Bellis Bellissima™ Mix

Bellis (English Daisy)  BEL-iss

Bellissima™ Mix:  Much more than just a daisy, the fancy pompom flowers of Bellis Bellissima™ Mix offer a brilliant color injection into the garden! Short, compact plants with so many blooms you’ll struggle to see the foliage. Flowers are slightly larger than standard pomponette varieties and bud up uniformly in flushes for a constant supply of color. The bright shades of rose, deep rose, red and white will all give excellent garden performance in containers or borders.

Zone 4

Full to Part Sun

Height: 6-8″/Spread: 8-12″

Early Spring to Early Summer

Size Available: 1201

Bellis Bellissima™ Mix


Bellis (English Daisy)  BEL-iss              

Bellis, or English Daisy, is a perennial grown as a biennial with a rosette of spoon-shaped dark green leaves and masses of cute, pompom-like fully double flowers in shades of red, pink or white. Blooming in Spring and early Summer, they prefer cool-weather and often decline when hot weather arrives. Bellis self-seeds, maintaining it’s presence in the garden for years to come. Popular as a bedding or container plant, it is often used to underplant tulips and other tall Spring bulbs. A full sun to part-shade lover, it is best grown in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Part-shade is preferred in areas with hot summers. Removing faded flowers will keep plants blooming well into summer.