Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple

Syringa (Lilac)  sir-ING-guh

Proven Winners Bloomerang® Dark Purple:

Big, bold, and beautiful – that’s Bloomerang® Dark Purple lilac. Naturally growing as a handsome rounded shrub, very large dark purple buds emerge in mid to late spring. These open to a classic deep purple-lilac color and perfume the air for weeks. The plant then takes a brief rest to create new growth before it starts to bloom again in mid to late summer, continuing through frost.

Full Sun

Height: 4-6’/Spread: 4-6′



Syringa (Lilac)  sir-ING-guh

Syringa or Reblooming Lilacs are classic garden shrubs and small trees that bear deliciously fragrant, tubular flowers which capture the essence of spring. Out of bloom, they often fade into the background. Some species are grown as specimens or in groups in the lawn or shrub border; they also form a good privacy hedge. The flowers are beloved for bouquets, and when in bloom, hummingbirds and butterflies adorn them. Lilacs are generally a forgiving bunch, tolerant of roadside sites and neglect. Most lilacs require a period of chilling dormancy. Because they are fire-retardant, they can be considered for planting near homes that are susceptible to wildfires.