Alyssum Easter Basket Mix

Alyssum  al-ISS-um

Easter Basket Mix:

Compact and tidy, covered with flowers, very early to bloom and a great fragrance.  The Easter Basket mix combines a pastel mixture with violet, deep rose and deep pink for a stronger, more vibrant effect. Specially selected for use in high-light areas. Blooms from Spring to Frost.

Full Sun

Height: 6″/Spread 10″           

Spring to Frost

Size Available: 1204     


Alyssum  al-ISS-um                         

Both trailing and spreading, this work horse can be planted in cool weather but continues to perform late into the summer. Hundreds of tiny blossoms with light green narrow leaves cover low mounding plants. Great in gardens and containers. Fragrant flowers attract bees and butterflies. Few annual plants can match the heat and drought hardiness of sweet alyssum. The flowering plant has naturalized in the United States and thrives in a wide range of regions. Sweet alyssum flowers are so named for their lively fragrance and are members of the mustard family.