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How to tell if you are a gardener?

Petunias for blog

The best way to tell if you are a gardener is to plant a pretty flower in the ground or a container and it grows, it doesn’t die. Hurray! You did something right. Now the secret to knowing that you really are a gardener is to keep that flower growing and producing all season. The way to do that is to make sure that it gets plenty of water, sunshine and plant food. You also need to make sure that it is free of bad insects and that the ground is the right mixture to help the plant to survive. Wow, that’s a lot.

So if you are not sure that you have the potential to be a gardener, Moss Greenhouses is the best place to reach out to for the knowledge that you are in need of.

I am one of these types of gardeners. I started working at Moss Greenhouses thinking I knew how to be a gardener. When all I knew was that plants grow and sometimes die and that the only kind of flower for a garden or container is a Petunia.

I now know that is not true. My garden had at least 3 different kinds of plants this last season and they all lived! Hurray! I also learned that some plants only live for one season (annuals) and others can live for many seasons (perennials).

I learned so many things about gardening this last season, I no idea. I am looking forward to learning all I can.

I am so excited to start the new season. Can’t wait!


Cheryl the beginner

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