Grass, Calamagrostis Avalanche

Grass, Calamagrostis  kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss

Avalanche:  A living privacy screen, this variegated form of C. Karl Foerster flaunts foliage with deep green borders accented with central creamy white stripes. Pink-tinged plumes in summer age to tawny wheat-like spikes for a bold vertical accent. The seeds from Calamagrostis Avalanche are sterile so no worries of this ornamental grass being too aggressive. A cool-season, clump-forming grass.

Zone 4

Full to Part Sun

Height: 4-5’/Spread: 2′

August – September

Size Available: 1 Gallon

Grass, Calamagrostis Avalanche


Calamagrostis  kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss

Calamagrostis is a type of reed grass known for its unique ability to grow vertically to significant heights. Also known as Karl Forester, this ornamental grass is often found in moist areas such as bogs and wetlands. It is renowned for it’s dramatic movement on a windy day, it’s deer resistance, versatility and time in bloom. Karl Foresters are typically used in larger borders, behind small plants like roses and lilies, as hedges or to provide screening. Due to their quick growth rate, many see them as an excellent choice for landscapes needing immediate screens. While these plants can tolerate almost any type of soil, they thrive in moist environments and clay soils.