine, petite bouquets or garden beds.

Cool Wave Series:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 24-30”
More vigorous than any other spreading pansy! This plant trails more than 2 feet long, with masses of bright 2 inch blooms. Great for hanging baskets, containers or across the
garden floor.
Blue Skies: Purple-blue flowers with a large yellow whiskered center.
Mix: A formula mix.
Purple: Dark pansy purple.
New Strawberry Swirl: yellow wing with a dusty rose cap.
Yellow: Bright clear canary yellow.

Delta Series:

Height: 6”   Spread: 4-6”
A spring-flowering series produces 2.5” to 3” blooms. Blooms earlier than any large-flowered pansy. Delta over winters well and shows superb heat tolerance. Perfect for spring and fall planting.
New Apple Cider Mix: Mixture of white, pink, red, rose, and yellow blotched blooms.
Beaconsfield: Purple with a white wing.
Cotton Candy Mix: Pure blue and pink shades.
Fire: Blaze of red, scarlet, yellow with mahogany accents.
Gold with Blotch: Deep golden yellow with a dark red blotch.
Neon Violet: Deep violet with striking neon blue face.
Primrose: Light yellow.
Pure Yellow: Improved golden yellow.
True Blue: A clear mid-blue.
Deep Orange: Clear deep pumpkin orange.
Neon Violet: Deep violet with striking neon blue face.
Pure Yellow: Improved golden yellow.
True Blue: A clear mid-blue.

Frizzle Sizzle Series:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 8-10”
Old fashioned ruffled edge, 3 inch blooms are an eye grabbing novelty and they will fill your garden with a sweet fragrance!
New Lemonade: Bright, cheery white, cream and yellow/white bicolor with dark whiskers.
Mix: A dazzling array of fruity colors to brighten your borders and patios.
Orange: Many of the blooms have dark whiskers making the large, brilliant orange faces even more interesting.
Raspberry: Brilliant raspberry colored blossoms with shades of purple-red with a dark purple face.
Yellow Blue Swirl: Bicolor yellow and blue with a unique twist.

Majestic Giant Series:
Height: 6”   Spread: 4-6”
An early bloomer with huge 4 inch flowers. Excellent overwintering. Resistant to both heat and cold.
Clear White: Pure White
Majestic Giant II Mix: Blooms reach 4” on vigorous plants. A mixture of red, yellow, white, and purple, with blotched faces.

Specialty Pansies:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 6-10”
These varieties are unique, must-have selections for the garden.
Moss Boise State Mix:  Blue and Orange, of course!A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.
Joker Poker Face: 2” to 3” blooms of deep purple with orange faces and dark eyes.
New Halloween: 2” Pure black blooms.
Mammoth Sangria Punch: 3½ inch flowers in shades of yellow, red and rose with dark blotched centers.

Pansy Cool Wave (4")
Pansy Mix or Solid Color (4pk)
Papaver (Poppy)

Icelandic Papaver

This nudicaule form of papaver has a more dainty bloom and clumps of lobed green leaves.

New  ‘Alpine’: 
Zone 2
Height: 12”/Spread: 24”                  

Blue green lacy foliage with cup shaped flowers in orange, yellow and white.


New  Pulcinella Mix:  
Zone 2
Height: 12”/Spread: 12”                 

Noted for their large flowers, long bloom time, sturdy stems and vivid colors. Crepe paper petals of bright orange, fire engine red, warm rose, bright solar yellow and glistening white open out flat with warm yellow centers. Very cold hardy. Absolutely dazzling when the sun shows through the translucent petals swaying with the slightest breeze.


New  Spring Fever Mix:  
Zone 2
Height: 12”/Spread: 12”                   

Large bright blooms of crepe paper like petals in mid orange, brilliant red, snow white and clear yellow on compact multiple stems. Mass plant for high impact.


Wonderland Mix’
Zone 2
Height: 10”/Spread: 10”

Balanced mix of all the Wonderland series. Orange, pink, white and yellow. Provides lots of early summer color. Best selection for windy areas.


Oriental Papaver

This series of poppy has a fuzzy serrated leaf and the blooms are larger than other papaver varieties creating a richer bloom color.

‘Beauty of Livermore’:
Zone 2
Height: 24”/Spread: 36”

Large, fiery-red blooms appear in the summer. Bold statement in mixed gardens.


Zone 2
Height: 36”/Spread: 24”                  

Large, vivid scarlet flowers give unparalleled color to gardens and borders. Plant size increases each year.


‘Fruit Punch’: 
Zone 2
Height: 30”/Spread: 24”                    

Silky ruffled 5” blooms in knockout berry tones-reds, raspberry, strawberry, neon rose and orange surround a black center eye. Both the blooms and the seed heads are great for arrangements.



Curly Q:

Height: 12”  Spread: 18”
Highly ruffled, serrated green leaves. The classic Parsley garnish. Very nutritious.

Height: 12”  Spread: 18”
Flat, serrated leaves. Parsley is a favorite flavoring in stuffing, soups, stews, marinades, and salads; better flavor when chopped fresh.

Parsley (4")
Parthenocissus (Virginia Creeper)

Zone 2  Height: 30-50’
Virginia Creeper is valued for its handsome foliage. Green in summer turning to superb orange or red shades in fall. Vines typically cling to walls by suction disks at ends of tendrils. Trim as needed during the growing season.

Parthenocissus (Virginia Creeper)

Zone 2
Height: 30-50’                                    

Virginia Creeper is valued for its handsome foliage. Green in summer turning to superb orange or red shades in fall. Vines typically cling to walls by suction disks at ends of tendrils. Trim as needed during the growing season.


Passiflora (Passion Flower)

Passion vine, bears exotic looking showy flowers along its spreading stems of lush green foliage starting in mid-spring and continuing throughout summer. A vigorous grower, it performs well in full sun to part shade, It needs adequate space to grow and looks great trained to a trellis or fence where its stems can reach 4 to 12 feet in length.

‘Aphrodites’s Purple Nightie’™ :
Height: 12’
Wow! Excellent flower power on a vigorous vine, Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie™ Passion Flower produces an explosion of 3-4″ wide flowers composed of purple petals and sepals that are topped by a crown of deep purple, blue, and white filaments.

‘Becky’s Blue & White’:
Height: 15-20’
A lovely combination of out-stretched white petals centered by an intricate circle of blue
filaments makes this smaller-leaved vine a real summer treat.

Patio Friendly Vegetables

Everyone loves fresh vegetables from the garden! But not everyone has that luxury when it comes to space at their home. That is exactly why we want to help bring the freshest produce straight to your patio. We have hand selected vegetables bred for a 2 gallon patio container. They will produce in a compact space and you will still be a star in the kitchen with your own home grown vegetables. So whether you live in an apartment, a condo, have downsized or just want something that is easy and convenient right on the back patio, we have just what you need.

Cucumber: Bush Cucumber
62 days; Very popular 6-8” fruit. Produced in abundance.

Eggplant: Black Beauty
80 days; Purple-black egg-shaped fruit with glossy skin.

Pepper: Jalapeño
65 days; Early. Thick walled fruit.

Pepper: Jupiter
75 days; Good yields of huge 4 ½” long by 4 ½” wide sweet bell peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. This extra early variety is thick walled and very sweet.

Squash: Zucchini
Black Beauty produces early, good yields of 8″ long, smooth, slender, deep green zucchini … paired with golden fruits that are 6-8” long, slender and cylindrical in shape. Bright golden color and a delicious, distinctive zucchini flavor.


Zone 5
Height:  15”/Spread: 15”                    

Features lovely soft taupe big bottlebrush plumes rise to 30”, well above compact mounds of narrow arching green blades.


Pennisetum sectaceum Rubrum

‘Purple Fountain Grass’:
Height: 36-48”    Spread: 16-24”
Waves of gracefully nodding soft burgundy plumes arching over bronze purple foliage. Very dramatic in containers, clusters or mass plantings.


Penstemons are very drought tolerant perennials that are easy to grow and rarely bothered by insects or diseases. Plant in full sun. and watch as the hummingbirds feast on their delicious nectar.

Elfin Pink:    
Zone 3
Height:  24”/Spread:                           

Bright pink, long, trumpet-shaped flowers are borne in profusion on thin spikes in early summer. They make a tremendous color statement when planted in groups.


New Riding Hood Series: 
Zone 3
Height:  30”/Spread: 24                    

Hooded flowers on tall, upright stems cover the dense thicket of glossy deep green foliage. A hummingbird favorite. A prolific flowering variety that will provide long-lasting color for perennial beds and borders, rock gardens, and patio containers. Great for cut flower displays.

Blue:Pure blue trumpets.
Purple: Dark mauve-blue.
Red: Bright red.



Assorted Hot Fire Peppers:
95 days; Not for the faint of heart! We have chosen four extraordinarily hot peppers.
Habanero Chocolate, Habanero White, Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red and Trinidad Scorpion.
We recommend wearing gloves when harvesting. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Hot Varieties:
70-90 days; A mix of four hot peppers. Ideal for gardeners who want a variety of flavors. Assortment includes Anaheim Chili, Jalapeño, Super Chili and Cayenne. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

New Assorted Snack Pack:
60-80 days; Mini sweets, perfect for snacking. Baby Chocolate, Golden Treasure,
Jingle Bell and Sweet Cherry.A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Sweet Varieties:
A mix of four sweet bell peppers good for cooking or fresh. Assortment includes, California Wonder, Orange Bell,
Red Bell and a Yellow Bell. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Anaheim Chili:
70 days; Heirloom. 30” plants bear long, tapered, dark green, smooth, 7-8” mild peppers. Great for producing mild sauces and salsa, and chili rellenos.

Better Belle F1:
65 days; Early and tasty. Blocky and thick walled. Maintains large fruit all season.

California Wonder:
75 days; Heirloom. Traditional bell pepper produces 4×4” blocky dark green fruit. Good grower with mild flavor.
Great fresh and for cooking.

Caribbean Red Hot:
90 days; Heirloom. Glossy fruits ripen from lime to red. The more red the fruit, the hotter the pepper!

Cayenne Long Slim:
70 days; Heirloom. Wrinkled peppers are 6” long and skinny. Fiery hot and excellent for drying.

66 days; Thick walled, 1 x 2½” Smoke to get spicy wood taste.

68 days; Heirloom. Thin walled 6” peppers are sweet and great for fresh eating. The fruit is elongated and flattened yellowish turning to red. This frying type pepper is a must in many Mediterranean dishes.

New Fooled You:
85 days; Jalapeño with no heat! Perfect for those who appreciate the distinctive flavor of the Jalapeño. 1 x 3¼” green to red fruits. High yielding.

Fresno Chili:
75 days; 1 x 2½”, smooth and tapered. Fresno peppers appear green on the vine maturing to orange and eventually deep red when fully ripe.

Garden Salsa:
73 days; Moderately hot, tapered fruit with medium thick walls.

65 days; Very sweet. Yellow, orange to red wedged fruit. Thin skin that does not need to be peeled making ‘Gypsy’ peppers ideal for frying. Holds its red color when cooked.

85 days; Heirloom. Ultra-hot chili peppers! 12” plants with light green serrated leaves produce 1½ – 3” fruits. Peppers are light green turning to deep orange when mature.

Hot Portugal:
64 Days; Heavy yields of 6” long ¾” wide. Peppers are very hot turning from green to glossy lipstick red.

Hungarian Yellow Wax:
65-70 days; Heirloom. Yellow pepper gives 5-6” fruit. Turns red when ripened. Not real hot, but certainly pungent.

Jalafuego Jalapeño:
70 days; Very smooth, extra-large pungent peppers on big vigorous plants.

70-75 days; Heirloom. Traditional hot pepper produces 3” fruits. Jalapenos are usually used green, but at full maturity they do turn red. Great all-around pepper.

Mama Mia Gaillo:
85 days; An award-winning Italian sweet pepper with bright golden-yellow skin, heavy yields, a compact habit, great disease resistance, and early maturity. They reach 7 to 9 inches long. Great for fresh eating, grilling, or roasting, these Italian sweet peppers are big on flavor and texture — juicy, rich, and meaty.

Orange Bell:
75 days; Heirloom. Blocky bright orange with thick flesh. Very sweet.

Pepperoncini Greek Golden:
75 days; 4 x 1½, yellow to red mild pepper. Great for sandwiches, pickling, and of course Greek salads.

80 days; Heirloom. Mild pimiento type. Heart-shaped fruit matures from dark green to red.

80 days; *Ancho/ Poblano type pepper. Heart shaped taper, green turning red. Medium thick 2 x 4”. *Called Ancho in its dried state, used in chili powders and sauces. Poblano in its fresh, green state for the best ever chili rellenos!

Purple Beauty:
75 days; Purple peppers are always a favorite. Their crisp texture, mild sweet flavor and unique color make them a perfect addition to a salad. The peppers turn green when cooked.

Red Bell:
68 days; Produces beautiful 4 inch sweet, bell shaped fruits. Reddens quickly to a rich shade of scarlet.

70 days; Earlier and sweeter than Anaheim chilies, these 2 x 6” peppers are great for mild chili rellenos, roasted, sautéed, or fried. The highly productive plants reward the gardener with an early, abundant harvest even in small plantings.

Super Chili:
75 days; Plants bear 3” fruit with a spicy hot flavor. Great for salsas.

Super Serrano:
70 days; A vigorous producer of small ½” – 2” peppers. They are very hot when green and much hotter when they turn red.

80 days; Heirloom. The 2” peppers produced by this plant are very pungent and hot. Repels pests.

Thai Hot:
65-70 days; Heirloom. Thai Hot is an excellent yielding, good tasting, high pungency pepper that adds zest to stir fry dishes, sauces, and other foods that require spicy flavor. Vigorous plants grow 30 inches tall with strong stems and abundant foliage supporting heavy fruit set. As fruits mature they turn from green to dark red and measure 2”.

Yellow Bell:
70 days; Very sweet, four-lobed pepper reach 4-5 inches. Lime green to golden yellow. Best golden pepper for production and fruit quality.

Perovskia (Russian Sage)

Not really a sage at all, perovskia forms an upright bush of fine-textured gray-green leaves that are pleasantly fragrant when rubbed. The plant becomes a haze of lavender-blue by mid-summer when spikes of tiny flowers appear. Drought tolerant.

atriplicifolia ‘Blue Jean Baby’:
Zone 4
Height:  24-36”/Spread: 32-36”         

This variety is one of the earliest Perovskia to bloom. This compact Russian Sage is a great choice for anyone whose garden is too small for the original. Stems of silver-green foliage with small purple flowers erupt in a lilac haze in midsummer and the color lasts until fall.


atriplicifolia ‘Blue Steel’:  
Zone 4
Height:  24-36”/Spread: 27”             

Aromatic, silvery foliage carries clouds of airy, lavender-blue flowers on strong silver stems. Great backdrop plant for borders and mixed containers, adding cool color to garden through late summer. Performs even in heat and drought. Adored by butterflies and hummingbirds.


atriplicifolia ‘Russian Sage’: 
Zone 5
Height:  36-48”/Spread: 24-36”         

Upward spikes of light lavender-blue flowers appear in mid to late summer. Award winning plant provides vertical accent and screening with aromatic, silver-gray foliage. A must for the cottage garden.


Persicaria (Fleece Flower)

Zone 4
Height:  6-12”/Spread: 18”                  

Border Jewel:

This plant is one super tough, mat forming perennial! With its unique elongated green leaves, a prominent mid-rib vein and vibrant red stems, the show has only half way begun. From spring to fall, this plant gets covered with stunning 2″ light pink, slightly fragrant flower spikes. Cold /heat bring out red tones in foliage even more.



Petunias are among the most popular flowering annuals for good reason, they are bright and lively, bloom from spring until frost, and fill the air with lovely fragrance. Best of all, petunias are amazingly easy to grow, both in the garden and in containers.

Daddy Series:
Bloom: 4”   Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12
Daddy types are brightly veined. Great visual appeal. Early blooming.
Blue: Silver blue with violet veins.
Mix: An eye catching mix of blue, pink, sugar and strawberry.
Sugar: Light orchid with deep purple veins.

Death by Purple:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12” S
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Purple is the color equivalent of chocolate so; what a way to go! A deadly concoction of royal purple, plum and lilac.

Double Petunias:
Bloom: 3-5”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Double flower petunias are a very popular garden plant because of their heavily ruffled carnation-like blooms. Some have a very sweet fragrance. Double petunias usually prefer semi-shade during hot summer days.
Cascade Burgundy: Bright burgundy 4-5” heavily petaled flowers. Early blooming and excellent habit.
Cascade Pink: Early blooming with 3-4” medium pink, heavily ruffled flowers.
Glorious Mix: Fully double blooms in a mix of bi-colors and solid colors include red, purple, pink, burgundy, salmon and white, bearing 3½”-4”blooms.
Purple Pirouette: Double 4” violet-blue flowers with a wide band of white edging offer superb garden performance.
Valentine: Large 3-4” bright red flowers.

Dreams Series:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Free-flowering, tightly branched petunias deliver matched performance across all colors. Weather tolerant.
Appleblossom: Light blush salmon or chiffon blooms.
Burgundy: A true burgundy.
Midnight: Violet-toned blue flowers.
Mix: Formula mix
Neon Rose: Large magenta purple blooms with a white throat.
Patriot Mix: Red, white and midnight blue.
Pink: Bright clear pink.
Red: Bright true red.
Rose Morn: Hot rose blooms with morn center and yellow throat.
Salmon: Large salmon pink.
Sky Blue: Medium blue.
White: Pure white.

Frost Mix:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 12-14”   Spread:14-16”
Blue, cherry, red & violet with a ruffled white picotee edge.

Heather’s Lipstick Shades:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Sometimes great things happen from mistakes. We had a rack turn over with two varieties of newly transplanted petunias on it. The crew did a great job of getting most of them back in the flats but we did have a few flats that were mixed with red and burgundy. They were gorgeous!

Hurrah Series:
Bloom: 2-3”   Height: 8-10”   Spread: 7-10”
Another exciting petunia series….we like these mixes.
Berry Tart Mix: Plum, rose and blue.
Blueberry Mix: Blue vein, dark blue and lavender tie dye. Delicious!

Limbo Series:
Bloom: 4-5”   Height: 5-8”   Spread:10-12” Spring-Fall
Naturally compact, stretch resistant plants have extra-large bright blooms.
Blue: Deep blue.
Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.
Red: Brilliant red.
Rose: Deep pink.
Salmon: Dark Salmon
Sweet Pink: Bright pink.
White: Snow white.

Limbo Series:
Blue: Deep blue.
Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.
Heather’s Mix: Rose and violet.
Mid Blue: Medium blue.
Red: Brilliant red.
Rose Morn: Hot pink with a white morn center.
Sweet Pink: Bright pink.
White: Snow white.

New Moonlight Madness Mix:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
Lavender Glow, Yellow and Lilac.

Prism Sunshine:
Bloom: 4”   Height: 12-15”  Spread:16-18”
Yellow free-flowering grandiflora. Holds its color throughout the season.

Private Idaho:
Bloom: 3-4”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Appleblossom, Neon Rose, and Sky Blue.

Supercascade Mix:

Bloom: 4-5”   Height: 10-15”   Spread:10-12”
A formula mix of all colors. Named after the Cascade Mountains these plants are early to flower and offer a multitude of large blooms. More vigorous spreading habit than other grandifloras. Well suited to garden beds.

Tritunia Series:
Bloom: 3”   Height: 10-12”   Spread:12-14”
Cream of the crop, uniting the top performers from Bravo, Storm and Ultra series.
Blue Star: Midnight blue with a large white star.
Crimson Star: Burgundy with a white star pattern.
New Lavender: Unique lavender pink.
Red Star: Dark red with a white s

Petunia Specialty

Amore Series:
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12” Spring-Fall
Strong and uniform semi-trailing habit. Fabulous choice for pots, baskets or mixed containers. Unique heart shaped patterns.
New Fluttering Hearts: Burgundy with a white star.
New King of Hearts: Red with a white star.
New Pink Heart: Hot pink with a white star.
New Purple: Purple with a white star.
Queen Of Hearts: Bright red hearts with golden stripes.

Black Magic:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 10-12”
Black with hints of purple. The “little black dress of the garden.”

Cascadias Indian Summer:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 12-18”
Striking blooms open orange and mature to salmon pink. Ideal for hanging baskets and
patio pots.

ColorBlitz Bluerific:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 16-22”
Stunning royal blue flowers with powder blue centers. Wonderful for mass plantings, containers and hanging baskets.

Evening Scentsation:
Height: 5-8”   Spread: 30-35”
One of the best blue petunias. The fine fragrance with hints of hyacinth, sweet honey and rose, coupled with the soothing indigo-blue color sets this petunia apart. As the name implies, the scent is stronger in the evening hours.

Headliner™ Series:

Height: 10-16”   Spread: 30”
Sky series petunias will leave you starry-eyed! This series produces vibrant colored flowers with specks and spatters.
New Dark Saturn: Dark purple with a creamy yellow halo.
Night Sky: Showy white on purple speckled pattern. Very unique resembling the
constellations of the night sky. Perfect for hanging baskets.
Pink Sky: Primarily pink/rose but features eye-catching splashes of white/cream.
Starry Burgundy Sky: A new pattern in the sky type, featuring large flowers with a star AND spots. Attractive burgundy and yellow colors. Star pattern is more pronounced in cool weather.

New Midnight Gold:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 20-26”
A novelty color of deep crimson to black with a lemon border double blooms.

Ray Sunshine:
Height: 6-10”   Spread: 12-14”
Butter yellow centers with a softer yellow edge.

Sanguna® Series:
Height: 10-14”/Spread: 20-24”
This series offers vigorous cascading petunias with early superb bloom power. Bred for exceptional branching, flowers fill the center of the plant, not just the outside.
Blue: Bold dark blue.
Lipstick: Electric pink.

Suncatcher™ Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 20-24”
Suncatcher series flowers early, and its compact, mounding habit creates a full, showy plant that won’t overwhelm its companions in container plantings.
Pink Lemonade: Unique two toned petunia of yellow and rose. Holds its color under all conditions. Plants stay compact without pinching and bloom tirelessly all summer long.
Plum Burst: Deep purple flowers have even darker veins with a star center.

Surfinia Series®:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 24-40”
Surfinias are very heat and drought tolerant once established. Self-cleaning.
Red: Fiery red.
Sky Blue: This vigorous, sky blue cascading petunia produces bountiful blossoms that flow from window boxes, containers and baskets.

Sweetunia® Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 18-24”
Black Satin: Stunning rich dark black trumpet-shaped flowers.
Fiona Flash: Scarlet-hot pink bicolor that seems to glow.
Hot Rod Red: Vibrant bright red.
Johnny Flame: Unique combo of vibrant deep rose with a vivid purple star.
Miss Marvel: Velvety purple blossoms finely edged in sparkling white.
Suzie Storm: Magenta blooms with rosy margins. A lot like Johnny Flame just a bit lighter.

SuperCal™ Series:
Height: 12”   Spread: 18-24”
Petchoa SuperCal™ Petunia delivers the best characteristics of the favorite petunia and calibrachoa classes. Lots of vigor, loads of flower power, lush foliage and dependable
Blue: Dark blue.
Bordeaux: Ruby red with a darker center.
Caramel Yellow: Butter yellow with orange throat.
Cinnamon: Ginger colored.
Light Yellow: Soft, golden-yellow.
Neon Rose: Magenta.
Purple: Orchid-rose.
New Sunray Pink: Pink blossoms are highlighted by sunny yellow centers with dark veins.

Petunia (Wave Type)

Mounding/spreading habit, an exciting choice for baskets, containers and garden beds where brilliant groundcovers are desired. Flowers form along the length of each branch and bloom freely. Love fertilizer.

Easy Wave ® Series:
Height: 8-12”   Spread: 36”
Berry Velour: Rosy-red with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Blue: Dark blue with some light blue shading. Earliest blue spreading petunia.
Beachcomber Mix: Blue, Coral Reef & Shell Pink.
Burgundy Star: Rich burgundy with a white star pattern.
Burgundy Velour: Deep cabernet with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Coral Reef: Pastel coral.
Great Lakes Mix: Violet, Blue and White.
Lavender Sky Blue: Shades of lavender to sky blue.
Opposites Attract: A mix of Violet and Coral Reef.
Plum Pudding: Plum Vein and Violet.
Plum Vein: First vein pattern in Easy Wave. Lavender background with plum-violet veins.
Pink: Soft pink.
Pink Passion: Blooms of vibrant mid-pink w/rose eye.
Red Velour: Dark blood-red w/velvety undertones and darker throat.
Silver: Soft white w/ blue-purple veins.
South Beach Mix: Red, violet and coral reef.
The Flag Mix: Red, White and Blue.
White: Pure white.
Yellow: Creamy-edged flowers have veined yellow centers.

Shock Wave ® Denim:
Height: 5-7”   Spread: 36”
1½” flowers. Dark blue-purple morphing to blue-lavender-silver.

Wave ® Purple:
Height: 5-7”/Spread: 48”
‘The Original!’ 2 ½” magenta purple blooms that reach a height of 4” and a spread of 4’. Makes an outstanding flowering groundcover. An exciting choice for landscapes, garden beds, baskets and containers. Flowers form the entire length of the branch and continue to bloom freely all season without being trimmed. Waves stand up well to heat, as well as windy and cooler conditions. All-America Selections Winner.


Native North American wildflowers. Many types show wide variation in form, but all have showy flower clusters producing a heavy, sweet perfume. Tall kinds are excellent border plants; dwarfs are the mainstay of rock gardens


This version of phlox is a garden variety that is upright and taller than most others.

‘Bright Eyes’
Zone 4
Height:  24”/Spread: 18                     

Pale-pink flowers with crimson eyes on strong stems make this phlox ideal for cutting.


‘Fashionably Early Seriess:
Zone 4
Height:  30-32”/Spread: 28-30”        

’Crystal’:  White flowers with a faint light purple eye appear from early summer well into midsummer with some rebloom in fall. Broad, dark green, thick foliage stays beautiful all season. Each member of the Fashionably Early series has exceptional mildew resistance.

‘Flaming’:  Large clusters of lavender-pink flowers adds a bold punch to the middle or back of the garden.


‘Flame Purple’:
Zone 4
Height:  18”/Spread:  14”                  

Large, abundant clusters laden with sweetly fragrant dark, reddish-purple flowers on upright stems above dense green foliage.



This version is a creeping phlox that will offer a completely different look to the same old garden. Compact mounds form a carpet of color in spring.

New Early Spring Series:  
Zone 2
Height:  18”/Spread:  14”                  

A collection offering earlier bloom times with an excellent growing habit. An abundance of 3/4-inch star-shaped blooms, which completely cover the entire plant and produce impressive displays of color a full two weeks earlier.

Blue:  Deep blue flowers.

Dark Pink:  Rose pink with deep pink eyes.

Lavender:  Light lavender.

Light Pink:  Soft pink with a darker center.

Purple: Pink-purple.

White: Clean, bold white with a yellow eye.


‘Emerald Blue’:   
Zone 2
Height:  6-8”/Spread: 18”                

Lavender-blue flowers bloom profusely throughout the spring. Excellent low-growing filler for the border.


Scarlet Flame’:   
Zone 3
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 18”                 

Masses of large, bright scarlet flowers with darker eye cover the top of this mat-forming creeper for a long period.


Physostegia (Obedient Plant)

Zone 3
Height:  16-18”/Spread: 24”            

‘Crystal Peak White’:

Long-lasting, abundant snow-white blooms that sparkle against the deep green, toothed foliage. Self-cleaning. Why is this called Obedient Plant? When flower spikes are in full bloom, you can push the snapdragon-like flowers to hold any position you fancy – very helpful when in an arrangement.


Platycodon grandifloras (Balloon Plant)

Zone 3
Height:  6-8”/Spread: 10-12”            

‘Pop Star Blue’:  The buds of this little beauty swell up like a balloon, then pop open into star shaped violet blue blossoms. Very compact with a nice display of blue flowers. Can also be grown as in indoor plant.


Plectranthus (Swedish Ivy)

Height: 5-6”   Spread: 24-36”
Variegata: Attractive variegated foliage that is green with white margins. Great for hanging baskets and spilling over the edge of containers, or as a groundcover in troublesome areas.

Polemonium (Jacob's Ladder)

‘Bressingham Purple’:
Zone 4
Height:  18-24”/Spread: 12”            

Beautiful flowers of electric lavender-blue on sturdy burgundy stems. Attractive foliage takes on a dark purple hue.


‘Brise d’ Anjou’:
Zone 4
Height:  12-18”/Spread: 18”              

This intriguing plant forms a tidy mound of bright variegated green and white foliage. Lovely blue flowers make a striking combination with the foliage.


‘Stairway to Heaven’:
Zone 4
Height:  15-20”/Spread: 18”              

Very attractive, stronger foliage than other polemoniums, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ literally reaches for the sky. Large variegated leaves are bordered in creamy white. Delicate, pale lavender-blue, bell-shaped flowers.


Portulaca (Moss Rose)

Stopwatch Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12”
Well-branched plants with an upright, mounding habit. The Stopwatch series is an earlier blooming moss rose with many large semi-double flowers. Excellent garden performer. Likes it hot!
Fuchsia: Rosy pink.
Mix: Mix of all colors.
Yellow: Bright yellow.

Happy Hour Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12”
Drought tolerant suited for hot dry full sun locations.
Pink Passion Mix: Pink, fuchsia and pink bicolor.
Tropical Mix: Deep orange, red and yellow.

Primrose (4")
Primula (Primrose)

Height: 6”   Spread: 6-7” Spring
Spring bloomer with large, dense flower clusters that are held above dark green foliage. A mix of solid colors and bicolored varieties.

Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

Zone 4
Height:  10” /Spread: 24”

‘Shrimps on the Barbie’: 

Despite their unfortunate common name, Lungwarts are dependable and showy. This selection has an amazing number of large deep shrimp flower clusters held above dark green leaves with white spots.


Pumkin on a Stick (Ornamental Eggplant)

Height: 36”   Spread: 18”
This charmer is actually an eggplant! Very attractive foliage that protects the clusters of 2- to 5-inch fruits from sunscald. After the insignificant blooms pass in mid- to late summer, the fruit appears. At first it’s pale green and nubby. But it quickly achieves its pumpkin-y shape, then turns rich, deep scarlet. This persists into autumn, when the first chilly weather begins to turn the scarlet to orange. Within a week or two, you have it — pumpkins on a stick! Be careful of the thorns when working with the plant. For indoor bouquets and arrangements all autumn long!


(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)

Big Max:
120 days; Heirloom. Give it lots of room! 50-70 pounds. Bright orange skin, with yellow orange flesh ideal for cooking.
1 QT Veg.

115 days; Weighing in at 20 to 30 pounds, this pumpkin is quite popular. Good yields of deep orange fruit with defined ribs.

Jack Be Little:
95 days; Heirloom. These are terrific tiny pumpkins. 3-5” in diameter, flattened and heavily grooved. Bright orange color and very prolific. Kids will love them!

Orange Smoothie:
100 days; Perfect pumpkin for tots to carve come Halloween time! This variety weighs typically 5 to 8 pounds. Smooth, dark orange skin on 8” fruits.

Ranuculus (4")

Height: 6-8”  Spread: 10-12”
Bloomingdale Mix: Elegant early spring color. Double flowers on semi-dwarf plants resemble small peony blooms. Flowers come in shades of white, cream, yellow, red and pink.


Foliage of this selection has especially good flavor and aroma for cooking. The stems are sturdy enough to be used as skewers for shish kabob, and while cooking, your grilled items are infused with the particularly appealing rosemary flavor of this
variety. Profuse, clear blue flowers.

Fast creeping semi-evergreen plant only reaches 6” in height with small purple flowers. A fun choice for containers and hanging baskets. Use in sauces, dressings and marinades.

Woody perennial with needle-like dark green leaves and pale blue flowers. Light aroma. A fun choice for topiaries or containers. Medicinal purposes includes the easing of headaches and migraines, improve concentration and memory.

Rosemary (4")
Rudbeckia (Gloriosa Daisy)

Zone 3
Height:  18-20”/Spread: 18-24”         

fulgida ‘Goldsturm’Known as ‘Black-Eyed-Susan’, Golden, daisy-like flowers have a raised black central eye. Deep green foliage. This variety is the most dependable of Rudbeckia.



Zone 4  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
Bluish-green, fernlike leaves that are bushy and compact. The flowers on the rue herb are yellow with petals that are frilly on the edges and the center of the flower is normally green.


Slightly fuzzy, oval leaves up to 5″ long vary in color from gray to gray-green, purple or golden. The camphor-scented, bluish-lavender flowers are borne on spike-like stems. It’s soft-colored foliage and profusion of lovely purple-blue flower spikes blend beautifully into any herb garden.

Assortment (P):
Zone 5
Mixed flats of Berggarten, Golden and Tri-color.

Berggarten (P):
Zone 5  Height: 16”  Spread: 24”
An excellent culinary sage with an abundance of large, silvery-green round leaves. Great flavor for stuffing, sauces, and seasoning mixes. Makes a great ornamental choice as well.

Golden (P):
Zone 5 Height: 16”/Spread: 24”
Golden sage produces quantities of striking green and yellow leaves that appear to glow in the dark! Use in meat dishes or as an ornamental in containers.

Pineapple (A):
Height: 48”  Spread: 48”
A great choice for gardeners looking to combine ornamental and edible gardens into one. One of the most attractive sages. Produces dark red blooms in late summer. Use in beverages, as a garnish, potpourris.

Tri-color (P):
Zone 5  Height: 18”  Spread: 20”
Green leaves edged in white with rose streaks. Although it is edible, its main use is as an ornamental in the garden.

Sage (4")
Sagina (Moss)

Zone 4
Height:  1-2”/Spread: 14-18”

subulata ‘Irish Moss’Deep green carpet-like mossy foliage slowly covers the ground. Tiny white flowers in the spring are borne singly but are often numerous enough to nearly cover the plant. Suitable for shady locations. Useful between pavers.


Salvia (Sage)

All sage have square stems and whorls of two-lipped flowers, either distinctly spaced along flower stalks or so densely crowded they look like one dense spike. Reliable border plants with gray-green foliage

nemorosa ‘Caradonna’     
Zone 3
Height:  28-24”/Spread: 12-24”         

Tall glowing purple stems hold their blooms for a long time. Striking when mass planted.


Newnemorosa ‘Bumbleblue’:  
Zone 3
Height:  14-16”/Spread: 18-20”        

Beautiful violet blue flowers bloom profusely on a low, rounded habit of healthy, deep green foliage. A feast for your eyes, and for the pollinators!


nemorosa ‘Blue Marvel’:
Zone 4                                  
Height:  10-18”/Spread: 12-18”         

Flaunts bright and showy ultra large indigo blooms the largest of all the Salvia nemorosa species.


nemorosa ‘Dimension:  
Zone 3
Height:  25”/Spread: 12-15”               

‘Blue’: Intense deep violet-blue blooms on deep purple stems. Ideal for the border edge or in containers.

‘Rose’:  This Dutch strain is compact, with chubby spikes of bright rose-pink flowers. Remove faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering. Excellent for cutting. Drought tolerant once established.


sylvestris ‘Blue Hill’: 
Zone 3
Height:  16-20”/Spread: 18-24”         

Boasts striking, lilac-blue blooms and wonderfully fragrant foliage.


New sylvestris Sallyrosa™ ‘April Night’:
Zone 5
Height:  12-14”/Spread: 12-14”        

Compact, flowering up to a month earlier than other varieties with long-lasting, upright, flower spikes in vivid, violet-blue.


Salvia (Sage)

Salvias are a large genus, up to 800 species of annuals, perennials and shrubs. Upright stems have spikes of tiny flowers that are tubular with two lips, the lower one usually spreading. Salvias prefer sun and well-drained soil. These are tough plants that perform well in bright locations. Drought tolerant once established. Great for containers and garden borders.

Black and Blue:
Height: 24-36”   Spread: 24-36”
Aromatic green foliage with a medium/dark true blue flowers on black stems. Blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall.

Height: 24-36”   Spread: 24-36”
Named for the uncanny pineapple scent of its foliage, but it’s real use is in cooking as a fresh edible flower. The flowers are reminiscent of Honeysuckle and makes a colorful addition to salads, fruit cocktails, or as a garnish. Its profuse bright cardinal red tubular flowers bloom in late summer and fall, are just in time to refuel hummingbirds and butterflies for their fall migration.

Victoria Series:
Height: 24”   Spread: 12”
Blue: Intense navy blue.
White: Silvery-white spikes.

Sizzler Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12”
Salvia provides color all season and requires little maintenance. Tightly spaced florets and dark green leaves. Habit is more dwarf and compact than other salvias.
Mix: Vibrant mix of lavender, purple, red, rose, salmon and white.
Red: Deep red.
New Burgundy: Deep burgundy red.

Saponaria (Soapwort)

Zone 3
Height:  6-12”/18-24”  

ocymoides ‘Splendens’: Easy to grow, vigorous perennial for banks, edging, walls, and rock gardens. Showy clusters of flowers open in summer. Trim back hard after flowering to encourage compact growth. Hundreds of light pink flowers appear over spreading deep green leaves. Great for rock gardens and low borders.


Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)

Zone 4
Height:  12-18”/Spread: 12-18

columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’: Mounding gray-green foliage has cushion-like soft lavender blue flowers the entire summer. The Pincushion Flower provides beautiful accent in a mixed border. Plant in groups in front of rock, cottage and informal gardens. For a smashing flower show all summer. Deadheading will encourage continued blooming.


Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)

Height: 24-36”   Spread: 10-12”
Summer Nights: Summer
Masses of gorgeous boysenberry pin-cushion flowers with a hint of white.

Scaevola (Fan Flower)

Height: 6-12”   Spread: 18-24”
Pink Blessing: Loads of lavender-pink flowers.
Purple Haze: Packed with purple blue flowers.
Scalora Pearl: Creamy white flowers with yellow eyes.
Surdiva Blue Violet: Deep rich violet blue.


Zone 3
Height:  24-30”/Spread: 18”

Jazz’:Beautiful blue and purple hues, and added touches of wine red. Silver plumes turn tawny in fall.


Sedum (Stonecrop)

These hardy succulents will grow in almost any soil. They offer the gardener a choice of foliage types with clusters of starry flowers in many shades.

New  ‘Atlantis’: 
Zone 4
Height:  16”/Spread: 13”                    

Beautifully variegated groundcover. Small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins. From a distance, the margins are what catch your eye. You may notice that the creamy margins become tinged with pink blush tones with cold temperatures late in fall. A great choice for tucking into rock gardens or dry landscapes, or in combination container.


 ‘Autumn Joy’: 
Zone 3
Height:  18-24”/Spread: 18-24”         

Bold clusters of closely packed, rosy pink flowers appear in late summer, age to a salmon bronze and finish with a deep coppery red in fall. The sturdy stems of Autumn Fire keep it beautifully intact throughout its bloom period for an outstanding show!


New  Boogie Woogie’: hS
Zone 3
Height:  6-10”/Spread: 16-18”           

Perfect for rock gardens! beautiful green and cream variegation. It looks beautifully bright all season, and yellow flowers are an added bonus.


‘Frosted Fire’: S
Zone 3
Height:  12-15”/Spread: 18”              

Bright rose colored flower heads on top of light green leaves with creamy yellow margins.


Moss Custom Rock Garden Blend: hS
Zone: 3
Height: 3-10”/Spread: Varies                           

A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Premium blend of many unique varieties and textures of sedums. You will enjoy the wide range of variation in our custom blend.


‘Mr. Goodbud’ : 
Zone 3
Height:  12-15”/Spread 14”               

Large clusters of soft-pink buds open into starry flowers of deep mauve pink.


spectabile ‘Neon’:
Zone 3
Height:  18-24”/Spread: 15”              

Gray-green leaves become covered with a deep pinkish-rose flower. Flower clusters are thicker and more rounded than ‘Brilliant’, and have color that is more consistent.


SunSparkler® Series:
Zone 4
Height:  6-8”/Spread: 18”                 

Cherry Tart:  A low, compact mound of fleshy, dark cherry-red rounded leaves, bearing clusters of deep pink flowers in fall. Eye-catching as a groundcover or accent in a rock garden or container.

Dazzleberry: Compact clump of smoky blue-grey foliage topped with giant 6-8”, vibrant raspberry colored flowers.

New Lime Twister:  Forms a low, dense carpet of creamy yellow and lime green variegated foliage which persists throughout the growing season, and rose flower clusters bloom in late summer. Cream-colored edges turn to red during cool spring and fall weather. perfect for brightening mixed containers or massing in a border or rock garden.

Lime Zinger:  In late summer, soft pink flower clusters dance just above a dense colorful mat of fantastic lime green leaves edged in bright cherry red.


Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

A large rosette called the “hen” sprouts smaller rosettes called “chicks”. As the plants age, the “hen” may die out and be replaced by the “chicks”. Plants can be easily divided at any time by pulling up some of the “chicks” and replanting them. Hens and Chicks are tough and adaptable. They thrive in difficult locations as long as they have good drainage.

Zone 4
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 6-12”

Hardy Hens & Chicks in an assortment of different colored foliage.


‘Cobweb Button’:                                                                                             
Zone 3
Height:  6”/Spread: 4-6”                     

Unique gray-green rosettes with fine web-like hairs slowly spread to form a dense, drought tolerant mat. Vibrant magenta flowers in summer add an exotic touch. Useful among rockery or tucked into crevices of a stone wall or path. Rosy-red flowers. Great in containers. Evergreen.


Chick Charms®:                                                                                           
Zone 4
Height: Varies/Spread

Handpicked Hen & Chick selections that complement each other as well as your garden. Six different varieties in each flat. Great color and texture for rock gardens, wall planters or containers.


rubrum ‘Royal Heart’: 
Zone 4
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 6-12”

Rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery blue to blue-green leaves which are flushed rosy red at the base.  This color varies by season, intensifying in cold temperatures. In midsummer, unique pinkish purple flowers are held aloft on short, leafy stalks.


rubrum ‘Royal Ruby’:                                                                                           
Zone 5
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 6-12”

Clumps of ruby-red to smoky grey-red rosettes provide great texture and color. Spikes of light pink blooms appear in summer.


Zone 5
Height:  4-6”/Spread: 6-12”

Rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery green leaves which are flushed with reddish-purple at the base. This color may vary from season to season. Unique deep pink flowers on short, leafy stalks in midsummer.


Sennetti (Cineraria)

Height: 12-18”   Spread: 12-18”
Blue Biolor: Masses of vividly-hued daisy like blooms with indigo eyes and white centers float above compact foliage.
Ruby Red: Packed with bold red daisy blooms in spring.


95 days; Quick to mature and easy to divide. The bulbs are large and round with brown skin and pure white flesh. Flavor is very, very pungent. Bulbs divide dramatically. If cured, the bulbs can be stored.


Spikes of showy flowers, each having upper and lower lips, which look like a snapping dragon. Mainstay in gardens. Snapdragons prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Remove spent blooms and they will flower all season.

Madame Butterfly:
Height: 27”  Spread: 30”
Tall, strong multi branched stalks. Completely double butterfly type florets. A mix of many colors.

Rocket Series:
Height: 30-36”   Spread: 30-40”
Long flower spikes with well-spaced florets on vigorous, heat resistant plants. Fantastic for garden backgrounds and as cut flowers. All-America Selections Winner.
Lemon: Bright yellow.
Mix: Mixture of all colors.
Red: Dark red/dark foliage.

Liberty Series:
Height: 18-22”  Spread: 12-14”
Crimson: Vibrant, fragrant and velvety red blooms.
Yellow: Lightly scented soft yellow.

Snapshot™ Series:
Height: 18-22”   Spread: 12-14”
A cool season lover, these bushy plants have closely spaced full flower spikes for bundles of color.
Orange: Dark orange.
Pink: Medium pink.
Plumblossom: Two toned blossoms of pink and white.
Red: Deep dark red.
Yellow: Sunshine yellow.

Sonnet Series:
Height: 18-22”/Spread: 12-14”
Early bloomer with sturdy well branched flower spikes.
Bronze: Bright orange.
Crimson: Bright red.
Mix: A mix of all colors.
Rose: Clear rosy-pink.


(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
Autumn Acorn Blend (Winter):
70-105 days; A beautiful blend of four differently hued squashes will be a welcome sight! White Ace, Table Princess, Table Gold and Mardi Gras varieties, each with superior eating quality, have been combined to create one delicious mix. Perfect for baking, steaming and making into soups.

Acorn-Table Ace (Winter):
70 days; Early, compact plants have light yellow flesh, 2-3 lb. fruit. Winter variety that keeps well and has excellent flavor.

Blue Hubbard (Winter):
100 days; Big, bumpy, blue-gray, hard-shelled fruit with tapered ends. Averages 12-15 pounds with medium-sweet yellow flesh.

Butternut (Winter):
85 days; Compact variety produces several 2-5 lb. fruits. Earlier than other butternut. Semi-bush with a vine length of
50-60”. Appearance, texture, interior color and flavor are absolutely first rate.

Crookneck (Summer):
50 days; Summer crookneck squash is 6-7” with bright yellow skin. This summer favorite is great for grilling and served fresh in salads. Harvest at baby size.

Patty Pan Scallop Blend (Summer):
48 days; A colorful blend of 5 different improved patty-pan semi-bush summer squash. Each variety a different color; creamy white, yellow, pale green, green stripe, and dark green. Pick fruit when young and under 4 inches for best flavor. Can be allowed to mature on the vine for decorative fall displays.

Peter Pan (Summer):
49 days; Light green scallop. Harvest at 3”. Delicious raw or cooked.

Pink Banana (Winter):
105 days; This winter squash is an excellent keeper. Thin, salmon-pink shell and yellow-orange flesh that is tasty for baking, canning or used for pies. Harvest when skin turns a dark peach color. Stores well in cool, dry place.

Spaghetti (Winter):
85 days; Yellow fruit reaches 6-8”. Bright orange flesh separates into thin strands when cooked.

Zucchini (Summer):
44 days; Heirloom. Large fruits with greenish-black, slightly ridged skin. White, firm flesh.

Zucchini Gold Rush (Summer):
52 days; This zucchini has glossy golden skin with creamy white flesh. Grows 7-8” with a straight habit .


June bearers generally produce a large single crop in spring to early summer and are prolific producers for 3 to 4 weeks. Everbears are not as prolific as June bearers but are especially suitable for growers who wish to harvest a constant supply of berries throughout the summer. Plant some of both to have a large harvest to preserve, and plenty to eat all summer!

Fort Laramie:
Extremely hardy, heavy bearing with excellent vigor and abundant runner production. Berries are large and bright scarlet red in color, have firm flesh, plenty of juice and a delightful sweet flavor.

Ozark Beauty:
Popular everbearer – day-neutral variety. Plants bear large, sweet berries from June through September.

Everbearing. One of the largest berries, excellent for fresh eating. Does not freeze well, but great right out of the garden. Quinalt produces a lot of runners, which fruit prolifically, making it one of the heaviest producers available.

June bearer. Produces lots of huge, dark red, sweet fruit. One of the best tasting strawberries ever. Sequoia produces strawberries for a longer time than other June bearers, extending your harvest.

Stipa tenuissima (Pony Tail Grass)

Height: 20-24”   Spread: 24”
Graceful, fine, needle-like green foliage forms mounding clumps of textural interest. Golden-blonde seed heads in mid-summer resemble a horsetail. Useful in containers and the landscape.


Harmony Series:
Height: 8-12”   Spread: 8” Spring
Early blooming series with dwarf glossy, green foliage. Fragrance is intoxicating and wonderfully sweet.
Cherry Blossom: Light pink.
Mix: A fusion of all colors.
Purple: Medium purple.
White: Snow White.
Yellow: Creamy yellow.

Succulent Collections

Height/Spread: Varies Foliage Accent
A variety of exotic succulents. Our succulents plants include Aeonium, Aloe, Crassula, Delosperma, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Portulacaria, Sedum, Sempervivum, and Senecio to name a few!


Succulents, with their striking forms, unusual colors, and easy-care reputation. Whether planted in mass, as specimens in the garden, or featured in containers, they have much to offer landscapers and home gardeners. They thrive in sunny, well drained areas with very little maintenance. Succulents create striking accents as ground cover in your gardens, containers, miniature gardens, wedding favors, terrariums, centerpieces or just your windowsill.

Sweet Pea Winter Elegance

Height: 8-10”   Spread: 48”
Planted with a 3’ hoop trellis
This tall, climbing sweet pea was developed for huge flowers with exceptional color. Its blossoms are long-stemmed and fragrant for beautiful fresh-cut bouquets. Support the vines on a trellis or fence. Water when the top 1-inch layer of soil is dry. Fertilize monthly. To keep plants flowering, keep roots cool and remove faded

Swiss Chard

Bright Lights:
50 days; Unique yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet, green, red, white and striped stems. Tender, bronze or dark green leaves. Excellent for salads and steamed with other greens. Can be used as an ornamental.

Talinum (Flame Flower)

Height: 28-32”   Spread: 4’
Limon’: A Fantastic Foliage® selection. A must have for its brilliant display of bright lime-green leaves. ‘Limon’s’ airy, iridescent pink flowers are perfect for cut flower arrangements. Handles stress well, including heat and drought.


Zone 5  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
A staple of almost every kitchen herb garden. French tarragon is a hardy perennial that produces masses of long narrow, aromatic foliage. Foliage is rich in vitamins and can be used in a variety of recipes and vinegars, sauces, butters, and preserves. Medicinally used for its minerals and vitamins, as a sedative, appetite stimulant and as a digestive tonic.

Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan)

Add spark to the garden. Grows quickly and flowers into late fall. Wonderful for large containers or baskets, but will do equally well in beds for trellises or fences. Gardeners will practically swear these flowers are yellow or orange with brown buttons, but when you look closely you will see they are actually tubular flowers that are brownish-purple inside.
Sunny Series:
Height: 5-8’/Spread: 16-24” Summer-Frost
Lemon Star: Features bold yellow tubular flowers with very dark brown throats along the stems from early summer to mid-fall. It’s serrated oval leaves remain green in color throughout the season.
Orange Star: Distinct arrowhead shaped leaves with winged stems. Produces tangerine orange tubular flowers with nearly black centers all summer long.


Thyme is a beautiful, pungent, and resilient herb. Thymus is one of the earliest known plants in the world of culinary herbs, holding significant notoriety in the areas of personal health and medicinal uses, sacred rites and practices, and historical facts and folklore. See perennials for other listings of Thyme.

English/Common (P):
Zone 4  Height: 12-15”  Spread: 12-15”
Traditional culinary favorite. Highly fragrant tiny leaves cover 6-12” plants. Great in potpourri.

Summer/French (P):
Zone 5  Height: 6-8”  Spread: 12-18”
Aromatic Summer Thyme has more narrow, pointed leaves with a bit of a gray tint. Higher in essential oil content than other varieties which means more and better flavor.

‘Variegata Gold Lemon’ (P):
Zone 3  Height: 12”  Spread: 12”
Bright golden-edged green foliage. Leaves release a wonderful citrus odor when crushed. Upright habit. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. Best used fresh.

Thyme (4")
Thymus (Thyme)

Low-growing aromatic perennials and herbs with shrubby, sprawling, and upright stems. Useful in rock gardens, herb gardens, as edging, and as a ground cover.

citriodorus ‘Variegata Gold Lemon’:                                                          Zone 3                                

Height:  6-12”   Spread: 8-12”

Bright golden-edged green foliage. Leaves release a wonderful citrus odor when crushed. Upright habit. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. Best used fresh.


coccubeus ‘Red Creeping’: 

Zone 3                                   

Height:  3-4”   Spread: 12-18”

Low growing variety creates dense mat of foliage. Aromatic properties when crushed. Tiny rosy-red flowers in the summer.


pseudolanuginosus ‘Woolly’:                                                  

Zone 3                                 

Height:  3-4”   Spread: 8-12”

Unique silver gray leaves have a fuzzy surface creating a tufted mat of ground cover. Light lavender blossoms in summer.


serphyllum ‘Elfin’:                                                                                           

 Zone 3                                  

Height:  2”/Spread: 4-8”                   

Tiny glossy green leaves cover the stems of this very low growing plant. Plant in walkways where the leaves release aromatic scent when crushed. Rarely blooms.


vulgaris English (Common):   

Zone 4                                

Height:  12-15”   Spread: 12-15”

Traditional culinary favorite. It is slightly spicier than oregano and sweeter than sage. Tiny leaves cover 6-12” plants. Great in potpourri.


vulgaris Summer (French):                                                                            Zone 5                                

Height:  6-8”   Spread: 12-18”

Distinctively smaller leaved and sweeter flavored than ‘English’ Thyme. A low-growing, creeping variety that works  well as a ground cover, border edger, or filler for a container combination.



New Grande Rio Verde:
82 days; Heirloom. Indispensable in Mexican cooking, fruit grows to about 2” inside a papery husk. Harvest when paper husk loosens and fruit turns from green to yellow. You will need at least two plants for a good crop.


** Note: VFNT: Resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium, Nematodes or Tobacco Mosaic Virus, respectively.
Indeterminate (Climbing)
Tomatoes should be staked, trellised or caged. Fruit ripens over an extended period.
Determinate (Bush)
Varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support. Fruit ripens within a concentrated time period.

Amish Paste:
80 days; Indeterminate. An Heirloom variety produces paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. 8 oz. Tomatoes are solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor.

Beefmaster (VFN):
80 days; Indeterminate. Large solid tomatoes reach 12-16 oz. on strong, vigorous vines. Color is nice deep red with great flavor. Super for sandwiches and burgers.

New Big Beef (VFNT):
72 days; Indeterminate. 12 oz red globe. Crack and disease resistant. Juicy and vigorous.

Big Brandy:
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. 12-15 oz. A husky pink beefsteak tomato with distinctive, deeply pleated fruit that’s juicy, sweet, and balanced with a touch of acid.

Bite Size Assortment:
55-80 days; Indeterminate. Our new mouth popping sweet cherry assortment! Candyland Red; ½” red oblong fruits, Chocolate Cherry; 1” rich brick red with deep chocolate shading, Ping Pong Pink; 3oz. pink, of course, Lemon Drop; ¾” yellow. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

78 days; Indeterminate. This Amish heirloom variety grows 1 lb. fruit with pink skin and red flesh. Superior flavor.

Celebrity (VFNT):
72 days; Determinate. Bush type plant produces 8 oz. tomatoes. Celebrity is an excellent, all-purpose variety. No other tomato does so well under as many different growing conditions. Flavor is excellent and plants are very disease resistant. All-America Selection Winner.

Champion II(VFNT):
62 days; Indeterminate. Reliable favorite, 12 oz. meaty and flavorful. Perfect for canning and fresh eating. Bred especially for sandwiches. High yielding.

Chocolate Cherry:
70 days; Indeterminate. Clusters of 1” round fruits, dark burgundy interior. Very flavorful.

Early Girl (VF):
52 days; Indeterminate. Cool set tomato bears 4-6 oz. fruit. It’s a nice juicy tomato with rich red color and sweet flavor. Yields until frost.

Fourth of July:
49 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. One of the earliest varieties. Very tasty small, 4-5 oz. luscious fruits.

75 days; Indeterminate. This heirloom produces 11 ounce fruits with old time tomato flavor and few blemishes.

Jet Star (F1):
72 days; Indeterminate. Brought back by popular demand! High yields of crack resistant 9 oz. red globes. Low acid.

70 days; Determinate. Large 2 x 1½” unusually sweet 1 ounce fruit.

Health Kick (F1):
72 days; Determinate. Very high yielding with sweet, bright red 4 oz. plum tomatoes. Up to 50% more lycopene than other tomatoes.

La Roma II (VFN):
62 days; Determinate. Heavy-bearing plant produces 3-4 oz. fruit. This is an excellent Italian paste type with nice thick flesh and rich tomato flavor.

Lemon Boy (VFN):
72 days; Indeterminate. The first lemon yellow, not golden, tomato. Outstanding mild, sweet yet tangy flavor. Plants produce high yields of 8 oz. fruit. Great color for salads and processing. Low acid content.

Moss Choice Heirloom Concoction:
75-85 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. We’ve chosen 4 highly sought after heirlooms for this exclusive pak. Goldie: a 16+ oz. golden beefsteak, Green Zebra: 3 oz. amber with green stripes, Hillbilly: 1-2 pounds yellow-orange with red stripes and Mortgage Lifter: 20 oz. slightly flattened, pink & meaty.

New Oxheart Pink:
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Large 2 pound heart shaped deep pink fruit. Juicy and tasty.

New Perfect Flame:
65 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Blemish free fruit are luminous orange. 4 oz fruit are meaty and full of flavor.

85-95 days; Indeterminate. Huge, 28oz. yellow and red bicolor. Meaty with a sweet fruity taste and very few seeds.

Plum Sauced Assortment:
75-85 days; Indeterminate*. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. A plum tomato, also known as a paste tomato, is a type of tomato bred for sauce and packing purposes. They are generally oval or cylindrical in shape. Fat Mama; large bright red 10oz., Orange Banana shaped 2×4”, Rio Grande* (determinate); Large 4” long pear shaped, Saucelicious; 5 oz. oblong carmine fruit.

Red Cherry:
75 days; Indeterminate. Large 1-2 ounce fruit. High yields of deep scarlet, flavorful fruits. An excellent salad tomato.

San Marazano:
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Early, large, plum-shaped Roma tomato is a sweet, classic Italian paste variety. Mild and meaty. Very productive.

Striped German:
78 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Complex flavor and smooth texture. Great-looking slicer with it’s yellow, red marbled interior. Weighs 1lb. or more.

Sunny Boy:
70 days; Determinate. Bright yellow very sweet 6 ounce fruit. Crack resistant, firm flesh and very few seeds.

Sunsugar (F1):
62 days; Indeterminate. Very sweet, low acid 1½ oz. golden-orange cherry tomato. Voted Best Flavor by Sunset Magazine.

Super Fantastic (VFN):
70 days; Indeterminate. Produces heavy yields of large red 10 oz. tomatoes all season long. Juicy, meaty and very flavorful. Great for processing and eating.

Super Sioux:
80 days; Indeterminate. Heirloom. Brought back by popular demand! An impressive 6 oz. slicing tomato. An exquisite blend of acid, sweet, and earthy flavors. Heavy producer. Very heat resistant.

Sweet 100’s:
65 days; Indeterminate. Cherry tomato covered with 100+ 1 oz. fruit. Very sweet mouth-watering flavor. Yield begins early. Super fresh and great in salads. High in vitamin C.

49 days; Determinate. Extra early. Developed to cascade from baskets and containers. Produces up to 6 lbs. of very sweet 2 oz. cherry-type tomatoes.

Yellow Pear:
65 days; Determinate. Heirloom variety produces 1 oz. fruit that has yellow skin and a unique pear shape.
A salad topper.

Tradescantia (Spiderwort)

Charolette’s Webb:  
Zone 3                                   
Height:  16-18”  Spread: 24-28”

Grass-like, chartreuse to gold leaves are edged with a thin red margin in spring. Small, soft blue flowers open in the morning and close on sunny days. More sun exposure brings out best gold foliage color.


Tricyrtis (Toad Lily)

Autumn Glow’ 

Zone 5                                 

Height:  24”   Spread: 24”

Large green leaves are surrounded by a wide, yellow green border. Orchid like, reddish purple to violet speckled blossoms will bloom profusely in the shade when many others done for the season. Excellent cut flower.


Verbena (Trailing)

Hardy annual with showy flower clusters all summer. Great for baskets, planters and sunny borders. Best in full sun.

Firehouse Series:
Height: 8-10”    Spread: 18-22”
This series fits all landscaping needs. Great vigor for the landscape and controlled enough for baskets and containers. Vibrant color choices. Full sun and heat tolerant.
Dark Red: Deep red.
Pink: True pink with a small white eye.
Purple Fizz: Light pink with a dark purple center.
White: Pure white.

Obsession Cascade Series:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 18-22”
Obsession Cascade will quickly fill pots and baskets with vibrant, one-of-a-kind flower patterns.
Pink Shades: Dark pink center fading to soft pink edges.
Purple Shades w/Eye: Violet-purple with white center.
Red w/Eye: Ruby red with a white eye.
Scarlet: Dark solid red.

Superbena ® Series:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 30”
Superbena verbenas are very vigorous with strongly trailing habits. Very large flowers are self-cleaning, no deadheading necessary. Use in hanging baskets, containers and in the landscape.
Large Lilac Blue: Large luminous lavender-blue flowers.
Royale Peachy Keen: Hues of pink, salmon and coral.

Wicked Hot Pink:
Height: 6-12”   Spread: 30-36”
Bicolored flower clusters. Pink with a neon pink center and a white eye.

Verbena (Upright)

Sun loving and heat tolerant plants hold large, showy flower clusters above serrated dark green leaves. Superb in gardens and containers. Proven mildew tolerance.

Obsession Series:
Height: 6-12”    Spread: 10-12”
Obsession is a more free-flowering verbena and has a more compact branching habit. Reaches 6-12” in height. More heat tolerant means longer blooming season. Become
Blue w/eye : Violet blue with eye.
Bordeaux: Deep dark red.
Mix: A mix of all colors in the series.
Pink: Solid, bright pink.
White: Pure white.
Tuscany Peach: Soft peach.

Veronica (Speedwell)

Clump forming upright and ground cover perennials that are very showy in the garden. Taller varieties make excellent cut flowers. Useful in borders, rock gardens, or as a ground cover. Remove faded blossoms.


Height:  2-4”   Spread: 12-18”

A beautiful ground cover. Vigorous and fast growing with ground hugging stems of round glossy evergreen leaves that create a thick green carpet. Numerous small flower spikes paint a blue sky in the garden. Re blooms lightly later in summer.


longifolia ‘First Glory’:   

Height:  18”   Spread: 18

Short, thick spikes of long blooming deep blue flowers.


New longifolia ‘First Kiss’:                          

Zone 4                                

Height:  24”   Spread: 22”

Uniform plants with short, thick spikes of fluffy pink flowers.


longifolia ‘First Lady’:                  

 Zone 4                                

Height:  18”   Spread: 18”                  

Long blooming clean white flowers.  Use in front borders, mixed borders, or containers.


peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’:   

 Zone 4                                 

Height:  6-12”   Spread: 12-18”

Forms a low mat of small green leaves, studded with incredible true-blue, up-facing flowers. Leaves turn bronzy-red during cooler months.



Zone 4                                  

Height:  1-2”   Spread: 12”

Low growing ground cover has small, glossy green leaves. White to soft lavender flowers appear over foliage.


Ronica Fuchsia:

 Zone 4                                   

Height:  18-20”   Spread: 18-20”

Considered one of the best pink-flowering speedwell, is compact yet vigorous and features large clusters of fuchsia-pink, upright, flower spikes all summer over a mound of healthy, fresh green leaves.


‘Royal Candles’:  

Zone 4                                   

Height:  10-12″    Spread 12”-18”

Expect a profusion of vibrant, violet-blue flower spikes over an exceptionally long season from this charmer. Easy to grow, with an upright, tidy, and compact habit. A wonderful vertical element for containers, border fronts, and cutting gardens.


Vinca (Periwinkle)

minor ‘Bowles’:   
Height:  6-8”   Spread: Indefinite
Deep blue flowers form along trailing ground cover vines. Excellent in light to full shade. Old time favorite.


Vinca (Trailing)

Spreading, trailing woody vines bear glossy leaves. Prefers well-drained soil. Useful for containers and baskets.
major ‘Maculata’:
Height: 3-5”   Spread 6-8’
Similar to the traditional vinca vine with mottled green to yellow colored leaves. Excellent accent for containers and baskets.

major ‘Variegata’:
Height: 3-5”   Spread 6-8’
Very popular plant for containers and baskets. Can be grown as a groundcover in warmer locations. Variegated white
and green leaves.

Vinva (Upright)

A Hot Summer Survivor! Outstanding in hot dry and sunny conditions, these durable large flowers on vigorous plants bloom profusely above glossy green foliage all summer. Perfect for landscapes and containers of all types

Titan™F1 Series:
Height: 14-16”   Spread: 10-12”
Blush: Pale pink with a ruby eye.
Clear Mix: Bright, cheery mix of many colors.
Lilac: Hot pink with a darker eye.
Punch: Rosy pink with a darker eye.
Really Red: True red with a small yellow eye.
White: Clear bright white.


Most everyone loves these old-fashion garden favorites. Flowers and foliage resemble baby pansies. Violas can over winter or reseed easily, creating a perennial habit in warmer climates.
New Frizzle Sizzle Mini Mix:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 6-8”
One of our favorite pansies now available as a viola! Unique frilly flower.
1204 pak

Penny Series:
Height: 4-6”   Spread: 4-6”
Jump-Up Mix: A cute faced viola mix all with wings.
Orange: Free-flowering compact mounded plants offer 1” orange blooms.
Yellow: Deep yellow.
1204 pak

Sorbet® Series:
Height: 4-6”   Spread: 4-6”
Sorbet offers the widest color range of any viola with an abundant display of flowers.
Beacon Berry Mix: A beautiful formulated mix of Sorbet Beaconsfield, Violet Beacon, and Orchid Rose Beacon.
Black Delight: A very velvety dark purple-black.
Denim Jump Up: Petite 1″ flowers with dark purple upper petals and lavender lower petals with a small deep purple blotch forming compact mounds of colorful, cheerful flowers.
1204 pak


(Vine Crops will be shipped at 2 leaf stage.)
**Watermelons are vine ripe and ready for harvest when the ‘pig tail’ and the ‘spoon petal’ leaf have withered.
Crimson Sweet
80 days; Traditional type watermelon bears 13-15 lb. fruit. Great color and flavor.

Sugar Baby
60-80 days; Early maturing variety produces small 7”, “icebox” melon. Flesh is fine textured and super sweet.

Zauachneria garrettii (Creeping Hummingbird Trumpet)

Orange Carpet®                            
Height:  6-8”   Spread: 18-20”
A vigorous perennial ground cover that blooms in mid-to-late summer with a profusion of bright orange trumpet-shaped flowers. Spreading with underground stems, this beauty is perfect for slopes and cascading over the edges of raised beds.



Upright stems hold vibrant, pom-pom like flowers. Zinnias make spectacular garden performers. They love sunny locations and make great cut flowers. They bloom profusely all summer.

Magellan Series:
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Excellent vigor and uniform habit while producing great visual appeal with exceptional large, double vibrant blooms.
Cherry: Cherry-pink.
Mix: Formula mix.
Orange: Pumpkin orange.
Pink : Light pink.
Scarlet: Scarlet-red.
Yellow: Medium yellow.

Magellan Series:
Coral: Dark coral.
Ivory: Soft ivory.
Mix: Formula mix.
Scarlet: Scarlet-red.

Profusion Series:
Height: 10-12”   Spread: 12-15”
Profusion zinnias produce 2-3 inch single flowers. Free flowering all season. Best in full sun.
Deep Apricot: Apricot – fade resistant.
Hot Cherry: Deep cherry pink.
Fire: Hot scarlet-orange.
Orange: Dusty orange.
Red: True vibrant red.
Yellow: Buttercup yellow.
White: Ivory white. All-America Selections Winner.

State Fair:
Height 36”   Spread 14”
Large husky plants with tremendous six-inch blooms. Excellent color range of lavender, orange, pink, purple, rose and scarlet.