Lavandula Munstead

Lavandula (Lavender)    la-VAN-dew-la                                              

Munstead:  Munstead Lavender is an English Lavender that has fragrant, cool lavender-blue spikes and gray-green, mounded foliage. You can tuck this lavender into your herb garden, but we love it planted with other colorful perennials in borders, planted in a massive swath where it can sway in the breeze, or set in a pot on the patio where you can enjoy its pleasant scent. Excellent in fresh or dried bouquets.

Zone 5

Full Sun

Height: 18-20″/Spread: 18-20″


Size Available: 1201, 1 Gal, 2 Gal

Lavandula Munstead


Lavandula (Lavender)    la-VAN-dew-la

The genus Lavandula contains a couple of dozen species of aromatic, evergreen shrubs and subshrubs that are cultivated for their spikes of fragrant, tubular flowers on the end of long stalks. They hail from dry, sunny, rocky areas of the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and India. Leaves are small, densely clustered, and often grayish green. Grow lavender in a border, rock garden, as edging or hedging, or in containers. Flowers and leaves can be dried for a variety of uses.

Lavandula is very aromatic; spikes of fragrant flowers which attract bees and butterflies. Prune in early spring by cutting back flowering shoots to within an inch of the previous year’s growth, and then prune again lightly after flowering ends.