Gaillardia Arizona Apricot

Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)   gay-Lar-di-uh

Arizona Apricot:  A softer palette in warm tones of apricot with golden yellow tips surrounding a central cone of amber, gold and green. Nicely mounding foliage is tightly compact on 12” plants, providing the perfect backdrop for the blanket of 3” prolific flowers produced all summer.

Full Sun

Height: 8-12”/Spread: 10-12”          

Summer – Fall

Size Available: 1801


Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)   gay-Lar-di-uh
Gaillardia, also known as blanket flower, is an easy-to-grow, short-lived perennial with richly colored, daisy-like flowers. The plant forms a slowly spreading mound, and the common name may be a reference to how they can slowly spread and “blanket” an area. Blanket flowers are fast-growers. This garden favorite puts out large showy blossoms in shades of reds and yellows throughout the warm season months. Gaillardia will perform best in well-drained, moist soil, but can tolerate dry conditions, even drought conditions once established. It can also tolerate poor soils, heat and humidity. It has no serious disease issues.