Dichondra Silver Falls

Dichondra: di-con-drah

Silver Falls:

Evergreen and vigorous, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ is usually grown as an annual and has masses of small, fan-shaped, shimmering silvery leaves.  Inconspicuous tiny pale yellow-green or white flowers are produced in early summer.  As a groundcover, it’s creeping stems root to wherever the nodes touch the ground. enabling the plant to spread rapidly and form a dense mat that chokes out weeds.  ‘Silver Falls’ is also regarded as a unique, trailing accent for hanging baskets, containers or raised beds where it will cascade gracefully over the edges.  Heat and drought tolerant.

Height: 6″/Spread: 36″                 

Foliage Accent 

Full to Part Sun

Size Available: 1801


Dichondra: di-con-drah

Dichondra is a vigorous plant that forms a mass of soft pewter leaves on silver stems in full sun to part shade. The fan-shaped, shimmering silvery leaves are held on plants just 2 inches tall. The trailing stems branch well without pinching.  Dichondra can be grown as a low groundcover or as a plant that trails over the edge of a raised bed or container. It is especially popular in hanging baskets because of its trailing foliage.