Grass, Juncus Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk®

Grass, Juncus  JUNK-us

Proven Winners Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk®:  Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk® from Proven Winners has upright, bluish-green foliage. It can be used as a water plant and works great in containers and in the landscape. Blue Mohawk® is a warm-season grass, which means it won’t start growing until mid to late spring or even early summer. It will turn brown as the weather turns colder. Cut back grass in fall or by mid to late spring.

Zone 5

Full to Part Sun

Height: 24-36″/Spread: 8-12″

Foliage Accent

Size Available: 1 Gallon PW

Grass, Juncus Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk®


Juncus  JUNK-us

Plants in the genus Juncus are known as rushes and reside in the Juncaceae family. Rushes favor the edges of ponds, bogs and low moist areas. They do well in boggy soils but are also reliable growers under fluctuating water conditions. Because they can ride out intermittent dry spells, they’re useful for rain gardens, bioretention and other features where water conditions are a variable. Their understated vertical elegance catches the eye when contrasted with ornamental grasses or flowering perennials. As an architectural element, they add style to modern landscapes and buildings.