Coleus Twist and Twirl®

Coleus  KO-lee-us

Proven Winners Twist and Twirl®:              

This award winning Coleus is densely adorned in a cloak-of-many-colors with twisty, deeply lobed, medium-textured foliage in starkly contrasting patches of rich reds, deep purples, sunny yellows and bright greens in sun. In shade the colors lean toward greens and yellows with touches of reds.

Height: 24-32”/Spread: 12-14”          

Foliage Accent

Part Sun to Full Shade

Size Available: 4.25 


Coleus  KO-lee-us

Coleus plants are grown for foliage colors and textures. The variety in patterns is amazing with solid colors, splashes, blotches, streaks, flecks, margins and veins. Leaf textures include, large, small, twisted, elongated, scalloped, lobed and finger-like. Excellent in both beds and baskets in part sun to full shade. Coleus varieties are considered relatively common plants that usually work well as “filler” in gardens or containers. Outdoors, you can place your coleus almost anywhere, including shade gardens, patio planters, hanging baskets and more. Gardeners tend to agree that their Coleus looks best before they bloom, so pinching off any flowers as they appear has good results. Fertilize with well-balanced fertilizer to keep it growing happily in containers.