Snapdragon Speedy Sonnet Bronze

Snapdragon   snap-drag-in

Sonnet Series:  With a strong root system and the main stem surrounded by numerous flowering spikes, Sonnet Series Snapdragons have long a flowering season that provides a show of color in every situation. This series is excellent as the focal point in mixed containers, landscape or garden displays as well as home garden cut flower production. Enjoy the butterflies and hummingbirds attracted by Sonnet’s fragrant blossoms.

Speedy Bronze:  Impressive spikes of bronzy-orange blooms.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 18-22”/Spread: 12-14”      


Size Available: 1-Gallon

Snapdragon Speedy Sonnet Bronze


Snapdragon   snap-drag-in

With more than 40 kinds of snapdragon plants all over the world, the snapdragon is a gorgeous flower that not only has a beautiful appearance and a fun-to-say name, but also a lot of hidden meaning. Named many centuries ago, this flower is often used as a gift between friends and loved ones. The common English name “snapdragon” is taken directly from the appearance of the flower. The simple leaves are usually lance-shaped. The flowers are tubular, bilaterally symmetrical and usually large with a closed liplike mouth that excludes most insects but can be forced open by strong bees, the main pollinators. The flowers can be white, yellow, orange, red, pink or lavender, or combinations of those colors.  The snapdragon symbolizes grace and strength after its upright growing habit and harsh native habitat.