Ajuga Burgundy Glow

Ajuga (Bugleweed)   a-JOO-guh

reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’:  Stunning tri-colored foliage with mixture of white, cream and green foliage enhanced with burgundy-red tints. The perky blue flower spikes of Ajuga Burgundy Glow blanket the foliage appearing in May and June. Ajuga are extremely hardy groundcovers that quickly form a dense carpet-like mat.

Part Sun to Full Shade

Height: 4-6″/Spread: 12″


Size Available: 1801



Ajuga (Bugleweed)   a-JOO-guh

When you’re looking for something attractive to quickly fill in a large area then you can’t go wrong with ajuga (Ajuga reptans), also known as carpet bugleweed. This creeping evergreen plant quickly fills in empty areas, smothering out weeds while adding exceptional foliage color and blooms. It’s also good for erosion control. The flowers of bugleweed are normally bluish to purple but they can be found in white as well. In addition to the traditional green foliage, this ground cover can also provide the landscape with stunning copper or purple-colored foliage too, making it great for adding year-round interest.